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1.1       Background of the Study

Ashworth, Hogg, and Higgs (2013) described the construction industry as one of the most important sectors of the , which integrates a wide variety of skilled and unskilled professionals. These professionals engage in the provision of goods and services ranging from construction, alteration, refurbishment to repairs of building and civil engineering structures. All these professionals work together under various types of contractual agreements to actualize the 's brief and deliver the project. Each construction project is unique and has its main objectives are outlined by the client based on project circumstances. Amongst the most common objectives of any successful project are deliveries at the right time, within authorized cost and meeting the envisaged quality standards (Love 1998). Construction projects, like all others, are not risks free and thereby can result to financial loss. Construction risks are events that generally influence any or all of the project objectives. Risk events could either be positive in terms of opportunities or negative in terms of threats to either or the entire project objectives (Hillson 2002).

Several academic and professional literatures have developed in the field of effective contract planning and management within construction contexts. The degree of application of contract planning and management techniques by contractors especially, was found to differ in various construction industries across the globe (2008). Against this literature gap therefore, this study is conducted to evaluate the effect of construction contract planning on project performance in Imo State.

1.2       Problem

1.3       Research Questions

1.      What are the contract planning practices applied in the construction industry?

2.      What is the level of awareness and usage of contract planning practices in the construction industry?

3.      What are the factors affecting contract planning practices on construction projects?

4.      What are the effects of contract planning practices to construction projects performance?

1.4       Aim and Objectives of the Study

The aim of the study is to investigate the effects of contract planning on construction project performance, and the objectives are:

1.      To determine contract planning practices applied in the construction industry.

2.      To assess awareness and usage of contract planning practices in the construction industry.

3.      To examine the factors affecting contract planning practices

4.      To evaluate the effect of contract planning practices to construction project performance.

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