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How to Write Acknowledgment for a Research Paper (Final Year Project)

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How to Write Acknowledgment for a Research Paper

The preparation of a final year project demands a lot from the student. Months of pouring over books, doing research, and receiving guidance from supervisors. It is a moment that generates tension in the whole family and friends who accompany the student in this stage of his/her life. When creating the acknowledgment section in your final year project, remember those who contributed to your work and supported your entire effort.

In our article, we will explain what the “acknowledgment” section is in a final year research paper and provide some templates to inspire you.

What are the acknowledgments in the research paper?

The acknowledgment part of a project is “written freely” in thanks to the people or institutions that made a difference at that time and contributed to the realization of your project. As an optional item in a project, the ideal is that the acknowledgments are objective. Although there is no limit on lines, avoid placing a line of thanks for each person you want to thank, so that the text does not get tiring. Instead, write a text where you can quote people’s names without leaving a structure.

What is the importance of acknowledgment?

As the acknowledgment is not a mandatory item and does not influence the note of the research, people prefer to dedicate themselves to the development of the final project and end up not worrying about acknowledgment. When you dedicate yourself to a project, you usually give up something. You need to cut down on family gatherings, going out with friends, and you can’t always pay attention to the people around you. They, in turn, understand your moment and try to give you the strength to be able to complete your research paper (project) and overcome another challenge.

Every project needs a supervisor to help you direct your work correctly. Also, throughout your graduation, some teachers must have helped you in some way. Just like the institutions where you did internships or volunteer work.

Did you notice that several people and institutions were connected to your life at that time? Why not thank them? This is the space that you have, within your graduation work, to recognize all those involved in it. Nothing more worthy!

Where to include and what is the format of the acknowledgments?

The acknowledgment must come after the dedication. The formatting must obey the same criteria as the other parts of the project:

The font must be Arial, in size 10 or Times New Roman, in size 12.
5 spacing between lines.
The text must be justified.
Centralized “Thanks” title, in capital letters and bold.
The acknowledgment page must appear at the beginning of the project and has no numbering.
How to create acknowledgment?

As it is a free-writing script, the rules are only restricted to formatting. The ideal is that it is not long, but that allows you to thank everyone within a single text. But you can write a text for each group. Example a text aimed at the whole family and friends, another aimed at teachers, at the University, at God or another spiritual entity, and many others.

Ready-made templates for acknowledgment

If you have no idea how to write an acknowledgment in your text, in our article, we have some templates that can serve as a reference for you. They can be modified as needed. Check them out below:

1. Ideal template

I thank my mother _________ who was always by my side and was my biggest supporter. To my father __________ who struggled for years to provide the best education for his children. To my __________ and ___________ brothers who believed in my dream and gave me strength every day. To my nephews who respected my moments of seclusion, thanks for the affection. _________, thank you for being my partner and understanding my dedication. I thank my dear teachers who dedicated themselves to teaching and sharing all their knowledge. Special thanks to the teacher ___________ who made all the difference in the orientation of my project. I can’t help but thank those who opened the door to your space to help me, especially the staff of the Library and ____________ departments.

2. Mixed template

I want to thank my parents and siblings, who with great affection and support, went to great lengths to make my dream come true. To my boyfriend/spouse _________, who was a great partner at my side. Without you, everything would be more difficult. I thank my supervisor __________ for the dedication and patience in guiding my research paper. I am grateful to all the teachers who were very important in my academic life. To friends and colleagues for the strength and support that everything worked out.

We thank our family members who have supported us so far and who has been our source of inspiration. We are grateful to the University/Faculty colleagues who fought with us every day. To friends who didn’t let fatigue beat us. To our masters who followed our entire trajectory within the __________ course. To our advisors ______ and _________ who were tireless in their orientations, research and reviews. Many thanks to the University/Faculty __________ for providing us with the best educational environment. We thank God who gave us strength and enabled us to realize that dream.
3. Template to all

I thank my parents ______ and ______, my greatest motivators. I am grateful for the encouragement, and all the daily prayers that you have dedicated to me. Thank you for always being by my side! To my brothers ______ and ________ who supported me and always gave me a word of encouragement. I thank all my family members who cheered for me. I am grateful to my dear teachers who accompanied my studies during these __ years and, in particular, to my supervisor _______ for all the support, attention, and dedication to guide me in the course of writing this project. You inspired me to become a better professional every day. Thanks to friends and colleagues who gave me the support I needed to get here. My thanks to God for the gift of life and his infinite love.

4. Template for family and friends

I thank my parents ___________, who provided me with the best education and fought for me to be completing this stage of my life. I know how much you donated to make that dream come true. To my beloved brothers, nephews, uncles, grandparents, cousins ​​who understood my absence, followed my dedication, and cheered for me. I am grateful to my boyfriend (__________), who supported me at all times, knew how to understand when I could not be there, and gave me the strength to overcome this stage of my life. Thanks to my dear friends who did not allow me to give up. This work belongs to all of you too!

5. Template of appreciation for teachers

I thank all the masters of the ___________ course who shared their knowledge in the classroom and followed my journey as a university student. I am especially grateful to the professors __________ and _________ who were my mentors, helped me with research, and revised my project.

6. Template for acknowledgment to the University

I am grateful to the ___________ University/Faculty that gave me the opportunity to study __________ at this renowned institution. Thank you for providing a healthy environment for all students, as well as encouraging creativity, interaction, and participation in academic activities. I am grateful to the entire faculty, to the direction and administration of this institution.

7. Template for an internship company

I am grateful to the company _______________ that allowed me to know their work through the supervised internship. Thank you for teaching me in practice all the knowledge I acquired in college.

 8. Template of acknowledgement to God

I thank God from the first moment I was blessed to pass the entrance exam. Thank you for giving me the strength, focus, and faith that have accompanied me over the years and that have not allowed me to give up. I will be forever grateful to God for all the blessings on my family and for providing tranquillity to the hearts of those who have followed my academic trajectory.

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