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A system, which has many definitions, can be thought of as a collection of a computer’s hardware and software.

According to Stella C. Chiemeke and Franca A. Egbokdara (2006), a system is a collection of components that work together to achieve a common goal. In another meaning, a system is a collection of interconnected or crossing pieces that form a cohesive whole.

In the present era, computers have proven their existence.The introduction of computers in our culture sparked much concern about the dangers they bring to society.

Critics of computers and new techniques express concern about how computers will displace and replace all human skills, resulting in mass unemployment.

However, the presence of computers in virtually every field of today’s fast life has proven the critic wrong, as the invention of computers and new technologies continues to create additional jobs for those who identify with computers and new technology. This makes computers partners with humans in all areas of human endeavour.

“Decisions are primarily based on beliefs and experience. In recent years, efforts have been made to incorporate intelligence into computer systems, allowing the computer to process enormous amounts of structured and unstructured data for decision making.Said Uzoka in Hampo, J.A. (2011).

This system, DIGITAL DIARY, is a windowed system. It is an electronic and computerised method of maintaining periodic records, arranging appointments, and reminding people, among other things.

This personal digital diary can be used by more than one person while maintaining complete privacy and security. This is in contrast to the manual personal diary, which is used by only one person and has no privacy or data security. This system can be accessed using only a password and login.

Background of the study

In the present era, computers have proven their existence. From sleeping and eating to exercising and travelling, technology today allows us to monitor and analyse every aspect of our life.

Almost everything in life has been digitalized or mechanised as a result of the advancement of computing technology and evolved minds. Notably, many people’s social lives are now automated through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and TalkDeyGo.

“A diary is a record (originally in the handwritten format) with discrete entries arranged by date, reporting what has happened over the course of a day or a given period” , according to Wikipedia, a free encyclopaedia.

As previously stated, a diary is a periodic or daily record with distinct entries. Diaries come in a variety of forms and types, ranging from personal diaries (which may include a person’s experience, thoughts, or feelings, as well as daily commentary on current events beyond the writer’s direct experience) to travel diaries, diet diaries, dream diaries, and so on.

A diarist is someone who is responsible for keeping a diary safe. According to Wikipedia, it is just “someone who keeps a diary”. Samuel Pepy (1633-1703) is the earliest well-known diarist, and his diary, which is held in Magdalene College, Cambridge, was first transcribed and published in 1825.

Diaries have played an important role in many aspects of human civilization since they serve as a form of record and, when reviewed, generate feedback(s) for future and immediate application, particularly institutional diaries, government records, business ledgers, and military records.

Diaries have also been useful in giving information for memoirs, autobiographies, and biographies. Wikipedia states that “by extension, the term diary is also used to mean a printed publication of a written diary; and may also refer to other terms of journal including electronic formats example blogs, forum and internet diary”

According to Wikipedia’s Merriam-Webster, “The word diary comes from the Latin word ‘diarium’ which means ‘daily allowances’ from ‘dies’ which means ‘day’, likewise journal from the same root word ‘diurnus’ meaning ‘of the day’.”

The book ‘To Myself’ by Marcus Aurelus, a Roman emperor, written in Greek in the second part of the second century AD, has many characteristics of a diary

but the oldest existing diary comes from the Middle East and Asian civilization. In the ninth century AD, a Chinese scholar named Li Ao wrote a diary of his travels through Southern China.

Digitalizing a diary has completely altered the definition of the term ‘diary’. The introduction of computers in our culture sparked much concern about the dangers they bring to society.

Contrary to popular belief, digital diaries now serve more tasks than simply storing data. The constant availability of internet services and electronic/technological equipment has led many people to use it as a medium to document their lives, with the added dimension of an audience.

Here are some examples/forms of diaries:

A personal journal may include a person’s experiences, thoughts, and feelings, as well as other current comments.

Sleep diary is a technique for diagnosing and treating sleep disorders. It is also termed a sleep log.

Travel diary/diary – is a record of a travel or series of journeys. Sometimes it’s termed a road journal or diary.

War Diary

Dream Diary

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