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A Critique of the Law and Policies Involved in Policing the Federating States of Nigeria.

A Critique of the Law and cies Involved in cing the Federating States of Nigeria.



It is the primary responsibility of authorized security agencies in Nigeria, such as the Nigeria ce Force, to ensure that people and property are protected inside the country. The supply of security and the upkeep of peace are thus both included in the definition of policing. Obviously, securing a vast Federation of Nigeria that has a population of around 170 million people, as well as 36 States and the Capital Territory of Abuja, would not be an easy feat. The security agencies are therefore burdened with enormous threats to national security and other factors that affect effective and efficient performance in maintaining peace and securing lives and property. This makes it difficult for the security agencies to do their effectively and efficiently. Recently, there has been a growing chorus of calls for the state to take over the operation of the police force in order to make it more effective. This does not have any problems of its own. At this juncture, the topic that is most relevant to inquire about is, “What is the notion of state police in Nigeria, and what is its scope?” What are the Nigeria ce Force's constitutional and legislative mandates, as well as its organizational structure and duties? In terms of matters pertaining to national security, what difficulties does the Nigerian state now face? What are some of the variables that work against the effectiveness of police in terms of ensuring national security? What rules and regulations control the way that the state police do their ? How exactly would the policing of the federating states assist the Nigeria Police Force find solutions to the difficulties it is now facing? This researcher conducted a critical review of the existing laws and policies on policing the Federation of Nigeria. The purpose of the review was to determine whether or not the laws and policies that are currently in place are adequate, as well as the extent to which they have assisted the security agencies in fulfilling their responsibility to secure the federation. The research also examined the request for state police that has come from some places, as well as its relevance and ramifications, as well as its pros and downsides. In light of the analytical evaluation, the researcher identified certain regions of legislation and policies that are in need of reform and proposed a path ahead for improved police across the Federation of Nigeria.

A Critique of the Law and cies Involved in cing the Federating States of Nigeria.



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