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List of Interesting Botany Project Topics & Ideas for Beginners

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Botany Project Topics & Ideas

Botany — We have developed a compelling list of interesting Botany research project topics. These topics, when adequately executed, are guaranteed to get you a good grade in your final year project.

1. Morphological Studies on Terminalia L. Growing in Nigeria with Emphasis on Anatomical Details of the Leaf and Stem of the Present-Day Terminalia Ivorensis A. Chev.

2. The Effect of Industrial Coconut Oil Effluent on the Growth, Development and Accumulation of Toxic Heavy Metals in the Leaf, Stem and Root Tissues of Corchorus Olitorius L.

3. Comparative Studies on the Effects of Two Rooting Substances on Rooting and Seedling Development of Mature Stem Cuttings of Crateva Adansonii DC (Capparaceae).

4. Production of Lipid and Bioethanol by Co-Culture of Chlorella Lewinii (Lc172265) and Kluyveromyces Marxianus (NCYC 2791).

5. Comparative Morphology, Anatomy and Palynology of Three Genera of the Apocynaceae in Nigeria.

6. The Effect of Industrial Coconut Oil Effluent (Ice) Irrigation on the Germination, Growth, Development and Anatomy of Talinum Fruticosum (L.) Juss.

7. Induction of Genetic Variability in Three Capsicum Annuum L. Cultivars using Gamma Irradiation.

8. Gaseous Profile and Air Pollution Tolerance Indices of Some Plants around the Gas Flaring Site in Umuebulu Community, Etche Local Government Area, Rivers State, Nigeria.

9. Comparative Morphology, Anatomy and Phytochemistry of Four (Two Specific And Two Infraspecific) Taxa of Mussaenda L. (Rubiaceae) Across Nsukka and Uyo Metropolises in Nigeria.

10. Water Quality and Algal Biodiversity of Ebonyi River, Udenu L.G.A, Enugu State, Nigeria.

11. In Vitro Regeneration of Treculia Africana Decne. from Embryo Explants on the Media of Murashige and Skoog (Ms) and Gamborg Et Al. (B5).

12. Growth, Development and Heavy Metal Uptake by Amaranthus Hybridus L. Polluted with Pharmaceutical Effluents.

13. Hydrocarbon Degradation and Heavy Metals Uptake By Senna Alata (L.) Roxb. in Soil Polluted with Spent Engine Oil.

14. Hydrocarbon Degradation and Accumulation Bysansevieria Liberica Gerome and Labroy Polluted with Crude Oil.

15. Nutrient requirements for in vitro propagation of ricinus communis L. zygotic embryo using the basal media of murashige and skoog, gamborg et al. And schenk and hildebrandt.

16. Comparatve studies on the heavy metal concentration in leaf, stem and root of corchorus olitorius l. Irrigated with sewage water and tap water respctively.

17. Comparative growth rates of three varieties of elaeis guineensis jacq. on the basal media of murashige and skoog, gamborg et al., and eeuwens.

18. Comparative phytochemical analyses of methanolic and aqueous leaf extracts of three medicinal plants used in plant disease control.

19. Effects of simulated crude oil contamination on the physicochemical properties and bacterial population of rhizosphere of sorghum vulgare pers.

20. Studies on the morphology, phenology and seed germination of pentaclethra macrophylla benth.

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