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List of Interesting Educational Foundations Project Topics & Ideas for Beginners

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Educational Foundations Project Topics & Ideas

Educational Foundations — We have developed a compelling list of interesting Educational Foundations research project topics. These topics, when adequately executed, are guaranteed to get you a good grade in your final year project.

1. Effects of Rational-Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT) on Selfish Behaviours among In-school Adolescents in Rivers State.

2. Data Management Practices of Secondary School Administrators in Nsukka Education Zone of Enugu State.

3. Policy Framework for Private Sector Collaboration in the Development and Management of Nigerian Federal Universities.

4. Integrating Basic Primary Education Curriculum into Qur’Anic Education for Children in Minna, Niger State.

5. Influence of School Climate on Teachers’ Motivation in Secondary Schools in Enugu-East Education Zone of Enugu State.

6. Evaluation of Staff Personnel Administration in Universities in North Central Nigeria, 2007-2021.

7. Extent of the availability and use of instructional materials in teaching and learning social studies in Aba educational zone, Abia State.

8. Alternative Funding Potentials of Universities in South-East and South-South, Nigeria.

9. Influence of Divorce on Academic Achievement of Secondary Schools Students in Enugu Education Zone of Enugu State.

10. Principals’ Utilization of Supervisory Skills for Quality Assurance in Public Secondary Schools in South East, Nigeria.

11. Schoolheads’ Leadership Skills and School Climate as Determinants of Pupils’ Academic Achievement in Delta State.

12. Influence of Parenting Styles on In-School Adolescents’ Achievement Orientation and Academic Achievement in Secondary Schools in Enugu State.

13. Parental Achievement Orientation as Predictor of Self-Concept and Academic Self-Efficacy of in-School Adolescents in Enugu State, Nigeria.

14. Social Factors that Cause Disciplinary Problem in Secondary Schools in Nsukka Education Zone of Enugu State.

15. A Delphi Study on Management Information Systems (MIS) Model for Decision-Making in South-East Nigeria Universities.

16. Effects of Film-Modeling and Direct-Teaching Techniques on Self-Concept of Schooling Adolescents.

17. Impact of Gender Orientation on Achievement Behaviour, Academic Self-Concept and School Achievement of in-School Adolescents in Enugu State, Nigeria.

18. Influence of Televised Violence on Socio-Emotional and Academic Adjustment of Students in Federal Tertiary Institutions in Anambra State.

19. Environmental Determinants of Maladaptive Behaviours among Adolescents in Senior Secondary Schools in Nsukka Education Zone of Enugu State.

20. Influence of Teacher Characteristics on Interest and Achievement of Junior Secondary School Students in Social Studies in Nsukka Education Zone of Enugu State.

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