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List of Interesting African Languages Projects, Ideas & Topics for Beginners

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Interesting African Languages Projects, Ideas & Topics

African Languages — We have developed a compelling list of interesting African Languages research project topics. These topics, when adequately executed, are guaranteed to get you a good grade in your final year project.

1. Language use in diplomacy: A sociolinguistic appraisal of Nigeria – South Africa diplomacy.

2. Language use and modes of communication in Nsukka urban development projects.

3. Igbo plays for social advocacy: The study of obidiya and udo ka mma.

4. Sociolinguistic profiling of the use of abusive language in Nigeria: A print media perspective.

5. Translation of I.U. Nwadike’s adaeze into English.

6. Language contact and influence: Implications for Igala/Bassa-nge contact in Dekina local Government area, Kogi State.

7. Contrastive analysis of English and Ijo segmentals and suprasegmentals.

8. MmetỤta ebumpỤtaỤwa ỤmỤntakỊrỊ ahỤ zuruoke n’ime nkeỌma n’ ule asỤsỤ igbo n’ ỤlỌakwỤkwỌ sỊnỊỌ sekỌndỊrỊ na mpaghara steeti Igbo ise n’ỌwỤwa anyanwỤ NaỊjirỊa.

9. Argument structure of the Urhobo verb: A minimalist Approach.

10. Codes of communication: A sociolinguistic study of Ázụ́ọ́fū in Nomeh community.

11. The language needs of medical professionals in Nsukka metropolis.

12. Gender and power in Ubesie’s novels: A critical discourse analysis.

13. Male speech pattern in the plays of G.I. Nwaozuzu.

14. Death and funeral rites in Ovoko akpuruokwe Igbo in Igbo-Eze south local government area of Enugu State.

15. Mmeubara n’igbo.

16. Argument Structure of the Urhobo Verb: A Minimalist Approach.

17. Hiatus Resolution Strategies in TIV.

18. Translation of I.U. Nwadike’s Adaeze into English.

19. Igbo Plays for Social Advocacy: The Study of Obidiya and Udo Ka Mma.

20. A Sociolinguistic Study of Politeness Expression in Igbo: A Case Study Of Erq Xlq Speech Community.

21. A Comparative Study of Cleft Formation in the Syntax of Nsukka and Standard Igbo.

22. Codes of Communication: A Sociolinguistic Study of Ázụ́ọ́Fū in Nomeh Community.

23. Argument Structure of the Urhobo Verb: A Minimalist Approach.

24. A Comparative Study of Cleft Formation in the Syntax of Nsukka and Standard Igbo.

25. Igala Phonetics and Phonology: An Overview.

26. Content and Style of Igbo Hunting Poetry.

27. From Rule-Based To Constraint-Based Analysis Issues in English Suprasegmental Phonology.

28. The Ikpaja Oral Performance of Ndi Out Ofu Obi of Umuawulu.

29. Parameters of Intersegmental Co-Ordination in Igbo Speech Patterns: A Perceptual Analysis.

30. Antecedent-Anaphor Relations in Mbaise Dialect of Igbo.

31. Identification and Evaluation of Leadership Activities of Principals in Staff Personnel Administration in Nsukka Education Zone.

32. Terminology Planning in Nigerian Languages: A Case Study of the Hausa Language.

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