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Public administration project topics and research materials PDF free download for undergraduates and postgraduates final year students in Nigeria from 2020 to 2021 session. Have you been searching for a complete project material of a particular topic in public administration or a seminar topic, you are on the right page.

All public administration project topics and materials listed on this website are easy projects and also, they are recent ready-made complete final year projects for students acquiring a degree in any school. is an online research project repository in Nigeria. We have been assisting final year undergraduates and postgraduates students studying public administration course by providing them quality project material guides for their research works.


Free Public Administration Project Topics and Materials PDF for Final Year Students

In our project archive, we have thousands of free public administration project topics and premium research papers in administration and planning, contemporary, public policy and also, related research seminar topics and journals for final year students in the public administration department. Below is a list of best public administration project topics and materials PDF documents for undergraduate students acquiring a degree in the college of education (NCE), National Diploma (ND), Higher National Diploma (HND), Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) and Bachelor of Science (BSC).

Masters, PGD and PhD students can also get their thesis and dissertation public administration project topics and materials on this page. All you need to do is to select your topics below and submit them to your supervisor for approval. Then after approval, you can come back to download complete material document.


Contents of Public Administration Project Material PDF Document on this Website

If you wish to download a copy of our public administration project topics and materials from chapters 1-5, we would like to let you know that our project material documents of any topic come with proposal samples, Table of contents, abstracts, background of the study, statement of the problem, research questions, objectives of the study, research hypothesis, signification of the study, scope of the study, definition of terms, organization of the study, literature review (theoretical framework or conceptual framework), research methodology, sources of data collection, population of the study, sampling and sampling distribution, validation of research instrument, method of data analysis, data analysis and Presentation, introduction, summary, conclusion, recommendation, references and questionnaire.


Below is a list of the best interesting public administration project topics PDF and Publications Download for Final year students in Nigeria, Ghana. Kenya, Cameroon, India and other countries. Students can use these free project topic ideas listed on this website with case study for their academic research works.

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List of Free Public Administration Project Topics and Research Materials PDF

Public Policy Implementation In Nigeria And Economic Development
Public Relation A Tool For Conflict Resolution
Domestication Of International Terrorism In Nigeria: Study Of Boko Haram And Niger Delta Insurgencies, 2000-2012
Voter’s Turnout and Democratic Consolidation: A Case Study Of 2015/2019
An Assessment Of Twitter Ban On Nigeria’s Image In The International Community
Conflict Resolution Strategies and Headteachers Administrative Effectiveness In Ikot Ekpene Local Government Area
Ecowas Protocol On Free Movement Of Persons, Residence And Establishments: Implications For West African Security (1999-2018)
The Effect Of Government Policy On Privatization And Commercialization On Nigeria Economy
Age Grade Association As An Agent Of Rural Development
An Evaluation Of Ethnicity And Issue Of Political Development In Nigeria
Democracy And Islamic Sect/Boko Haram In Nigeria (A Case Study Of Goodluck Jonathan Regime)
Global Financial Meltdown And Its Effects On Nigeria Banking Sector
Management Of Employee Grievances In Nigerian Public Corporation
Manpower Development And Productivity In Tertiary Institutions In Nigeria
Press Freedom And Fundamental Human Right In Nigeria (A Case Study Of The Olusegun Obasanjo Administration)
Problems Of Effective Service Delivery In Government Owned Establishment
An Investigation Into The Problems Of Leadership In Tertiary Institutions
Corruption And Insecurity In Nigeria: A Fight Against It (A Study Of Economic And Financial Crime Commission)
Critical Assessment Of National Youths Service Corps Towards Enhancing National Integration
Management Training And Development Techniques In Nigeria
Political Leadership And Underdevelopment In Nigeria. (A Study Of Babangida’s Administration)
Role Of Planning And Control To Management Efficiency And Productivity
Sustainable Democracy: A Dependent Variable To National Development (A Case Study Of Anambra State From 2007 – 2009) Mr. Peter Obi’s Administration.
