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Helpful Tips to Help Maintain Your Health in School

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Tips to Help Maintain Your Health in School

It goes without saying that health is wealth. In many ways, health is very important. There’ll be no point to sleepless nights, hours of studying, running from one class to the other if at the exam period the student is unable to participate due to sickness. As important as being healthy is, one may be too carried away with the numerous day to day activities, not paying necessary attention to it, until it gives a yellow or red signal. Instead of allowing yourself to break down or get sick, having to spend more money on drugs or treatment or missing an important test or exam, why not take necessary precautions and imbibe a healthy living culture. Below are some tips to help you manage your health as a student.

1. Practice Hygiene

Especially for those who have a history with being rough, dirty or unkempt, it is very easy to ignore rules of hygiene, personally and in dealing with others. The campus environment is a very populous place, with different types of people, you likely don’t have an idea what diseases others may have, it is better to be safe than sorry, so maintain hygiene. Watch how you use general toilets and the likes. You may not have any health challenge or disease, don’t assume every other person is so. For example you should not just pick up items like combs, nail cutters and the likes belonging to maybe a friend or your roommate and just use it. You also have to be careful about how you allow others use sensitive items belonging to you.

2. Keep a Clean Environment

It may be impossible for you to make everywhere clean within the hostel or where you live due to the fact that you are not the only one living there or occupying the place, but you should ensure that as much as possible, everywhere near you and everything around you is kept clean.

3. Store Your Foodstuffs Safely

Where and how you keep your foodstuffs is very important. If your foodstuffs are exposed to rats, cockroaches and the likes, it is risky to your health. These animals could serve as disease carriers, therefore keep your foodstuffs very far away from the reach of these animals. If your cupboard or store is not safe enough, then you might want to have an enclosed container that cannot be penetrated by rats, cockroaches and the likes.

4. Plan and Cook Your Meals

The temptation is there to get used to buying food from restaurants due to the different activities you may have to attend to, but it is safer to cook your meals yourself. Some of the meals sold in those places are not healthy enough, they may be over-spiced to make the taste good, or the hygiene involved in preparing the food may be very poor, also you cannot be too sure of the quality of those meals, you may not even have an idea where they order their meats or other things used from. But when you cook for yourself, you are aware of the source of whatever you’re using and you are also conscious of how you go about the cooking. But without planning adequately and being deliberate, you may not be able to cook for yourself consistently, therefore it is important that you see what schedule works best for you as to when and how many times you want to make meals daily.

5. Sleep and Rest Well

Rest is a very indispensable part of your overall wellbeing. If you deprive your body of necessary sleep or rest because of work, study or other things, you will still have to pay for it, because nature cannot be cheated. If you are the workaholic type, then you must be more deliberate about when to give your body necessary rest. Don’t go on working till you break down. Your brain and your body in general need rest and good sleep, so it’s significant to your mental and physical health. If you’ll need to set a time of the day when you should go to sleep, do it, this will also help you to wake up at the right time. Ensure you use your bed when you sleep, don’t cultivate a bad sleeping culture, as much as possible, sleep in a comfortable way, that way the sleep can have optimal impact.

6. Exercise

Early morning jogging, going to the gym regularly or strolling are some exercise you could involve in. For people who love sport and exercise, this may be a lifestyle already, but otherwise, you will have to be determined and deliberate enough to bring exercise into your personal culture. Try to have a schedule for it and do it regularly. This will help you to keep fit and can also impact on your mental health positively.

7. Take Enough Water

While you may like to buy cold drinks, juices and the likes, water is very beneficial to your health. Some of the drinks may contain high sugar level that’s not helpful for your health. Water can help your body in so many ways. It serves to flush out things from your body system, it keeps you hydrated, and cools you down on sunny days. Endeavour to always have a bottle of water with you and cultivate the habit of drinking it regularly. It will really help you to stay healthy.

8. Avoid Junks

Avoid taking junks, and if you can’t avoid it altogether, limit your intake of those snacks, candy, fast foods, carbonated beverages and the likes. Instead feed more on fruits and vegetables. Make a habit of taking fruits instead of junks, as much as possible, eat good vegetables. You could make do with fruits like carrot, cucumber, orange, banana, avocado etc. You can also take grains and nuts like date palm, tiger nuts. All these are things that are beneficial to health which can be used to replace the massive intake of junks.

9. Avoid Hard Drugs/Substance Usage

Maintaining your health is in many ways your personal responsibility, inasmuch as there are practices to imbibe, there are also things to avoid. Taking hard drugs or substances like marijuana, weed, cannabis, strong substances or alcohol just to feel high, heighten performance or to avoid depression for a little while is not healthy. Even the normal drugs have their side effects, how much more hard substances. Hard drugs can be addictive, you become dependent on the hard drugs and when you can’t get them you are not normal, you are restless. Addiction can have side effects like memory issues, problem with attention and decision making, brain damage, seizures, etc.

10. Be Selective About Your Engagements

It is important that you know when to say no to certain engagements if you feel they’ll be too much for you. Don’t overstress yourself by being here and there all the time. Select the right activities to involve in. You should have time for yourself to refresh, have fun and relax.

11. Check Up Regularly on Tips for Healthy Living

You can check up on reliable advice and tips on the internet and offline on how to improve your health generally and as a student as well.

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