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Tips on Part-Time Jobs for Full-Time Students

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Tips on Part-Time Jobs for Full-Time Students

The lack of money is a reality for most students in universities. Without a diploma to enter the job market and with little professional experience to seek traditional jobs, these young people need to look for creative alternatives to earn extra income.

In addition to the internships, there are several opportunities for those who want to take advantage of the college years to have a good quality of life, gain financial independence and even pay for their college.

The university brings the opportunity to develop an entrepreneurial spirit and broaden the view of the job market before these students can pursue a career. If you want to learn how to make money while still a student, you can’t miss our tips!

Do an internship

One of the best options for earning extra income while attending college is a paid internship. Even when the scholarship offered is not very high, this is an excellent opportunity to gain experience, establish new professional contacts, pay the bills, and who knows, invest.

For those who are still in the first year, it may not be easy to get a paid internship. However, participation in selection processes can help to develop speaking skills and other soft skills.

For students who are close to graduation, it is interesting to look for opportunities in companies that can subsequently hire them for a job vacancy.

Be a college monitor

It is also possible to find job opportunities within the college itself, as a monitor of laboratories and course subjects. As the university offers these opportunities, they are well suited to the availability of student schedules and are a valuable experience for the student.

The remuneration may vary according to the institution, but it usually ranges from significant discounts on monthly fees to scholarships that can reach a minimum wage.

In addition to monitoring enabling a great synergy with studies, it also helps to reduce transportation costs, as most of the time, this activity will be on the same campus where the student attends classes.

Work from the administrative department of the educational institution

If the extra income from monitoring and internship are not enough to meet the expenses, an alternative is to look for a job vacancy in the administrative department of the educational institution itself.

Unlike the previous alternatives, this is a possibility of full-time employment, which means that it can typically only be used by students on the night shift.

Although tiring, this option can be rewarding. In addition to the remuneration, the job is usually better than any internship because college employees have significant discounts on tuition at the institution.

Create a small business

It is not uncommon for university students to develop their entrepreneurial streak even before completing their undergraduate studies. The college is an ideal environment to invest in creating your own business, such as selling sweets, sandwiches, accessories, clothes, providing services or any activity that the student identifies with.

This space has a comprehensive and very diverse audience, which can help the entrepreneur not only to earn extra income but to understand how the market works and create strong networking.

And just like reselling products, students can bet on an online platform and social networks to show their brand and sell their products safely, without even leaving home.

  • Sell sweets or snacks at break: For those who have a culinary talent and know delicious recipes, selling sweets or snacks between classes can be a creative possibility to earn extra income in college.

Although it doesn’t seem profitable, selling sweets and snacks at the university can become a very lucrative business. Also, it is a way to maintain a firm dedication to studies and get a little more money to cover the expenses of the month.

  • Resell products: One of the most straightforward and most profitable options for earning extra income during the college years is the resale of products. This type of business brings many possibilities such as selling clothes, accessories, beauty products, food and electronics.

In addition to more affordable prices, especially in wholesale purchases, the student can follow the traditional sales model, in which he presents the product directly to the customer. Or, you can use an online platform, an e-commerce or buying and selling sites, such as eBay, and OLX.

But before dedicating to this endeavour, it is essential to know the rules for this type of activity at the university. Some institutions prohibit trade in the corridors, in which case it is better to try to sell only outside the college.

Write content as a freelance copywriter

A good tip for those who are studying is that if you need a consistent source of income and with flexible working hours, the best possibility of writing content as a freelance writer is on platforms like Upwork.

The texts produced are from different areas of knowledge, and many of these areas will be related to the course being studied. Therefore, this source of income is also an excellent form of study and learning.

The main advantage here is that students can write when they have free time, without disturbing their academic obligations, and will have no transportation costs.

Search for scientific initiation grants

For those who intend to dedicate themselves to an academic career, scientific initiation scholarships are the right choice for extra income in college. Various funding institutions offer these grants, and they are created to establish initial contact between the undergraduate student and the scientific research environment.

Scientific initiation scholarships open several doors for students in master’s and doctoral degrees and, although the value of the scholarships is not very high, it already helps in the month’s bills.

Be a private teacher

Another way to earn extra income, without committing all your time to a formal job, is by giving private language or music lessons, for example.

Although not a requirement, it is interesting that students who intend to teach part-time seek courses and certifications in the subjects they will teach. Nowadays, with the dissemination of online courses and the availability of free materials, this will not be a difficult task.

For those who already have experience in countries that do not speak the English language, giving private lessons is an excellent way to continue practising another language and complement the monthly income.

The great benefit of this work is the possibility of defining times that will not harm the academic routine, besides being an opportunity to improve the existing knowledge and talents.

Format academic papers

One of the most serious difficulties of university students is to format an academic work to conform to academic standards. Therefore, the demand for formatting jobs is tremendous and can represent a great way to earn extra money at the end of the month.

You must study the technical standards to perform the task correctly. Another tip is to organize your time well to deliver the work on time and not hinder your studies.


With the ideas listed above, we believe you are raring to add an extra source of income under your belt.

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