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Top Techniques to Effectively Manage School Stress

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How to Effectively Manage School Stress

Stress is a feeling of tension; it could be emotional, physical, psychological or otherwise. Stress can come from situations that mount pressure on us, probably when there’s a lot of things to do or attend to or when it seems that some important things are out control. School demands can be very pressuring at times that it’s so easy for a student to be overwhelmed. Especially for freshmen in university, having to cope with the fact that the campus environment is different from home, the adaptation process could be a bit stressful. Every student on campus must attend to academic demands, in terms of assignments, term papers, projects, seminars, tests and exams, there could also be worries over other matters like money, siblings, grade etc. Relationships can also impact negatively in this sense, especially when there are frictions, misunderstandings, and the likes. All these are causes of stress for students. Being stressed and doing nothing about it can negatively affect your performance. It produces a negative energy that affects you and everyone around you. You could become irritable, depressed, tired among other things that could happen. It is important for you to know how to handle stress or reduce its occurrence, as eliminating it totally may not be possible, but coping with it is almost always possible if you’re sensitive and quick enough to tackle it. Here are few techniques that you can easily use to handle stress as a student. These techniques will either help you reduce stress or handle it when it shows up.

Inform Your Mind

Let your mind be well informed of the possible stress level involved in schooling – classes, assignments, tests and the likes. When your mind is prepared for something, then you will be able to better approach and endure that thing. In the instance that you have assumed in your mind that everything is going to be super easy, and you eventually find that it’s not so at all, the next thing will be that you will be easily prone to stress. Things that should not have made you feel stressed either emotionally, psychologically or physically will get at you easily when your mind has not been prepared ahead. In fact, when you have educated your mind properly about what to expect, you would have made necessary preparations in case some level of demands come up, but these kind of preparations will be lacking if you have not be mindful of the likely stress ahead.

Be Organized

The more organize your daily schedule is, the less stressed you are likely to be. Even when unexpected events and demands show up, it will be easier to cope than to have all your day muddled up and unplanned. Not having a well sequenced order of how you want your day to go, especially when you have much to do, will induce stress easily, the mind may become overwhelmed with all that you have to attend to and there’s no order of attending to them. Organizing almost every single thing you have to do in the day will make your mind orderly and calm and ther’ll be little or no stress.

Do Not Procrastinate

One of the biggest harbingers of pressure and stress, both physically and psychologically, is procrastination. At the time you are procrastinating, you are probably taking advantage of the fact that there’s still time. The problem with procrastination is that tasks keep accumulating and mounting up. When your mind goes to the load of work that you’ve procrastinated, then you become stressed in your mind already even when you have not begun the work. That’s what procrastination does in most cases, it gets tasks accumulated and eventually you have so little time to meet up, pressure and stress set in unnecessarily. The way to avoid this is to attend to your assignments promptly, and part from schoolwork’s, attend to all your necessary daily tasks as promptly as possible, be it laundry, room clean-up, cooking etc.

Make Your Study Smart and Interesting

If your method of studying seems to be too boring and difficult, you might want to change some things about it so as to make it more interesting. Imagine that you are always eager to go and study, maybe because of the environment or the people you study with, a whole lot of stress that would probably have set in is significantly reduced and you can do a hard thing in a simple way. You may want to get some of your colleagues to study along with you instead of doing it alone, you could take breaks to ease your mind, you could also make use of more interesting study tools like YouTube videos, these and more that you might discover will go a long way in making your study effective and less stressful.

Sleep Well

Depriving yourself of sleep just because you want to prepare for exams, tests or do assignments could cause stress during the day, and this might make you not to be optimal during classes. You are indirectly doing yourself a disservice. Plan your time and tasks in such a way that you are always able to have a good sleep. Sleep and rest are important for your mind to be collected and organized enough to deal with daily demands, if you so not prioritise these things as necessary, you won’t be as productive and useful as you ought during the day. Have a period or time when you should go to bed. Late night chats, calls or discussions are not the best for you if you want to be optimally productive during the day.

Avoid Toxic Relationships

Emotional stress is a very serious type of stress. Toxic relationships fuel negative emotions over time and the victim can begin to feel overwhelmed by the problems related to the relationship. Be it casual or close relationships, if your emotional health and balance is important to you, you have to avoid abusive or toxic relationships. When you are emotionally and psychologically stressed, how productive can you be? It of course goes on to affect how you relate with everything and everyone around you. Instead of allowing and creating negative energy around yourself every time, why not seek for the right atmosphere and people that can motivate and inspire you, so you don’t get yourself worked up unnecessarily.


Have a way of exercising yourself as a young person. Exercise will help to boost your energy level and get you involved in something different from the routine for some time. You could also practise meditation to arrange your thoughts and mind.

Eat Right

Be deliberate about things you take in. Eat foods that can cut down the levels of stress hormones in the body. Take in diets that can increase level of calming hormones in the body. You could search for the right kind of foods that you can include in your diet and become deliberate about taking them.

Listen to Good Music

Download or collect songs you love to your mobile device and when you feel tense or stressed up, putting your earpiece or headphone and listening to a song you love or feel could be helpful at the moment could be just what you need.

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