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on is one of the vital tools for emancipating mankind, such that each society puts a lot of capital on it to ensure that the entire generation acquires the necessary skills, knowledge and the desired attitudes critical for future survival. However, owing to its value, the extent to which education is measured greatly anchors on examination scores, yet academic achievement also corresponds to teachers’ job performance.

In recent years there has been growing concern over the falling standard of education in Nigeria which is premised on the consistent abysmal performances of students in public examinations. A number of factors are suggested to be responsible which include poor attitude of students to learning, lack of infrastructure and teacher’s aids, leadership issues and such others Meindinyo et al (2017), as well as motivation of teachers, Ajayi (1983,2009).

According to Ayayi motivation cannot seen but its presence can only be assumed. In general, motivations of workers from various originations continue to remain a challenge to managers over the years, including the education sector.

The implementation committee on the national policy on on in Nigerian may have recognized the teachers’ plight when it recommended that teachers should be treated in such a way that they have job satisfaction.

However, issues of how to motivate teachers to give them more satisfaction with their jobs continued to engage the attention of government’s educational administrators and educational policy makes but without much success, for not much has been done to actually motivate the teachers and the resultant effects of this are that, many people see the teaching professional as a gateway or stepping-stone to better jobs.

Many in the profession attempt to combine teaching with some other endeavors such trading and are thus distracted and their morale is usually very low. Nwankwo (1982) writing on staff motivation in schools pointed out that, “the problem of what to do make teachers work hard for the interest of the school and in their own interest is a fundamental one.

Effective staff motivation demands that, on the one hand, the teachers be so engineered to devote themselves to achieve the objectives of education, the school or of the students, and on the other hand, that the individual teacher’s goal and needs be met. Several writers associated staff motivation with the satisfaction of the needs of a staff.

That the more the needs of the workers are satisfied within the organization, the more they are motivated to work and thus satisfy the needs of the organization. Similarly, Nwagu (1976), pointed out that productivity in education, which is very crucial to economic productivity, depends primarily (though not entirely) on teachers competence.

Wanjala (), having done a study in Vihiga Sub-County with a focus on the influence of motivation on teachers’ work performance, indicated that teaching was a domain that required sacrifices given that most institutions had done very little to motivate them, and this was to blame for perennial poor academic performance.

While giving a report on teachers’ job performance in public secondary schools in the Sub-County, Rachuonyo South Sub-County Quality Assessment Report (2013) established that there was serious laxity among the teachers in

preparing professional and the necessary teaching documents, such as schemes of work, lesson plans of work, supervision of school activities was equally inadequate and learners were insufficiently attended to. This study is carried out to examine the effect of government incentives on local government teachers, using Akoko local government teachers as a case study.


Teachers play an important role in shaping the future of students for the betterment of the next generation, it is however important for the government to pay more attention on the welfare of teachers. It has been observed that the salary of teachers is very low compared to other professions and this makes it difficult for teachers to meet up with their financial responsibilities.

Financial instability of teachers affects their performances in es.
Teachers are not motivated by the government and this has affected the productivity of teachers in schools. Sometimes the salaries of teachers are not forthcoming and their bonuses are not been paid.

The teaching career is no longer attractive because of the low income attached to the job. Most people see a teaching as a backup plan if other plans fail.

Even most teacher combines teaching with other business activities, this action thereby prevent them from giving their full concentration of teaching students.

Providing a conducive teaching environment is one of the responsibilities of the government to teachers. An unconducive teaching environment reduces the effectiveness of teachers which in turn disrupt students’ learning process. All these problems influence the study of the effect of government incentives on local government teachers.


The general objective of this study is to examine the Effects of government  incentives on local government teachers, a case study of Akoko Local government teachers. The specific objectives of this study are:

1.     To ascertain if Akoko Local government teachers receive incentives from the government.

2.     To find out how often does Akoko Local government teachers receive incentives from the government.

3.     To examine the impact of salary increment on the performances of Akoko Loval Government teachers.

4.     To investigate the effect of a conducive working environment on the performances of Akoko Local government teachers.

5.     To find out the impact of promotion on teachers’ job performance in Akoko Local government area.


The relevant research questions related to this study are:

1.     Do Akoko Local government teachers receive incentives from the government?

2.     How often do Akoko Local government teachers receive incentives from the government?

3.     What is the impact of salary increment on the performances of Akoko Loval Government teachers?

4.     What is the effect of a conducive working environment on the performances of Akoko Local government teachers?

5.     What is the impact of promotion on teachers’ job performance in Akoko Local government area.


The findings from this study would be significant to teachers in Akoko Local government, for they would gain information on how to improve their performance in various engagements.

Besides, teachers at different levels of education, , tertiary, as well as higher education would equally benefit significantly from the study results by obtaining best human capital management practices to enhance job performance, for the benefit of both individual worker and the organization.

Moreover, the study would also be significant to the management of public schools to gain insights into measures geared towards enhancing performance of teachers and formulate motivational policies that enhance employee performance.

The government also stands to benefit from the study, especially the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) in acquiring vital information critical for improving terms and working conditions of teachers in order to increase their level of job performance.

The scope of this study is restricted to the study of the effects of government incentives on local government teachers, using Akoko local government as a case study.



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Some of the major constraints the researchers encountered in putting up this research include lack of time, lack of willingness to give information by respondent and also limited resources

Incentive: is a thing that motivates or encourages someone to do something.

Teacher: is a person who teaches or instructs.

work environment: involves the physical geographical location as well as the immediate surroundings of the workplace, such as a construction site or office building.



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