The Effect Of Government Policy On Privatization And Commercialization On Nigeria Economy
The Effect Of Poverty On Educational Development Of The Citizens
The Effects Of Foreign Aids On National Development (A Study Of Foreign Health Aids To Nigeria 1999-2003)
The Effects Of Organizational Structure In The Management Of Organization
The Effects Of Poor Records Management In An Office Organization
The Effects Of Privatization And Commercialization Policy On National Economic Development
The Impact And Effectiveness Of Judicial Proceeding And Democratic Government In Nigeria
The Impact Of Budget Implementation In An Organization
The Impact Of Effective Management Of Resources In Solving Unemployment Problem In Nigeria
The Problem Of Retirement In Enugu State Civil Service (A Case Study Of Enugu State Universal Basic Education Board)
The Relevance Of Population Census To Economic Development Of Rural Areas In Nigeria.
The Role Of Association In Community Development
The Role Of Educated Nigeria Women In The Social And Economic Development Of Our Country (A Case Study Of Nigeria)
The Role Of Micro-Finance Bank In The Development Of Rural Areas
The Role Of Non-Governmental Agencies In Poverty Alleviation And The Development Of Community
The Role Of Non-Governmental Organizations In The Development Of Rural Areas
The Uses Of Committees And Group Meetings In Enhancing Decision Making In Nigeria Public Service
The Effect Of Privatization And Commercialization Of Government Owned Companies On Developing Economy
Administration Of Nigerian Capital Market And National Development, 1980 – 2009
An Evaluation Of The Implementation Of Servicom In The Federal Public Service In South-East Nigeria 2005 -2011
Investment Management Practices And Growth Of Public Enterprises
Performance Management Of Civil Service In 1999 – 2011
Transformational Leadership Behaviours (Tlbs) And Management Of Federal Universities In South Eastern Nigeria (2000-2012)
Politics Of Recruitment In The Civil Service (1999-2010)
The Impact Of The Global Economic Meltdown On The Achievement Of The Millenium Development Goals In Nigeria
The Role Of The Legislature In Policy Making Process
The Effect Of Industrial Work Experience On Student In Tertiary Institution (Case Study Of Federal Polytechnic Oko In Anambra State)
The Role Of Co-Operative Societies Towards Development Of Rural Areas (A Case Study Of Idah Local Government Area Of Kogi State)
The Impact Of Salary Increase And Fringe Benefits Among Nigerian Workers
Deregulation Of The Downstream Oil Sector In Nigeria As A Panacea To Economic Recovery Of The Country
Impact Of Poor Revenue Generation On The Development Of Local Government Areas
Rural Development – A Means Of Combating Rural (Urban Migration)
Effect Of Local Government Administration In Economic And Social Development
Role Of Public Relations In Marketing Organization
Impact Of Revenue Generation On Local Government Administration In Nigeria
Role Of Non – Government Organizations In Community Development
Impact Of Motivation On The Productivity Of Worker
Collective Bargaining And Industrial Peace
Effects Of Tax Evasion And Avoidance On The Nigerian Economy
The Management Problems Of Nigeria Rail Way Corporation
Impact Of Foreign Trade On The Nigeria Economy
The Third Tiller: Platform For Political Participation
Product Planning, Management And Distribution Problem In Soft Drink Industry
An Account For The Low Productivity In Public Corporations In Nigeria
Local Government: A Platform For Political Participation
Impact Of Government Regulator Agencies Of National Development In Nigeria
Causes Of Low Productivity By Public Service Workers
Role Of Local Government Administration In Economic And Social Development Of Rural Area In Nigeria
Revenue Generation And Collection
Evaluation Of Government Incentives Schemes Towards Small Scale.
