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Learn How to Boost Your Self-confidence: Best Tips

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How to Boost Your Self Confidence

A great self-confidence is always attractive, although many people suffer from low self-esteem. Self-confident people are able to maintain higher motivation for work, healthier relationships and can better socialize with others. Having the right doze of confidence enables a person to face day to day tasks and engagements. Good self-esteem will help you see yourself as being capable enough to handle situations that come your way, you also have a correct evaluation of others in comparison to yourself. You are not suffering from inferiority complex. Self-confidence is very essential in many ways, here are some tips on how you can improve on being self-confident.

1. Challenge Yourself to Do Hard Things

There probably are things you consider hard and difficult. Pick one thing you consider as scary or hard and challenge yourself to do it. If you are able to successfully conquer the fear of doing something that you’ve always considered too high for you, it will be a big boost to your self-confidence. After achieving one new feat, challenge yourself to another thing. When opportunities come to try new things that are seemingly difficult or scary, don’t run or dodge, give the thing a try. The message passed when you are able to do things you did not consider yourself able to do before is that nothing is impossible. You begin to see that there is more in you than you’ve ever imagined, and this boosts your confidence to face more things.

2. Dress Comfortably

Your dressing goes a long way in how you feel and how you carry yourself. If you put on a cloth that you are not comfortable in, maybe it’s too big, too bright or too extravagant, you may not be too confident, as you might just keep searching for validation from people. When you put on something that’s just okay for you – whether it’s simple or sophisticated, bright or cool, you should have an inner validation in yourself that the dress is okay and you are comfortable in it, then you’ll not be too self-conscious. Your confidence will be stable and not shaky. So, dress in a way you won’t have to be checking your clothes ten times or waiting for validating compliments from others.

 3. Know and Accept Yourself

One major reason why people can be low on self-confidence is the fact that they are yet to come to terms with themselves. They keep comparing themselves with other people they consider better I some way, either academically, socially, financially, physically or otherwise. Know why you are designed the way you are, if you are an introvert, understand why you are that way and why it’s the best for you, and if you are an extrovert, understand why also, your being able to understand some of the peculiarities about your nature, character and other things should lead you into appreciating yourself and feeling more comfortable in your own skin, even when you are not acting like some other people you admire.

4. Know That Confidence Is More Intrinsic Than External

Self-esteem, confidence and feeling good about yourself is more of how you perceive yourself in your mind, your value and your qualities. Understand that external things like height, skin colour, beauty and other outward things should not be the core of your self-esteem. You should not begin to suffer from inferiority complex because you admire tall people, but you are short or some other quality, it could be anything. Don’t allow things that shouldn’t dictate your confidence do that for you. Rather understand that it is more about your inner mindset.

5. Use Your Strengths/Improve on Your Weaknesses

Regardless of how talented, competent and gifted anyone is, there is no one who does not have weak points -things they are not just good at. The knowledge of the fact that everyone has strengths and weaknesses should make you to take a more realistic approach in evaluating yourself. Don’t expect yourself to be a superman in everything. Identify your strong points – things you can do easily and excellently, focus on those strengths, continue to build them until it’s obvious to people around you that you’ve mastered that skill. The very fact that there is at least one thing that you are very good at, gives you some level of self-esteem, not that there is nothing at all that you can do well. Put in effort to locate your strength and major on that. Also identify your weak points and build yourself bit by bit to be better at handling those weak points. You should also look out for character weaknesses in yourself and put in consistent and informed effort to overcome them. Always be in the business of grooming yourself into a better person and you’ll see your self-esteem get better.

6. Forgive Yourself

Sometimes low self-esteem may be rooted in past experiences and failures. You need to forgive yourself of ways you’ve disappointed yourself and others in the past and understand that your past failures do not mean that you are a total failure or that there isn’t anything meaningful that you could do again. Detach yourself from your past, emotionally, psychologically and physically if necessary, so that you can face life with fresh energy.

7. Help Others

Be there for your neighbours, friends, colleagues and people around you. Helping others in itself will make you feel good and can expose you to new things which could further build your competence and confidence in yourself. If you have to do for yourself something you’ve helped another person with before, you’ll likely have more confidence and knowledge to handle it than if you’ve never attempted it before.

8. Prepare

Preparation for anything, no matter how big or how small, can impact greatly on your confidence. When you’ve prepared adequately for a task, project, presentation or some other thing, you will be more confident in yourself about that thing than if you’re unprepared. When you are unprepared, fear and uncertainty will show up, there won’t be enough courage, and this will impact negatively on your confidence. So, confidence is not automatic, it is proportional to your competence. Prepare yourself, even when there is no major thing in sight that you are working towards, just keep adding value to yourself against the rainy day or the day of opportunity, so that you will have enough confidence to face the situation.

9. Cultivate a Good Personal Lifestyle/Culture

Ensure you don’t misuse or abuse yourself. Treat your body, mind and everything about you with honour and respect. Have a healthy eating habit, cultivate a proper and healthy sleeping habit. Ensure that your working habit is also okay, not such as will overuse your body. Abstain from taking hard drugs. Do regular exercise to keep fit. When you have a good personal culture that you maintain, your self-esteem will be helped.

10. Maintain a Good Posture

The way you carry yourself is important. Be deliberate about maintaining a confident posture. Straighten your shoulders, don’t always look down, look people in the face, smile and interact confidently.

As important as it is to build good self-esteem, also ensure that you don’t become overconfident, as this also has its consequences. Ensure you maintain the right balance.

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