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Chapter one


1.1 Background of the Study

Today, organisations place a high value on their people. A lot of work is expended in order to achieve, maintain, and motivate them. The typical job of an employee is no longer effective, and organisations are seeking new methods to operate.

A competitive staff is essential for organisational success. To remain competitive, organisations attempt to connect organisational strategies and objectives with employee behaviours.

Employee performance refers to how employees meet organisational goals and link their interpersonal behaviours to organisational norms.

The office atmosphere influences employee performance. The office environment has a significant impact on employee performance, either negatively or positively (Chandrasekar, 2001).

Over the previous few decades, the office workers’ work environment has altered as a result of changes in numerous elements such as the social environment, information technology, and flexible ways of organising work processes (Hasun & Maklibug, 2005).

A lot of previous study has been focused on the topic of employee performance. Employee performance has been linked to a variety of qualities, including conscientiousness, openness to experience, agreeableness, and emotional stability.

The term “environment” literally means “surroundings,” and it refers to all of the factors that influence a person’s existence. A working environment is an atmosphere in which individuals collaborate to achieve organisational goals.

It refers to all of the systems, procedures, structures, and instruments that engage with people and have an impact on their performance, whether positively or negatively.

It can also be described as the site where a task is done. When evaluating a place of employment, the work environment includes both the physical geographical location and the immediate surrounds of the workplace, such as construction size or office building.

According to Boles et al. (2004), employees are physically and emotionally motivated to work. Then their performance outcomes will be improved. Furthermore, they claimed that having a proper workplace atmosphere.

It aids in the reduction of absenteeism, which in turn can improve employee performance, resulting in increased workplace productivity.

In this regard, research should be conducted to identify the primary contributor to employee performance and to investigate how the workplace environment, specifically job aid, supervisor support or relationship, and physical work environment, affects employee performance at work.

The idea of “workplace performance” refers to the workplace characteristics that businesses supply to their employees in order to support their success at work (Clement-Croome, 2006). High employee performance will boost the company’s profit.

Most ministries have a dangerous and unhealthy workplace environment. These include poorly built workstations, inadequate furniture, insufficient ventilation, incorrect lighting, excessive noise,

insufficient fire safety measures, and a lack of personal protective equipment. People who work in such environments are more likely to develop occupational diseases, which have an impact on employee performance. Consequently, the workplace environment reduces productivity.

1.2 Statement of Problem

The study was done to determine how employees’ performance can be improved by creating a positive work environment. The concerns of an unsuitable working environment, together with how workers perform in ministries, are gaining increased serious attention from the state.

Some of the reviewed studies conducted by the Akwa Ibom State Civil Service Commission examined worker performance and working environment factors, with limited information on the role of working environment and worker performance

particularly how working environment affects availability, competence, productivity, and responsiveness as they affect elements of performance in the commission.

However, when employees’ expectations of a workplace environment change dramatically, their performance suffers. As a result, they lack motivation to give their all.

On that basis, this research is intended to address important difficulties that employees face in the workplace. The study will also look for solutions on how to develop and sustain a work climate that encourages people to perform at their best in order to improve organisational growth.

1.3 Objectives of the Study

The primary goal of this study is to investigate the impact of work environment on employee performance. To be precise, the study paper would strive to accomplish the following objectives:

To determine the relationship between the work environment and employee performance.

To analyse workplace elements influencing employee performance.

To investigate if a good work environment may increase exceptional employees’ performance.

To advise steps to improve working circumstances in order to achieve improved performance.

To suggest solutions to situations in which the work environment affects employee performance.

1.4 Research Questions.

To perform significant research, the following study-related questions were asked:

Do employees who work in a conducive atmosphere outperform those who operate in a dangerous workplace?

To what extent do workplace issues affect employee performance?

Can a pleasant work environment motivate individuals to perform at their best?

To what extent does a better work environment influence employee performance?

1.5 Research Hypotheses.

To more precisely answer the question above in section 1.4 and achieve the research work’s aim, the following statement of hypotheses is established as a guide for this research activity.

The alternative hypothesis is written as “H1” while the null hypothesis is marked as “Ho”.

Hypothesis One: Ho: A positive work environment does not lead to optimal employee performance.

H1: A healthy work environment encourages employees to perform at their best.

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