Attitude Of Nigerians Towards Government Owned Properties
Analysis Of Factors Responsible For Low Productivity In The Civil Service
Public Relation As An Effective Instrument For Attaining Co-Operate Objective
Problems Of Personnel Management In Government Owned Establishment
Impact Of Women Participation On The Political System in Nigeria
Nigeria Public Service, Problems And Prospect
Ethnic Conflict And National Stability In Nigeria
The Bureaucratic And Environmental Influence On Local Government In Nigeria
Management And Operational Problems Of Rural Water Supply In Nigeria
Multi National Companies And Their Social Responsibilities In Their Host Communities
Impact Of Local Government Administration In Economic And Social Development In Nigeria
Crisis Management In Public Sector
Privatization Policy In Nigeria An Evaluation Of Its Implication
Management Problems Of Public Enterprises
The Influence Of Multi-National Co-Oporation In The Economic Development Of Nigeria
Globalization And Economic Development In Nigeria: An Assessment
Managing Industrial Disputes In Higher Institutions
The Role Of Public Relations In Enhancing Customers Satisfaction
Role Of Local Governments In Rural Development
Problems Of Effective Utilization Of Revenue Available To Local Governments In Nigeria
Role Of Local Government System In Enhancing Rural Development
Problems Of Personnel Management In Public Organization
Impact Of Bureaucracy In Nigeria Public Enterprise
Effect Of Privatization And Commercialization Of Government Owned Industries In A Developing Economy
Challenges Of Effective Privatization Of Public Enterprises In Nigeria
Impact Of Trade Unionism On The Growth Of Public Sector Organization In Nigeria
Effects Of Personnel Management In The Development Of Public Liability Companies
Impact Of Staff Customer Relationship On Organizational Image
Impact Of Globalization On The Nigeria Economy
Internal Control System As A Necessity To Survival And Growth In Public Organisation
Economic Development Of Nigeria
Effect Of Employee Motivation On Public Sector Performances
Impact Of Inter Governmental Relations In Local Government In Nigeria
Appraisal Of Local Government Councils Efforts Towards Rural Development
Execution Of Corporate Social Responsibility Among The Telecommunication Industries
Labour Management Relations: A Tool For Industrial Harmony In Nigeria Organizations
Manpower Development And Workers Productivity In Nigeria
Revenue Generation And Utilization Of Local Government Areas
Impact Of Motivation On Staff Overall Performance In The Civil Service
Bureaucracy And Efficiency In Nigerian Public Enterprise A Case Study Of Power Holding
Public Relations As A Tool For Industrial Harmony
Privatization And Commercialization Of Public Enterprises In Nigeria
Public Relation A Tool For Conflict Resolution
Factors Militating The Transformation Of Nkweme Local Government
Effectiveness Of Public Relations In Service Industries
Television Viewing Habits Of Nigerian Elites
Bureaucracy And Efficiency In Nigerian Public Enterprise
Study Of The Role And Performance Effectiveness Of Professional Secretaries In Selected Government Metropolis
Effect Of Modern Office Automation On The Productivity Of Secretaries In Government Parastatals
Problems And Prospects Of Privatized Public Corporations In Nigeria
Impact Of Contributory Pension Scheme On The Nigerian Public
Impact Of Cash Management On State Public Sector In Nigeria
Inter-Governmental Relations Of Local Governments In Nigeria
Assessment Of The Impact Of Poverty Reduction Programmes In Nigeria As A Development Strategy
Impact Of Effective Leadership In An Organization
Nigerian Debt Crisis
Pension Reform Act In Nigeria
Issues And Challenges Of Corporate Social Responsibilities In The Niger Delta Region Of Nigeria
Effect Of Audit Control In Curbing Corruption In The Public Sector
Appraisal Of The Impact Of Government Reforms Policies On Financial Institutions In The Economic Development Of Nigeria
Examination Of Workers Reaction To Organizational Changes In Government Owned Company
Impact Of Effective Management Of Resources In Solving Unemployment Problem In Nigeria A Case Study Of Igbo-Eze South Local Government Area, Enugu State
Role Of The Media In Democratic Sustenance In Nigeria
Appraisal Of Budgeting As A Tool For Effective Control In Public Sector. A Case Study Of Power Holding Company Of Nigeria
Application Of Community Relations Strategies In Addressing Host Community Hostility
Employment Procedure & Its Effect On Productivity In Government Parastatals A Case Study Of National Board For Technical Education, Kaduna
Examination Of Nature Of Housing In Nigeria
Harmonious Religious Coexistence In The Barrack, A Model Approach For Humanity
Contribution Of Youth Organizations In Community Development In Kaduna North Local Government Area
Impact Of Internal Control System Of The Effective Management In Government Ministries
Impact Of Motivation On Local Government Staff Education
Resolution Of Industrial Crisis Between Management And Employee In Public Sector Constraints And Prospects
The Effects Of Employee Motivation On Public Sector Performances
Effects Of Globalization In Economic Development In Nigeria (A Case Study Of Ministry Of Petroleum)
