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Car leasing has contributed to the growth of many industries in Nigeria. In dead companies who have short term contracts to execute find it cost-ineffective to purchase their own cars for a short duration. As a matter of fact, they depend on car leasing companies like Marlum Company the case study to lease cars to them throughout the duration of their contracts. But one factor remains indispensable; it is the manner in which the leasing services are operated most especially concerning efficiency.

It is here the computer system comes into play for its augmentation with the human effort at Marlum construction company Enugu will definitely provide an efficient system that will monitor the model and quantity of cars in stock for lease… (Scroll down for the link to get the Complete Project Material)



The history of resources (car) leasing in Nigeria is a short one but the trend is growing as more organizations get into the provision of these services and strive to be ahead of completions. This car leasing is a gaming ground in Nigeria due to the fact that a lot of people cannot afford to buy their own cars.

The fall of Naira has resulted in the up shoot of prices of vehicles as can be seen in 1993 when the cost a luxury bus was 3 million Naira but in 1995 it came to 17 million Naira. Owing to the price increase, people prefer to lease cars rather than save for ages before buying one. Moreover there exist a wide range of cars people can lease for a different purpose.

There are cars for inter-city and business travels. Their cars for research students and holidaymakers. There are trucks for conveying heavy-duty machinery and long vehicles for goods. Marlum Construction Company is one organization that such services to individuals and cooperates with the organization. It has its main office at Emene in Enugu.


The actual problem Marlum Construction Company is facing the non-existence of an automated system that will show on prompt the available cars for lease. it’s leasing cost for a minimum duration of one month… (Scroll down for the link to get the Complete Project Material)


The reason for the embanking of this study is to overcome the shortcoming of the existing manual leasing method .it will achieve it by providing as follows.

  • A system that will give customers all models and brands of cars available for lease and their cost of leasing it for a period of one month… (Scroll down for the link to get the Complete Project Material)



A lot has been written about the subject of web-based car leasing service all aiming at offering a credible service that can be accessed by customers at any time irrespective of the terminal or location.  This chapter provides the literature review that is related to what will be developed later. This chapter comprises two sections: The first section reviews the method, equipment, and technology used.

The second section reviews the existing similar systems. References are made to books, articles, journals, magazines, conference papers, thesis, and also sources from the Internet.


The rapid growth of interactive Internet services has led to constantly increasing Web sites (Berners-Lee, et al; 1992). We have also experienced an increase in their functionality, which, in turn, makes them more complicated to use. Thus, a useful web application should be based on traditional graphical user interface design which relies on menu selection and navigation.

But these interfaces require a considerable cognitive overhead. This may be tolerable to frequent users, but will in many cases deter casual users, especially those who are not yet used to computers (Nielsen, 1993). Management Information System is a system or process that provides information needed to manage organizations efficiently and effectively. Management information systems involve three primary resources namely: technology, information, and people.

It is important to recognize that while all three resources are key components when studying management information systems, the most important resource is people… (Scroll down for the link to get the Complete Project Material)


This section is to review the current, existing system that relates to car leasing service.

Suria Car Leasing & Tour (SCR & TOUR) focus on corporate incentive tours, corporate group outing, MICE and also individual group outing in Malaysia and Overseas. Our customer service in the travel industry has benefited our clients from the government, large corporations, small and medium industries, and individual clients.


Figure 2.1: the home page of SCR Travel& Tour Website Graphical User Interface.


Figure 2.2: the booking form of SCR Travel & Tour Website Graphical User Interface.


Our focus is to save you time and money when it comes to hiring a car. We provide you with the cheapest deals as well as a friendly & helpful service (Nova Car Hire, Online). Our website is user friendly. Furthermore, at Nova Car Hire, we try to make the user booking experience as safe & comfortable as possible.


Figure 2.3: the booking form of Nova Car Hire Website Graphical User Interface.


Figure 2.4: the help interface of the Nova Car Hire Website Graphical User Interface.


WSRAC offers a wide choice of vehicles, and all the cars are well-maintained, ranging from economical to luxury cars, vans, MPVS, and 4 wheel drives, for you to choose the one most appropriate for your trip and traveling comfort… (Scroll down for the link to get the Complete Project Material)


This chapter provides the method and approach which have been used for the system development. A detailed explanation of each phase in developing this project will be discussed. A methodology is important for managing and controlling research in order to achieve the specified objectives within a given time. In order to complete this research, there are some major phases involved.

