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Overcome Procrastination with these Important Tips

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Overcome Procrastination with these Tips

Almost everyone battles with the urge to procrastinate important things. Perhaps some people struggle with it more than others but the way out of falling in the pit of procrastination is the important part. A very large percentage of students are said to be procrastinators, this should not be too surprising since the habit seems to be a common human tendency, whether you are an adult or a youth. The problem of procrastination can stem from a number of factors, maybe the task to be done is too boring, difficult, not fun, takes long or way to approach it is not clear. By trying to avoid the pain of doing something we consider hard, we try to push it to another time, but the bottom line is that we don’t want to do it and would evade it altogether if not doing it wasn’t consequential at all, but most times, if not all the times, not doing things we should has consequences, hence the need to really get over nudge of procrastination. Perhaps when a task is underestimated unnecessarily and we overate our ability or the availability of time, then procrastination becomes easy to fall into. If you keep struggling with the problem of pushing important tasks forward until the eleventh hour or you end up missing out on carrying out some tasks, then you should consider going through the helps below:

Don’t Magnify the Pain

Most times what people are trying to do when they procrastinate is to avoid a certain kind of pain that they’ve attached to a task which they don’t want to do in their mind. If you think of a task as being too difficult or boring, you might scare yourself away from approaching the task. This doesn’t mean that you should be unrealistic about a difficult task and label it as easy when indeed it is hard, but don’t go the other extreme too of assuming that it’s almost impossible for you to face the task as and when you are supposed to. Tilt your mind-set to see the possibility of you actually starting that task, staying on it and completing it.

Excuses Aside, What Else?

If a task is supposed to be done now, and the people that ought to attend to it are not doing so, the reasons they are holding to why they are not doing what they should do, are likely going to be excuses. Excuses are the reasons that aid and justify procrastination most times. But when you take all the excuses and you put them aside, what other reason will you have not to do what you should? So if you take off the excuses about the task you have always been procrastinating, by trying to find a way around them in your mind you might find there’s really no solid reason why you should not carry out that task at the right time. Simply find a way of discarding every legitimate and strong excuse that comes to your mind.

Your Environment Matters

Imagine you want to read or study, but you are in a house where there is no one picking up any book to read, everyone is just playing around, eating, jesting, watching tv and using smartphones, how easy will it be for you to motivate yourself to study in such an environment? It might be a bit difficult. But then imagine that you are in a place where there are students like yourself, probably your very classmates, reading and studying seriously, something will likely rise up within you to reset you to study mode and it might be easier to deal with procrastination in such case than if you were in an environment that encourages you to be lazier without feeling bad about it. That is the power of your environment.

Disconnect Yourself from Distractions

If you are going to do what you should when you should, then you must know how to detach yourself from other things. Once you are able to identify what activity or task that should be the priority of the moment, that is what should have your time. You must master the art of detaching your mind, body and involvement from anything/anyone having your attention at such a time. Don’t enjoy a casual conversation to the point that you push doing your assignment or studying to another time all because you don’t want to leave the chat. Be principled enough to stop every other thing to attend to the priority of the moment, no matter how engrossed you are.

Attach a Specific Time to Your Tasks

If you keep pushing a task forward to another time thinking to yourself that you’ll do it someday without setting a specific time, you might just keep pushing it. Set a specific time for a specific task to be done and decide in your mind to do it at that time. When you set a specific time for an important task, work around your daily schedule to make sure you are ready to work at that time. If you need to rest before the time, rest, whatever you need to do before the time, do so that you will be mentally, psychological and physically ready for the task. In fact, you can decide to prepare your workspace before the time, just to make everything ready, this can also serve to reduce excuses.


To beat procrastination, find a way, somehow to just make sure you start the work or task you have to do. Getting yourself to at least start has solved a big part of the problem. By starting, you have been able to overcome the inertia that has made you reluctant to begin the work. Starting could be what you need to keep you going and to do the task. Don’t stay too long in the zone of contemplation, thinking on how you will do the task and not taking any action at all, stop thinking, start the task.

Consider the Consequences of Procrastination

Try to think about what you stand to lose if you don’t do what you are supposed to do. For example, if you are supposed to study for an important exam and you are somehow tempted not to study at the time you should, consider in your mind what that could lead to. That could lead to failure, and the failure will lead to regret and can cause embarrassment as well, the failure might impact significantly on your GP. When you think about the consequences of not doing what you should, it may well serve to make you reset yourself to do what is right at the right time.

Break Your Work into Bits

To help your mind accommodate the thought of carrying out a task, if it is a long and difficult task or just simply time consuming, then you could divide the whole chunk of the work into bits that you can do within a time span that won’t be too scary for your mind. Take breaks when you need to do.

The Difficult Tasks First

In order not to fall into the temptation to procrastinate difficult tasks after you have completed small tasks and your energy level is low already, try to do difficult task first. That way your fresh energy is spent to attend to the more demanding tasks before you go on to attend to smaller tasks.

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