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By ijectmaster Blogger, Posted on 19-04-20

A project proposal
is an outlined description of different activities geared towards solving a
certain problem in a bit to gain success over the problem afterwards.

Most undergraduate
are expected to propose a final year , which will help to
stimulate further studies.

jects help to
provide final year students and others logical presentation of gathered ideas,
it  also shows the relationship of past
action as well as articulate the activities for proposed project.

A good project
should consist of the Following factors

1. ject
planning: plan ahead to get a good , explore to be certain that
the topic is viable and there will be sustainability.

2. Make it a team
work, if other people are involved in the project.

3. The project
proposal should be realistic in terms of set time and the aim of the proposal.

4. There should be
no use of abbreviation, initials nor jargons when writing the project proposal.

5. A clear concise
and readable format should be used

6. There should be
employment of action words in the proposal to show readiness of the proposal
proposer or writer.



–     Decide on the
problem to tackle and come up with a good idea

–     Identify your
funding channel especially for money gulping project.

–     Approach your
sponsors if any on time to ascertain commitment on their part.

–     Build a project
team, if the project needs more people, find more responsible partners and
appoint a head with a good reputation.

–     Play active part
in most decision making, so as to achieve the desired goal

–     Finally, hold a
kick-off meeting with your supervisor or team head, then lastly with all



A project proposal
should have the following headings for easy navigation

Title page: A good
project format must have a project title, the date of project and if possible
the name of the sponsors or donor agency.


ject title: The
project proposal title should be short and straight to the point and outline
the main project activity.

Abstract : There
should always be a short summary of the whole project, since must readers may
not patient enough to assess the whole project proposal. Abstract should take
limited lines and straight to the point.

Emphasized on the relevant data from the research carried out and don’t dwell
on irrelevancies.

justification: A proposal project format should include reasons for the project
this heading should include problem statement, priority needs, the aims of the
projects and ways of solving problems.

Target group: The
format should show the size and features of the target groups.

Implementation: The format should also outline the activities, ally an
overview of people or a person involved in the project, when the project will
be begin, where or location of the project activities and how it will be
carried out to a conclusion.

Budget: The format
should systematically detailed the proposal expected income and expenditure to
be expended during and after the specified proposal period.

Monitoring and
Evaluation: The format should have a monitoring and Evaluation subheading,
which will indicate the progress of the project so far and if some methods are
not working as desired a more viable method could be adopted.

Reporting: A
project proposal format must accommodate the reporting heading to ascertain the
final progress, which will give a proper feedback on the project i.e if the
project is positively received or not.

rs and Personnel Heading: The format used
should provide space to outline the people involved in the project work. Their
various names and roles if it was a group work or just the proposer name and
roles for the individual

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