Problems Of Local Government
Critical Analysis Of Employee Orientation And Organizational Commitment To Work In Nigeria
Assessment Of The Performance Of Public Enterprise In Nigeria A Case Study Of Nitel (1985 – 2008)
Impact Of International Trade On The Development Of Commerce And Industry In Nigeria
Revenue Generation In Local Government Areas (Problems And Prospects)
Relevance Of Finance Department In The Public Sector
An Investigation Into The Problems And Prospect Of Local Government Administration In Nigeria
Women And National Development
Prospects Of Secretaries In Office Administration And Management
Effect Of Social Service Administration On Rural Women In Nigeria
Impact Of Over-Admission Of Students In Nigerian Tertiary Institution
Effect Of Recruitment Selection Placement On Organizational Effectiveness
Analysis Of Factors Responsible For Low Productivity Of The Nigerian Workers
An Epidemiology Survey For Sctristosomiasis Among Pupils
Fuel Subsidy Removal And The Nigerian Economy
Boko Haram Crisis And The Socio-political Development Of Nigeria
Effect Of Inadequate Human Resources On The Performance Of Government Establishments
Role Of Public Enterprise In Economic Development Of Nigeria
Role Of Staff Training And Compensation In Public Corporations
Employees Participation In Decision Making And Organizational Productivity
Impact Of Effective Management Of Human Resources In Solving Unemployment Problems In Nigeria Between 2010-2014
The Impact Of Information System (IS) On Organizational Productivity
Effect Of Marginal Cost Elements On The Financial Performance Of Pharmaceutical Companies In Nigeria
Role Of Nigerian Stock Exchange In The Development Of The Nigerian Economy
Evaluation Of Investment Appraisal And Its Application Techniques In A Manufacturing Industry
Role Of Manpower Training And Re-Training In Local Government System
Impact Of Remuneration On Workers Performance Among Nigerian Workers
Role Of Political Parties In Democratic Governance In Nigeria
Human Resources As A Catalyst For Economic Growth And Development In Nigeria
Research As Instrument Of Organization Effectiveness
Frequent Changes In Local Government Administration As A Bane To Rural Development In Nigeria
Motivation And Organizational Efficiency In The Nigeria Public Services
Wages And Salary Administration In Nigeria Civil Service Problems And Prospect
Traditional Government And Politics
Staff Training And Development: A Tool For Increase In Performance In Organisation
Factors Responsible For Low Productivity Among Employees In The Nigeria Public Service
Management Of Industrial Conflict In Nigerian Tertiary Institutions.
Delegation Of Authority As A Tool For Management In Enugu State Civil Service
Impact Of Manpower Planning On Achievement Of Corporate Objectives Of An Organization
The Socio-Political Factors Affecting Workers’ Performance
Organisational Conflict And Management In Higher Institutions
Impact Of Public Accountants In The Implementation Of Accountability And Transparency In The Federal Civil Service
An Evaluation Of The Impact Of The Nigerian Police Force In Crime Management.
Role Of Internet Marketing On The Growth Of Tourism In Nigeria
The New Pension Scheme And Workers Productivity In Nigerian Universities
Intergovernmental Financial Relations And Local Government Autonomy In Nigeria:
Rural Poverty And The Challenges Of Local Government In National Development In Nigeria
Nigeria Union Of Local Government Employees And Third Tier Administration In Rivers State, Nigeria
Corruption And Public Accountability In Local Government Administration In Nigeria
Impact Of Public Policy Implementation In Enugu State
Staff Training And Utilization In Nigerian Civil Service
Causes And Effects Of Insecurity In Nigeria: The Challenges And Relevance Of The Nigerian Police Force As A Panacea
Public Sector Reforms And Performance Of Public Corporations: The Case Of Phcn (1999 – 2007)
Impact Of Agricultural Policies On Nigerian Economy
Study On The Role Of Youth In Nation Development
Employment Procedures And It’S Effect On Government Parastatals
Examination Of The Effect Of Industrial Relation Practices On Organizational Productivity In The Public Sector
Contribution Of Youth Organizations In Community Development
Impact Of Social Responsibility On Organizational Performance
Significance Of Effective Leadership In The Achievement Of Organizational Goals
Time Management As A Tool For Higher Productivity In An Organization
The Effect Of Work Environment On Organizational Performance
Performance Management, A New Strategy For Improving Public Sectors Effectiveness
Corporate Governance And It’S Effect On Organizational Performance
An Investigation Into The Relationship Between Personnel Management And Local Government Administration
The Impact Of Work Environment On Employee Productivity
The Impact Of Performance On Staff Productivity
The Impact Of Motivation In Achieving Organizational Goals
The Effects Of Consumerism In Marketing Of Fake/Counterfeit Drugs In Nigeria
Effect Of Taxation On The Nigerian Economy (2001-2010)
Organizational Climate And Teaching Effectiveness In Public Secondary Schools
An Assessment Of Performance Of Women Entrepreneurs In Technological And Non-Technological Development.
