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Water is a vital commodity of life when it is polluted, it becomes useless. So water pollution is defined as the contamination of water with pollutants and other contaminants. The effects of pollution on water are diverse and affect human, plant, animals and the environment at large causing genetic disorder and diseases.

Water can exist in three states of matter which is the solid, liquid and the gaseous state. Water pollution also affects aquatic life both flora and fauna. They are polluted when the water is polluted with natural agents such as pollen grains, dust and volcanic ash. Moreover, human play a role in polluting water, letting out harmful sewage and other contaminants from industries and factories and household garbages.


1.   Plant life

2.   Animal life

3.   Health

4.   Environment

5.   Economy

Man should control this problem which has now become a local and national threat. If the problem of water pollution is not checked, it will cause more harm to the nation and world at large. Since the water body is estimated seventy percent (70%) of the earth surface.


The effects of water pollution are so numerous that explanation can no longer express it especially the one faced by the Abudu people. Water pollution affects all parts of life, due to the fact that many organisms can not do without it, but the way to bring a concise cure to the menace matters a lot it is caused by many factors which may include:

1.   Sewage

2.   Chemical deposition

3.   ation

4.   Heat

The above factors and many others produce a very strong effect on the water and those that consume it. Such effects are diseases, economic depreciation and environmental destruction.

Diseases outbreak such as cholera outbreak and typhoid fever are due to water pollution. The destruction of fishes and other marine life could destabilize the . Environmental disaster such as the death of living organism like fishes and plants affect lives.

Since water pollution affects man and the environments, ways should be planned to stop the rising problem.


The major purpose of the study is to find out the causes of water pollution especially the effects of water pollution and the relevant solution which should be including suggestions relevant to stop these problems.

It will use Abudu in Orhionmwon Local Government Area of Edo as case study. The basic reason for such research is to find out.

1)   How the people of the locality has suffered from water pollution.

2)   Check if there is any benefit derived from water pollution.

3)   Check what lead to water pollution in the locality.

4)   ider the solution to water pollution.

5)   How such solution can be maintained.


The study is embarked upon to leave an impact on the reasoning, manner and habit of Nigerians misuse and dumping of all kinds of pollutants on water bodies which makes water unhygienic for consumption and other very vital use in our daily activities.

It has to go a long way in educating both young and old about the things they should do to make water bodies inhabitable by both plants and animals also ensuring water is usable by man.

It also shows how water pollution could affect a community and a nation at large, if not controlled or stopped.

The study will also highlight the things that cause water pollution, in order for man to be careful of what they dump into water bodies. It also show the kind of harm water pollution will effect on man e.g. sickness and diseases etc.


Research question is to expand the problems identified in the statement of problem which has earlier been highlighted with the fact that water pollution affects all of human life.

The effects of water pollution are very numerous and the following questions serve as guide to the study.

1.   Is there evidence of water pollution in Abudu?

2.   Does water pollution destroy life?

3.   Does water pollution affect organisms?

4.   Does water pollution have any effect on the environment?

5.   Can water pollution be caused by man?

6.   Can water pollution be stopped or controlled?


Water pollution in Nigeria today is alarming and the effects can not be overemphasized. Nigerians look at the positive effects it has on them neglecting the negatively, its damages to the society.

The work will be divided into five (5) chapters which will cover the problems and expatiate the problems faced by the Abudu community which is due to water pollution. The scope will include the introductory part, the causes of water pollution, the effect on the environment, health life and nature in the work, solutions to the problems enumerated will be highlighted and also the conclusion.

The methods and sources of the project work shall depend basically on findings which is been available on the Abudu waters, libraries materials and different sectors of acquiring knowledge such as internet works as the study progresses descriptively and executively.

DEFINITION OF TERMS                                          

These are some terms which were used during the study are listed and are defined as follows:

Pollution: it is the release of harmful substance into the environment e.g. water, air, etc.

Genetic: the transfer of character and qualities from the parents to the offspring through gene.

Flora: a plant of a region or period

Fauna: animal life of a region or period

Sewage: waste water conveyed such as water of human urine or excrement

large column of hot air rising from the ground


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