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This project study focuses on the effect of packaging on consumer product sales through a survey of Guinness Nigeria Plc in City. Its goal is to examine the influence of packaging, which includes branding a product cover for aesthetic or preservation purposes. This work's research focuses on determining the significance of packaging in a firm's market value and how packaging influences a product's marketing power.

Data were acquired using both a questionnaire and an oral interview. The collected data were carefully analysed using statistical methods such as chi-square and simple percentage method.

Based on the , the following conclusions were reached: packaging of consumer affects their identification, packaging of consumer products serves both promotional and preservation purposes, and finally, packaging enhances the marketing force of consumer products.

It then concluded that packaging was used strategically to make consumer products more marketable. The following were then recommended to consumer product producers: adequate attention should be given to product packaging because packaging is positively related to sales;

policy should expressly specify the goal of packaging so that it would be well understood by the various levels of her workforce; and finally, companies should ensure that the quality of their product commensurate with the description on the product packaging so as to

Chapter one


1.1 Background for the Study

Packaging has a significant influence or impact on the lives of humans and products alike. Most physical things must be packaged and labelled. Some packages, such as the coke bottle and egg carton, are globally famous. Many marketers refer to packaging as the fifth “P” after product, location, , and promotion.

Most manufacturing businesses nowadays use high-tech equipment and procedures in the design and production of products, which are not considered until a suitable package has been designed and produced for them. The package here focuses on marketing along the production channel of consumer goods/products.

Packaging has evolved into a powerful marketing tool that, when properly designed, can provide convenience and promotional value. It is critical that any sort of packaging protects the product from damage, pilferage, and deterioration throughout the sales channel and throughout use.

Most consumer products must be packaged in some type of container if they are to be heavily advertised with its inherent handling method and technique across the sales channel. The research study will be justified by determining whether the customer has been advised for improvement.

Furthermore, a product is made up of two independent components: the product content and the packaging itself. However, at this point, more attention should be paid to the vital aspect of packaging, which is currently playing a role in consumer product sales.

It is critical to correctly package a product in order to protect it from all external factors that may on it while in transit. However, an organisation should not overpack their product. A product's packaging serves both protective and promotional purposes.

The impact of packaging on consumer product sales has recently expanded dramatically. It might be difficult to discern if packaging's protective function should take precedence over its promotional function.

Most businesses considered packaging as simply a container for physical products, not realising the potential marketing value of product packaging, particularly its role as a promotional tool.

Because of the increased importance that packaging now carries, this function in marketing is no longer considered anyone's job. Most organisations today rely on qualified product managers or marketing specialists to handle product packaging.

Furthermore, the impact of packaging on consumer product sales can be determined by examining the negative effect of inadequate packaging on a product. It will not only harm the product image in the long run, but it may also produce stigma on the product as well as unhappiness along the intermediary channel.

1.2 Statement of Research Problem

The goal of this study is to determine the impact of packaging on consumer goods sales. Guinness Nigeria Plc, Benin City, was chosen as a study unit to attain this goal and make its findings more useful in practical applications. To that purpose, the following questions are relevant.

Does packaging have a substantial impact on the consumer's desire to buy a specific product?

Is a high level of skill required to create successful product packaging for consumer products?

What impact does packaging have on the value of consumer products?


This is intended to achieve the following aims.

i. Determine whether packaging influences consumer products sales.

ii. Determine whether a product's packaging determines its pricing.

iii. Determine whether packaging plays any influence in the promotion and protection of a product.


The goal of this experiment is to evaluate how packaging affects consumer goods sales. The research question aims to determine the efficiency and efficacy of packing in the following ways:

i. Does packaging influence consumer product sales?

ii. Does packaging affect product pricing?

iii. Does packaging play a role in the promotion and protection of products?

1.5 Statement of

The statement of the hypothesis from the project work is as follows:

HO: Packaging has no substantial impact on the sales of consumer products.

HO: Consumer goods prices are unaffected by packaging.

HO: Packaging has no significant part in the promotion and protection of the company's products.

1.6 Scope of the Study

The study is primarily concerned with the effect of packaging on consumer product sales, and the researcher focused on Guinness Nigeria Plc in Benin City.
In addition, the research study focuses on the impact of product acceptance and pricing on consumer product packaging.

1.7 Significance of the Study

The impact of packaging on consumer product sales cannot be overstated, since customers make quick decisions regarding products based on their packaging.

A product's packaging communicates its brand, image, and usage while taking into account current dynamics and human want/need. As a manufacturing organisation, Guinness Nigeria Plc must understand the importance of packaging.

1.8 Limitations of the Study

The researcher was bound by the following while doing this investigation.

Respondents' nonchalant attitude towards delivering essential answers or information to the queries asked.

The case study employed in this study may not be a genuine representative of other firms, as generalisation of the results in this study may not accurately reflect the true situation.

1.9 Operational Definition of Terms

Packaging refers to the general group of tasks in product planning that include designing and manufacturing a product's wrapper. Packaging is also the material used to wrap or manufacture goods sold in shops and stores.

Sales: This is the general activity of giving a product to a buyer in exchange for a price.

Person Selling: This is the interaction between a seller and a buyer with the goal of enabling exchange for the mutual benefit of both parties. It can also be defined as an oral presentation in a conversation with one or more prospective buyers with the goal of making a sale.

Marketing is the managerial process of finding, predicting, and successfully addressing client needs. Marketing is looking at the firm from the perspective of the customer in order to maximise profits. Marketing is a human activity aimed at satisfying needs and desires through the exchange process.

Consumer: A consumer is an individual who purchases a product from a retail shop and uses it in their various residences, whereas individual business or institutional consumers typically buy for resale or additional manufacturing to be sold to end users.

A product is anything that can be presented to a market for consideration, acquisition, or consumption. It encompasses physical goods, services, people, locations, organisations, and ideas.

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