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1.1            Background of the Study

Leadership is as old as human being, there is no human endeavour that does not require proper leadership (management) for it to function effectively. For example, establishment, business enterprises, mosque, church, hospital and cooperative societies all requirement leadership to promote and make them function properly.

Therefore, leadership is one of that human instrument that regulate all organization effectively, they set up goals for any organization to achieve effectively in other words, they perform the managerial functions of planning, controlling, directing, coordinating and organizing.

The of leadership participation in promoting cooperative is found as a research problem which aimed at identifying the importance of leadership participation in cooperative society so as to satisfy the members economic needs and the degree of productivity to be obtained from.

Cooperative movement however came into existence when these mutual obligations of traditionalist in the society were phrased out of their formal organization of business out fit.

This condition led to the birth of the modern cooperatives, as a result of industrial revolution in August 1844. These efforts were made by some industrialist with the same common interest. But in the case of our country Nigeria, it was slightly different because it was a reflection of it by colonial maters that we had Nigerians have greatly seen the need for cooperative movement, because an average Nigerian is faced with economic problems which is even worst that that which was experienced in Europe during the industrial revolution.

The word cooperative is distinctive, which must be made between formal and informal cooperative. In the widest sense cooperative means people working together so as to achieve their goals. But the most widely formal definition of cooperative is the one put down by I.C.A – 1995. Cooperative is an autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to meet their economic, social and cultural needs, and aspiration through a jointly owned and democratically controlled enterprise (I.C.A. 1995).

1.2            Statement of the blem

The of leadership participation in promoting cooperative society cannot be over emphasized, thus leadership plays a very important in promoting cooperative society.

Leadership is a basic requirement needed for the success of any cooperative movement.

Therefore, any cooperative society that does not consider the above one is found to have slow promotion or no development at all and will eventually lead to all sort of problems.

From the past decades, cooperative societies in Nigeria are referred to as part time business organization, the management committee are elected without following the laid down procedure for cooperative movement for charity organization, this make them less committed to the smooth running of the society.

1.3            Objectives of the Study

The objectives of the study includes the following:

a.     To determine the of leadership participation in promoting cooperative.

b.     To examine the activities involved in the of leadership participation in promoting cooperative.

c.      To access the problems that militate against the of leadership participation in promoting cooperative.

1.4            Research Question

a.     What are the of leadership participation in promoting cooperative?

b.     What are the activities involved in the of leadership participation in promoting cooperative?

c.      What are the problems that militate the of leadership participation in promoting cooperative?

1.5            Significance of the Study

·        The study help dig-out the problems obstructing the growth and promotion of the society particularly in the area of leadership participation.

·        It will help to increase the rate of growth and development of cooperative society in the country.

·         The study will help to enlighten student on the of leadership participation in a society.

·        It will help to show more light about the of leadership participation in promoting cooperative.

1.6            Scope of the Study

The study talks about how to examine the of leadership participation in promoting cooperative. This study covers the activities involved in the of leadership participation and the problem encountered in leadership participation as well as possible way to alleviate those problem.

The study is based in Kaduna refinery petro-chemical , (K.R.P.C).

1.7            Definition of Terms

a.     Cooperative: This is an act of coming together of an individuals who pool their resources in order to improve there social economic interest in a democratic fashion and equitable regards to every members.

b.     Leadership: This can be refer to a person who organize and direct in order for member to achieve their economic and social needs effectively.

c.      Member: Maybe refer to as those non-elected leadership of the society and they perform variety of s and functions in promoting cooperative society.

d.     Participation: This maybe refer to as taking parts or actively doing something at any level in order to promote and develop the standard of cooperative or another organization.

e.      motion: This maybe refer to as developing, encouraging and organizing a particular organization, society, institution etc to progress from lower rank position to higher rank.

f.       K.R.P.C: Kaduna Refinery Petro-chemical Company.

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