Each phase involved in this project has significance in achieving the objectives of the project.   This project begins with the knowledge acquisition phase and finished with the documentation of the result.  As mentioned in the objective of this project, the data matching technique is applied to provide car recommendation service to the users.

Analysis of Traditional Car Leasing Service

Marlum Construction Company Car Leasing service operates a manual form of car leasing service. Under this system of operation, a customer places a call to the car operator and makes a reservation or he goes to the park to rent a car. Little or no records are kept and the customer may make a poor reservation choice because he cannot see through a phone call the car he is reserving.

Problems of the Existing System

  1. During reservation, a customer reserves a vehicle via phone call, or he/she is expected to go to the organization for reservation. There are many inconsistencies associated with such a method… (Scroll down for the link to get the Complete Project Material)


This section presents the use case diagrams and description tables, activity, and sequence diagram representation of the proposed system.

  • Use-Case Diagram

Use case diagram at its simplest is a representation of a user’s interaction with the system and depicting the specifications of a use-case. A use case diagram can portray the different types of users of a system and the case and will often be accompanied by other types of diagrams as well


Figure 3.1: Use-Case Diagram of the Proposed Marlum Construction Company Main gate car leasing (UMCR)


  • Use-Case Login

Table 1: Use Case – Login

Use-case Number UC-01
Use-Case Name Log in
Priority High
Actor  Staff
Description This use case describes how Staffs login to the UMCR System.
Precondition None
Post-condition If the use case was successful, the actor is now logged into the UMCR system. If not, the system state is unchanged.
Basic course of Action User Action System Response
1.  The staff is on the home page to login to the system.


3. The staff enters username and password, Click on Login Button.

2.   The system prompts the staff to enter Username, Password.

4.   The system verifies that all the fields have been filled out and valid.

5.   The staff successfully logged into the system.

6.   Use case Exit

Alternate course of Action 6.1 If all fields are not filled out and not matched to the username and password the system notifies the actor a message Verify Username or Password and then goes back or returns to step 4 of basic course of Action to enter again.


(Scroll down for the link to get the Complete Project Material)


System Implementation Requirement

The implementation of a system entails all those processes undertaken in the conversion of the old system to the new system. It begins from testing and debugging of the program to ensuring the elimination of potential problems users may face in the future. The process involves coding the instructions in a programming language of choice, testing the system, training the user on how to use it, and so on.

The overall system is very user-friendly; that is, it is designed so that any level of user can easily use it without having any sort of problem. To implement any system design into a computer program the most important consideration is first and foremost the programming language to be used for implementation.

Because it can be a major factor in determining the cost, complexity, user – operability and that which can be used for a wide array of programming functions. Some are more suited for writing certain types of the program than the others, based on their functionality or on criteria set by the programmer.

The choices of programming language for this project are:

  • HTML (Hypertext Makeup Language)
  • MYSQL (MY-Structure Query Language)
  • PHP (Hypertext Pre-Processor)
  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheet)

(Scroll down for the link to get the Complete Project Material)


The database management system used as the backend for the design and development of the system is MySQL. The database management system was used to create different database schema objects that store, retrieve, and manipulate the data in different dimensions for the automated system.

The major schema objects created in the database are database tables that are used to store the data for the application. The database tables were fully accessed using PHP (Hypertext Pre-Processor) connection from the application program interface (API) to the backend, which is the database server (MySQL Server). PHPMyAdmin provides an API for accessing database systems programmatically… (Scroll down for the link to get the Complete Project Material)



This web-based car leasing system is developed to be an interactive web-based environment for car leasing services that intends to overcome the problems faced by users and car leasing service organizations. For customers, the proposed UMCR online leasing management system will provide car recommendation services to help users to choose the suitable car for them to rent based on their budget, the number of passengers, and their journey distance.

besides, users may view the car catalog provided in the system, while for the organization, UMCR online is able to produce transaction reports and thereby able to make informed business decisions.  To access the administrator page, UMCR provides security access levels for authorized administrators only… (Scroll down for the link to get the Complete Project Material)


Some suggestions exist that can be considered against UMCR even with the use of this system, namely:

  1. Need to open branches in other major parts of the city in order to achieve more growth and development… (Scroll down for the link to get the Complete Project Material)



(Get the Complete Project Material)

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