Causes, Effects And Remedies Of Organizational Conflict In Nigeria
Public Relation Practices Of The Oil And Gas Industry
Revenue Mobilization, Allocation And Fiscal Commission As A Tool To National Integration
Role Of Community Based Organizations In The Development Of Rural Communities
Impact Of Value Added Tax On The Productivity Of Manufacturing Organizations In The Nigerian Economy
An Assessment On Public Relations As A Tool For Resolving Conflict
A Study On Public Relations As A Veritable Tool For Eradicating Cultism In Nigerian Tertiary Institutions
Public Relation As A Tool For Resolving Communal Dispute
Impact Of Newspaper Advertisement In An Organization
An Appraisal Of Accounting System In The Public Sector
An Assessment Of The Impact Of Collective Bargaining On Dispute Resolution In Public Companies
Impact Of Job Satisfaction And Workers Performance In The Health Sector
Role Of Importance Of Corporate Social Responsibilities On Crisis Management
Corporate Social Accounting Information Disclosures Among Firms In Nigeria
The Impact Of International Financial Reporting Standard On Stock Valuation In Public Companies In Nigeria
Assessment Of The Effectiveness Of Value Added Tax Administration In Nigeria
Incentives Schemes And Worker’S Performance In Nigeria
Motivation And Productivity In Public Enterprises
Multi National Companies And Other Social Responsibilities In Their Host Communities
The Impact Of Motivation Of The Efficiency Of The Social Welfare Staff In Delta State Ministry Of Women Affairs
Fiscal Federalism And Revenue Allocation From Federation Account To States Equitable And Fair
Impact Of Company Income Tax On Foreign Direct Investigation
Impact Of Financial Meltdown On Nigeria Capital Market
The Impact Of Monetary Policy On Industrial Growth In Nigeria
Role Of Effective Administration In The Rapid Social-Economic Transformation Of Nigeria
Privatization Of Public Enterprises And It’S Implication On Economic Policy And Development Of Cross River State
Tax As A Stimulus Growth And Development In Nigeria
The Determinants Of Balance Of Payment In Nigeria (1983 – 2007)
Impact Of Government Expenditure On Standard Of Living Of The People Of Nigeria
Allocation Of Funds Across Expenditure Heads In The Nigerian Public Teaching Hospitals
Ethics And University Administration
Effect Of Recruitment Method On Anambra State Civil Service Commission 2005-2016
Impact Of Small-Scale Enterprises Financing In Improving The Socio-Economic Well Being Of Delta State
Agriculture Financing In Nigeria Problems And Prospect
Conflict Management Strategies Of Principals As Perceived By Teachers In Secondary Schools
Influence Of Graduate Entrepreneurship Fund (Gef) On Youth Economic Inclusion
Effect Of Small Scales Industries On Social Economics Development
Management Challenges Facing Mass Transit Programme In Nigeria
Impact Of An Effective Human Resources Management In An Organization
Impact Of Leadership Styles On Job Performance In The Nigeria Civil Service
Impact Of State Control Over Local Government
Role Of Government In Socio-Economic Development In Nigeria
Role Of Public Relation In Building Corporate Image
Impact Of Human Resources Administration On Organizational Efficiency
Causes And Effect Of Labour Unrest On Local Government Administration
Assessment Of Nigeria Civil Service
An Assessment Of Problems And Prospective Of Cooperative Societies In Nigeria
The Role Of Nigeria Labour Union In Democratic Consolidation In Nigeria
Local Government As An Instrument Of Democratic Sustainability
The Effect Of Corruption On The Achievement Of Organizational Objectives
The Impact Of Education On The Development Of Rural Areas
The Impact Of Insurance Companies On Economic Development Of Nigeria
Role Of Local Government In The Transformation Of Rural Areas
Impact Of Staff Recruitment And Training On Service Delivery
Cause And Remedies Of Student Involvement In Cult Activities In Nigeria Tertiary Institutions
