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The study focuses on successful promoting tactics for hairdressing salon operations in Enugu metropolis, with a specific emphasis on after8 saloon – Neo Haven.

The study’s aims are:

To determine the profitability of the promotional techniques used by After 8 Hairdressing Salon.

To assess the impact of public relations strategies used by After 8 Saloon in Enugu metropolis to raise client awareness of their services.

Based on this, four hypotheses were developed, each concentrating on the influence of a unique advertising strategy.

Data were sound from two main sources: primary and secondary data.

There were extensive literature reviews of textbooks. The population includes management, relevant workers, and informers of after 8 hair dressing.

The data acquired was presented, analysed, and interpreted using tables, frequencies, and percentages, with the hypothesis evaluated using rising chi-square.

Based on the analysis, the following conclusions were reached:

That hairdressing saloon, including the cace organisation, have yet to fully comprehend the need of establishing an optimal combination of promotional strategies to increase its performance.

That public relations has a good impact on client patronage, yet billboards are badly designed and not strategically located.

In light of the foregoing findings, the following recommendations were made:

Aside from billboards, advertising on radio and newspapers should be used. The advertising message should be based on the quality of the service provided, availability, and reasonable cost.

Other promotional efforts, such as sales promotion, public relations, publicity, and personal selling, should be carefully combined to improve performance.

The researchers believed that if the recommendations were prudently adopted, the case organisation would be able to better serve its customers while making a profit.Chapter one

1.1 Background of the Study

According to Ebne (1990pl), if you make the best product, package it wonderfully, price it correctly, distribute it effectively, and position it to best match the wants of clients, you have wasted all of your marketing expertise if no one knows you did so.

Adirika E, Ebne B., and Nnohm D. (1996p35) define promotion as the component utilised by an organisation to inform, educate, and persuade the market about its goods. The key promotional variables include advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, publicity, and public relations.

Promotion is a critical component of survival and development; without appropriate promotion, products may fail to sell, and even when they do, their long-term viability is uncertain.

The art and science of marketing promotion, which includes advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, public relations, and direct marketing, is sometimes connected with flamboyance.

In fact, in order to compete in today’s competitive marketing environment, several organisations spend the majority of their budget on promotions.

According to Coppo J. (1982 p21), promotional materials are the most effective means of competition and the only way for a market researcher to break into an established market. He went on to say that in order for a company to succeed in a competitive market, it must recognise the value of promotion.

Modern marketing firms are increasingly recognising the importance of a successful communication and promotion campaign for the general audience. This contains companies that offer hairdressing services.

According to Olakunori (19998 214), the success of a corporation in a society of imperfect competition is heavily reliant on the reflectiveness and effectiveness of marketing promotional operations.

The Emerson idea is widely seen as deceptive in today’s world of noise and competitiveness. He emphasises the importance of companies blowing their own trumpets. According to Ebne, modern marketing goes beyond simply manufacturing a good product, pricing it attractively, and making it available to target people.

The company must communicate with its target audience, tell compelling stories, and spread information about the products’ existence, features, terms, and benefits to the target market.

After 8 Hairdressing Salon is a popular salon in the Enugu metropolis. The saloon began operations in 1985, with a staff of size. The owner/managing director is from Accra, Ghana.

The corporation was not heavily involved in promotional operations. The only apparent promotion is the installation of a signboard, which serves merely to identify the location of the business premises.

Put simply, there is a need to evaluate the company’s promotional activities in light of the industry’s increasing rivalry. Manufacturers and manufacturers of goods and services are now aware that promotion does more than just inform and persuade; it also aims to enhance sales and profit.

Given the importance of advertising, the researcher intends to evaluate promotional tactics of hairdressing salons in Enugu city, using After 8 as a case study.

1.2 Statement of Problem

Entrepreneurs frequently attribute their failure to a lack of sales. A thorough examination of their circumstances frequently reveals woeful ignorance of the requirement for promotional expertise or willful disregard for the importance of coordinated promoting methods.

Hairdressing salons are frequently overly optimistic about sales (patronage), believing that their products would sell themselves, despite the fact that even the best products and services must be encouraged in order to move out of the stores. In reality, developing efficient promotional methods is an important step towards generating a market.

The preceding situation applies similarly to after 8 hair dressing saloon, despite the various benefits inherent in effective promotion and the fact that the proverb “if you don’t say I am, nobody will say you are still” is quite timely.

The availability of promotional facilities, the need to utilise promotion to increase competition in this business, and the employment of coordinated/affective promotional tools by After 8 Saloon in its operation are all obvious and have a detrimental impact on its operation.

In light of the foregoing, the researcher attempted to evaluate the promotion of hairdressing salons in Enugu city, with a particular focus on after 8 saloons.


(1) To determine the extent to which hair salon owners in Enugu metropolitan are aware of promotional tools.

(2) To assess the effectiveness of advertising in raising consumer awareness of after 8 hairdressing salon services in Enugu city.

(3) To determine the influence of public relations practiced by After 8 saloon in Eungu metropolis on customers’ patronage.

(4) Determine the influence of direct marketing on consumer patronage at after 8 saloons in Enugu metropolis.

(5) Evaluate the promotional techniques used by After 8 Saloon in Enugu. Metropolis has boosted its profitability.

1.4 Scope of the Study

The study’s scope focuses on “Effective promotional strategies for the operation of a hairdressing saloon in Enugu metropolis.”A case study from after 8 saloons.


To what extent do After8 Hairdressing Saloon’s advertising efforts raise client knowledge of their services?

Has the public relations strategy used by After 8 Saloon helped to increase customer traffic?

Do the personal techniques used by after8 saloon in Enugu metropolis have a good impact on consumer patronage?

Has the After 8 Saloon’s employment of promotional methods helped to boost its profitability?

1.6 Formulation of the Hypothesis

The following hypotheses were proposed and tested.

H01: The advertising methods used by after8 hairdressing salon in Enugu metropolitan do not raise customer awareness of their services.

H02: The public relations methods used by after8 saloon in Enugu metropolis did not aid to improve client traffic.

H03: Personal selling tactics used by After 8 Saloon in Enugu metropolitan have no positive impact on consumer patronage.

H04: The promotional techniques implemented by did not boost their profitability.

1.7 Significance of Study

The study would be extremely beneficial to the operations of any hairdressing salon and other connected companies. The analysis will reveal some of the most cost-effective and efficient promotional game ideas that may be implemented to improve the performance of after8 saloon and other similar sectors.

The study would also assist After8 Saloon in improving their operations in the Enugu city. Customers that visit after 8 p.m. will be better informed and educated about more than just their services.

The study will serve as a source of documentation for readers who may find the study useful. Above all, the study will benefit the researcher because it will provide the researcher with an in-depth knowledge and awareness of the region, which could spark subsequent research.

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