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Every stage of life has its own set of problems, some of which are inherited and can be minimized, while others are not and have solutions, but due to man's inability to keep problems at bay, life is surrounded at some point. As a result of their lack of interest in their academic work, Nigerian students face a number of problems that have an impact on their academic performance.

Furthermore, insecurity is a that students in tertiary institutions face; secret cult members pose a threat to a number of students who are not members of them; a large number of students have been injured, while others have died.

Ndagi () defines teaching practice as “the teaching in which those training for teaching or any work are engaged in a specified period of time after graduation under the supervision of a supervisor or supervisor guiding, directing, and assessing trainee teachers.” Before beginning to teach, some student teachers study under a master craftsman who is also a classroom teacher.

It is a very important scheme that has been in place since the introduction of education courses in teacher training certificates (T. T. C.), Nigeria Certificate in Education (N. C. E.), program makes teaching practice compulsory and no candidate is awarded certificate until teaching practice like house-manship in the training by medical doctors is the most important e1lement in the professional training of teachers worldwide.

The value of teaching practice in a teacher education program cannot be overstated. It is the critical period of the theoretical concept in translating theory into practice, and the student teachers have faced numerous challenges that they have overcome in order for effective teaching and learning to take place. As a result, this research will attempt to discuss and investigate the difficulties that student teachers face before suggesting ways to improve the teaching practice exercise.


Student teachers encountered some issues during their teaching practice (finance, material) in our schools because they were not well taught or made aware of the importance of this program and the potential problems they might face during the exercise. In some cases, this indicates that they are uninterested in the teaching profession. In order to achieve the goal of teaching in Nigeria.

The ministry of education at all levels of government will be required to find solutions to the problem encountered by student teachers during the teaching practice exercise. Such issues include a lack of instructional , incentives, housing, and office facilities for student teachers, a heavy workload assigned to student teachers, a lack of cooperation from their practicing schools, a negative attitude among students toward student teachers, and difficulty on the part of the student teacher to effectively manage his class, among others. The problem of study is the extent to which these problems are addressed and recommendations made.


These issues are limited to student teachers during teaching practice, and they are shared by all student teachers in Nigerian schools.


The following are the study's objectives:

1. Investigate the various methods used by student teachers during their classroom practice.

2. To investigate the difficulties encountered by student teachers during their teaching practice.

3. To propose potential solutions to problems encountered by student teachers during teaching practices in our schools.


The research will significantly improve the quality of teaching practice exercises. The students become significant because it highlights the issues that control student teachers in their teaching practice and how these issues can be resolved. The findings will be extremely valuable to the government, students, and school administrators. The government will be aware of the issues that student teachers face when they go on teaching practice, allowing them to provide adequate facilities to schools.

It will also help student teachers realize some of the problems they are likely to face during the teaching practice exercise and prepare themselves for the problems before they go out on the task. This work will also help supervisors and teaching practice organizers understand the difficulties that student teachers face during teaching practices.


The following research questions underpinned the study in this Research Project.

1. Do the practice schools provide the necessary teaching facilities for student teachers?

2. Are student teachers given a work load that they can handle in their practicum schools?

3. Is the lack of accommodation a problem for student teachers?

4. Is the lack of office facilities for student teachers a problem they face during the teaching practice exercise?

5. Do schools provide incentives to student teachers?

6. Do student teachers find it easy to maintain control over their students in practice schools?

7. Do student teachers find it simple to write a lesson plan?


Incentive: a monetary or material reward given to student teachers.

Discussion methods are instructional methods in which students and teachers exchange ideas in order to gain a better understanding of a topic. It can be an entire period or a portion of a lesson.

The act of imparting knowledge from one person to another or a group of people is referred to as teaching.

Learning means gaining knowledge of a skill through study. Being taught or practicing (Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary).

The lecture method is one of the most commonly used methods of teaching. The teacher speaks to the students continuously and takes notes on facts or ideas that are relevant to the lesson being taught.



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