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Higher education institutions throughout the world are obligated to create examination timetables for each semester so that students know what course tests they have on each examination period day.

Setting the examination timetable(s) could be a very boring, time-consuming, and painstaking effort for any lecturer in charge of the work at times. As such, the goal of this project is to create an Automated Examination Timetable Generator for the Computer Science Department at Kwara State Polytechnic in Ilorin in order to reduce, if not completely eliminate, the manual process of scheduling exams.

Each lecturer and student has the ability to view his or her personal timetable once it has been finalised for a given semester, but they cannot alter it.

The software programme for this project work is created with Visual Basic 6.0 Enterprise Edition and Microsoft Access 2005 as the database.

The project is all about generating an examination time table for the computer science department so that students and examiners may know exactly when they are having a particular examination.

The project’s objective and rationale is to make the work of the co-ordination and the HOD easier because there will be no need to spend much time on setting a specific time for examinations.

The lecturing staff typically devotes a significant amount of work to the creation and maintenance of examination timetables.

The software programme designed for this project work will gather all criteria utilised in producing a school examinations timetable and generate one automatically using its timetable generation tool.

When developing levels in the department (e.g., NDI, NDII, HNDI, HNDII), this school examination timetable generation programme takes into account the availability of courses and other resources.

Furthermore, alterations to the scheduling can be made as needed based on the availability of courses.

The examination time table schedule has been done manually since the computer science department’s beginnings. Using a manual timetable has numerous drawbacks.

This project concept, titled Automated time table generator, is proposed to overcome various shortcomings in the department’s system.

This project will create a programme that will allow the department to give a timely and accurate schedule timetable.

The automated timetable generator will aid the department in determining the best examination room for each subject at a certain time of day. Furthermore, the programme will assign a unique examiner to each course, but it will ensure that the test is not being given in another class at that time.

Computers are not just storage and processing equipment, but they are also wonderful communication mediums. They are the means through which you can connect to the internet and the rest of the world. They are also a powerful audio-visual medium.

A computer can be used to gain access to a wide knowledge base and to search for information on the internet. Only computer education can help people use computers for communication and leisure.

Computer knowledge combined with certain other job skills improves one’s chances of acquiring a job; these with computer knowledge are deemed trainable for many types of occupations.

Because the majority of jobs need the use of computers, computer education is a must for practically all modern-day jobs. Higher education in network administration, hardware repair, and software abilities opens the door to other more promising job options.

Computer education enables one to manage one’s own business assets and personal money. A computer system acts as an efficient tool for managing information, personal financial assets, medical data, and vital documents.

Banking transactions and bill payments can now be completed via the internet. Similarly, as online learning becomes more prevalent, it is critical to pursue computer education.

A computer service’s word processing programme acts as an efficient form of documentation.

Database management software, which is a component of a computer system, is used to manage vast amounts of data. A computer’s networking capabilities make it possible to connect to a network and connect to the rest of the world.

Gaining application and media players are two examples of popular computer software that are widely used around the world.

Computers, with their numerous applications, do certainly rule society. Computer education is critical for keeping up with the pace of modern life. Computers are an essential aspect of everyday life, as is computer education.

1.2 Statements of the Problem

We faced some issues while gathering, processing, and analysing data for our study project.

Among them are the following:

We called several times before we were attended to. Other scholarly works were almost jeopardised as a result of this.
The majority of the literature books we used were obtained from the reference department, where books cannot be borrowed; a significant amount of time was spent on this.
In addition, other websites were searched for additional information that was utilised in this project work.

1.3 Aims and Objectives  Of Study

The goal of this project effort is to eliminate the stress associated with scheduling courses for students and to make it simple to generate courses for students.

The goal of this project is to remedy a problem that has arisen in the department’s manual or existing system. Other goals and objectives are listed below:

The automatic timetable generation project’s goal was to be created. A programme that allows departments to build timetables dynamically for students to access directly from schedule table data.
It enables the agency to make changes to their schedule quickly available to the public.
It allows the department to plan ahead of time for design and student scheduling.
It will also allow management to provide updated schedule information to their students when schedule changes occur.
It will allow management to submit accurate schedule data on time.

Simplicity: Easy-to-understand and simple-to-use user interface, tutorials, and samples
Quick: Creates a schedule in minutes, saving you time, effort, and money.
Intelligent As your support agent, it recommends the finest choices for an error-free and clash-free timetable with the best potential resource optimisation.
Affordability: A perfect scheduling option that fits inside your budget.

If applied in higher education institutions (e.g., Computer Science Department, Kwara State Polytechnic, Ilorin), the software to be designed for this project write-up achieves the following goals.

To investigate the usage of a computer system as a replacement for manual examination timetable setting.
To get a high processing rate when creating timetables
To ensure that only authorised individuals have access to the record.
To investigate the impact of information technology on the generation of school examination timetables.
To shorten the time intervals used in determining the examination timetable.

1.4 Significance Of The Research

The purpose of this project write-up on “Automation Examination Time Table to Generate Package” is to improve how Examination Time Table is prepared by school for student use.

The influence of computer system usage is thoroughly examined in this project write-up.

The study is significant because it investigates the impact of computer introduction in constructing an automated time table generator.

This person may confidently declare that the integration of computer systems to computer science for the creation of the generator timetable would improve management in terms of time and resources involved.


1.5  Scope and Limitations Of The Study

This project’s scope is “Automation Examination Time Table to Generate Package.”

Courses Offered (Registered) in each semester can be entered into the system for each level (e.g. ND1, ND2, HND1, HND2 Full Time AND Part-Time).

Following that, the software intended for this project task will automatically construct the Examination Timetable and display it on the screen to be printed out as soon as the Database Administrator clicks on the command button labelled construct Timetable.

However, this project work does not completely eliminate some of the manual procedures performed in higher education (e.g., staff salary payment, student admission processing, accepting and processing of student profiles, and so on).

1.6 Research Organisation

This project write-up is designed and organised into five chapters for ease of study and proper understanding. The following is a breakdown of what each chapter contains:

CHAPTER ONE: This section comprises an introduction to the entire write-up, the problem of the study, the study’s aims and objectives, the significance of the study, the scope and limitations of the study, and the report’s organisation.

CHAPTER TWO: It includes the study’s literature review, board of director organisation, and computerization of the current state of the art.

CHAPTER THREE: Describes the data gathering method utilised, the analysis of the data and the existing system, the benefits of the proposed system, the design and implementation, the programming language used with reasons, and the hardware and software support.

CHAPTER FOUR comprises system design implementation and documentation, system design, output design, input design, file system, procedural design, and new system documentation.

CHAPTER FIVE: includes a summary, lessons learned, recommendations, and a conclusion.

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