The Effect Of Political Thuggery On The Realization Of Millennium Development Goals
Gender Disparity Of The Population Of Students In Tertiary Institutions In Nigeria
Impact Of Staff Training And Development In Tertiary Institutions
Impact Of Political Violence On The Democratic Governance In Nigeria
Impact Of Democracy On The Grassroot Development
Effect Of Political Thuggery On Good Governance In Nigeria
The Place Of Local Government Administrator In The Realization Of Millennium Development Goals (Mdgs) In Nigeria
Effect Of Poor Condition Of Service On Staff Performance
Role Of Local Government Service Commission In Manpower Development
Socio-Economic Effects Of Graduate Unemployment In Urban Centres
Effect Of Communication On The Attitudes Of Mothers Towards Childhood Killer Diseases And National Programme On Immunization
Effective Leadership Styles And It’S Implication On Organizational Productivity
Analysis Of The Strategies For Employment Generation
The Effect Of Personnel Training And Development On Crime Prevention And Control
Workers Motivation And Job Performance In The Banking Sector
Impact Of Effective Unionism On The Determination Of Workers Welfare
Total Quality Management And Service Delivery In The Local Government System
Impact Of Management Information System In The Banking Industry
Impact Of Corruption On Good Governance And Development In Nigeria
Management Of Local Government Finance
Anti-Corruption Measures As An Antidote For Accountability In Nigeria Public Service
Roles Of Traditional Rulers In National Development
Effect Of Bureaucratic Practice On A Profit Oriented Public Organization
Issues And Challenges Of Retirement Of Civil Servant
Role Of Effective Communication In Organizational Performance
The Effect Of Industrial Disharmony On The Nigerian Educational System
Role Of Small Scale Enterprise In The Social-Economic Development Of The Rural Areas
Causes And Effects Of Labour Unrest In The Nigeria Local Government System
The Need For Planning In An Organization
Redeeming The Public Image Of Nigeria Police Force
The Impact Of Women Empowerment On Poverty Reduction
The Impact Of Financial Management In Controlling Fraud In The Local Government System
A Comparative Analysis Of Ibrahim Babangida And Sani Abacha’s Transition Programme And It’s Implication On The Nigeria Fourth Republic
Rural Infrastructure Development As A Solution To Rural-Urban Migration
An Evaluation Into The Effect Of Human Resources Development On Organizational Productivity
Analysis Of The Strategies For Employment Generation In Nigeria
Impact Of Performance Appraisal On The Determination Of Training Needs In The Local Government Service
The Impact Of Leadership Style On Organizational Effectiveness
Planning And Decision Making Techniques: An Effective Tool For Local Governments
Impact Of Effective Internal Control On The Revenue Generation Of Local Government Councils
Impact Of Reforms On The Performance Of Nigeria Civil Service
The Role Of Government In The Development Of Party Politics
Role Of Local Government In Socio-Economic And Political Development Of The Community
Industrialization And Rural Development
Effects Of Communication On Management And Employer’S Relationship In An Organization
Workers’ Perception Of Retirement And Its Implication On Productivity
Local Government Administration And The Challenges Of Rural Development
Appraisal Of The Federal Government Lighting Unemployment In Nigeria
Critical Evaluation Of Women And Rural Development
Federal Character Principle And Its Implication On Manpower Utilization
Evaluation Of Strategies Used In The Distribution Of Coca –Cola Product
Unemployment Problems And Poor Establishment Of Industries
Impact Of Inter-Government Relations In The Development
Intergovernmental Relations And The Practice Of Federalism In Nigeria
Implication Of Unemployment On The Socio Economic Development Of Nigeria
Problems Of Managing Public Sector.
Obstacle To Effective Implementation Of Policies In The Local Government System In Nigeria
Planning And Decision Making In The Nigerian Public Service
Problem And Prospect Of Auditing In Government Organizations
Local Government Efforts Towards The Development Of Rural Communities Within Its Area Of Jurisdiction
Planning As Essential Strategies For Attaining Employment Techniques
Vandalistion As A Factors Of Socio – Economic Development Of Nigeria
Role Of Local Government In Economic Development Of Nigeria
Role Of Auditors In Public And Private Companies
Role Of Public Relations In A Corporate Organisation
Role Of Electronic Media In Combating Drug Abuse And National Security
Role Of National Directorate Of Employment (NDE) In Financing Micro-Business
Role Of Mass Media In Educational Development In Nigeria
Role Of Accounting In The Control Of Private And Public Sectors Of The Nigerian Economy
Problems Of Financial Small Scale Industries In Nigeria
Role Of Office Machines In Modern Business Organization
Problems Of Acquisition And Replacement Of Plant And Equipment In A Manufacturing Industry
Role Of Effective Leadership In The Achievement Of Organization
Internal Auditing As An Instrument For Effective Management And Accountability Of Financial Resources In The Public Scrod
Problems Of Hostel Management And Accommodation In Higher Institutions
Impact Of Staffs Development In Effective Management Of Government Parastatal Of Nepa
Impact Of Smuggling On Our Local Industries
Impact Of Manpower Training And Development In The Oil Industry In Nigeria
Impact Of Information Technology On Customers Satisfaction And Profitability In Nigeria Banks
Factors That Affect Performance Of Secretarial Career In Some Selected Organization
Role Of Public Relations In Community Banking
Effect Of Sales Promotion On The Marketing Of Consumer Goods
Effect Of Retrenchment On The Moral Of Workers And Productivity
Effect Of Employee Job Satisfaction On Organizational Productivity
Impact Of Management Communication For Effective Organizational Performance
Solving Unemployment Problem, Through The Establishment Of Small Scale Industries
Effect Of Community Banks In Rural Development
Solving Unemployment Problems
Revenue Collection Strategy In The Reformed Local Government
Effect Of Food Appraisal System On Employees Performance
Public Relations As A Stimulus Of Increased Productivity In Business Organization
Effect Of Motivation On Workers In The Public Sector In Nigeria Telecommunication
Problems Of Revenue Generation In Government Owned Companies
Impact Of Efficient Inventory Management In Hospitality Industries
Problems And Prospects Of Management Of Medium-Scale Industries
Problems Of Effective Management In Government Owned Establishment
Problems And Prospect Of Marketing Petroleum Products In Nigeria
Partnership Business And Its Control Button To The Economics Development And Growth Of Nigeria
Problems Of Broadcasting In A Depressed Economy
Problems And Prospects Of Local Government Finance Accounting In Nigeria
Mortgage Banking And Contributions To Housing Development In Nigeria
Management Problems Of Petroleum Products In Nigeria
Impact Of News Commentaries On Radio Listeners
Management Problems Of Manufacturing Industries In Nigeria
Management Of Petroleum Product Security In Nigeria
Improving Sales Of Supermarket Through Effective Marketing Strategy
Impact Of Accounting Information System In A Manufacturing Company
Role Of Financial Accountability In A Public Limited Company
Impact Of Supervision On Effective Bank Management
Fraud Detection And Prevention In Banks
Hindrance To The Effective Performance Of Secretaries In The Labour Force
Impact Of Prudential Guidelines On The Services And Performances Of Banks
Evaluating The Effects Electronic Data Processing In Community Bank
Impact Of Accounting Information On Bank Lending
Fraud And Financial Malpractices As A Lending Factor To Business Failure
Fraud Prevention Detection And Control In Nigeria Banking Industry
Problems And Prospects Of Privatization And Commercialization In The Public Sector
Capital Investment Appraisal A Comparative Study Between Public And Private Companies
Distribution Of Bread In Enugu Metropolis Problems And Prospects


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