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8 Simple Ways to Use Social Media for Your Career

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How to Use Social Media for Your Career

For you to be known and remembered it is necessary to be seen. And it is not enough to just be seen, there must be good memories and positive feelings to be remembered. For this, it is crucial to work well with your marketing. In this practice, social networks can solidify your professional reputation and accelerate the development of your career. Learn how to use social media to differentiate yourself from other professionals, to be able to enter, stay and progress in the job market. These days it is rare to find someone who is not connected to social networks. Wherever it is, everyone is always with their cell phone in hand, taking a look at what is happening in the virtual world. To give you an idea, there are approximately 1 billion users on WhatsApp – the most used application in the world. But we don’t use social media just for fun. We also consume professional content, looking for new job opportunities and keeping ourselves informed about the job market. And know recruiters are keeping an eye on our social networks.

Just as you search for information about the company on LinkedIn or Facebook, social networks are an excellent way for them to get to know you better, understand your tastes and make sure your lifestyle is aligned with the company’s culture. And be sure that this can be decisive in the selection of a professional. Social networks have become the best tool for personal and professional marketing. It is through them that we share our routine, family, friends, tastes, the last vacation, and the life we want to show. There are no strict rules of what to post or not to have credibility and you don’t have to pretend to be who you are not. But, if you want to maintain a good professional image, it is important to follow some recommendations and tips that can help you to boost your career and avoid problems in the work environment. Many people use social networks only as a tool for fun and relaxation, which is certain, as long as some actions are considered. However, the most attuned people must have realized that the correct use of these communication channels can boost careers, promoting networking. But how do you know this limit? Here are some tips for growing in the profession using social media.

1. Extend your contacts

Creating a wide network of contacts is interesting but try to make friends online with people you already have some contact with and that you consider professionally interesting. Worry more about quality than quantity and don’t invite everyone you know to be your friend; this may not sound right. Every professional is a service provider and needs to be known, as well as remain in the memory and in the heart of those who may hire or engage their work, someday.

Also, you have to maintain communication with the contacts. Without regular, helpful, and friendly contact, you will be forgotten. So, congratulate on birthdays, remember other important dates, adopt messages “out of the box,” understand and respect each person’s preferences. With empathy you will be able to adjust your communication to the other’s point of view, organizing yourself to generate interest and be kept in mind.

2. Value your professional achievements

In your profile, make visible the projects you have already carried out and which have been successful, or the titles achieved, however, avoid over-promoting yourself, as this can be negative. And seek, with prior permission, to mark the people who were involved in the work, as this increases your visibility.

3. Publish intelligently

It is increasingly recurrent on social networks, empty and uninteresting publications, so try to differentiate yourself with relevant posts, such as news about your area of expertise. Avoid irrelevant publications that can disrupt your image. If you present yourself on social media as unemployed, you will be treated as unemployed. Marketing communication has an objective. It is directed and intentionally designed to arouse interest in your service. Nobody hires a professional because he is unemployed, but because he is available as a solution provider.

To “sell your fish well” you need to position yourself as a provider of solutions to the problem of others. People will remember the way you present yourself. If you are unemployed, find out what problems you can solve and show yourself as someone available and willing to help solve them.

4. Avoid useless debates

On social networks there are religious, political, and similar debates, but, as much as you feel motivated to participate, avoid getting into this type of discussion. Realize that, generally, these conversations do not lead anywhere and end with insults and insults, not to mention that you do not know what is the positioning of the company in which you work and of your business partners. Social networks are areas of controversy and, at times, confusion. Avoid it! Be sure to give your opinion, but always be consistent and polite, respecting the opinion of others. And remember, often, silence is the best answer. While offering an opportunity to expose your professional skills and qualities, bringing you closer to people who may need your work, social networks also bring threats. A misperception about a publication can cause damage that is difficult to recover its professional image. To avoid this risk, adopt ethical, gentle, and supportive conduct. These attitudes will reflect positively on your virtual heritage.

5. Be careful with the characteristics of the networks

Many people think that just because Facebook has a more relaxed side it should be treated with more sloppiness than LinkedIn, which is focused on a professional career. Know that recruiters and partners will also join this network, so it is important to be careful not to put irrelevant things in each of them. Take advantage of all digital channels to exercise your Marketing, cultivate friendships and win new contacts, exploring the agility of virtual conversations

6. Keep the networks up-to-date

Even if a person does not buy your service immediately, an objective, concise and subtle marketing communication will make them remember you when they need it or when they are consulted by a third person.

When this happens, it will be very important that your social networks are updated, especially in the spaces dedicated to your training, professional performance, and contact. Take the opportunity to include refresher courses, volunteer work, and other skills, objectively and prominently, using properly all the functionalities offered by the digital networks you attend.

7. Adopt networking as a lifestyle

Much more than a strategy to expand career and business opportunities, networking is an attitude towards life. To live in a network, do not focus your attention only on the virtual world. It is essential to strengthening relationships through meetings, cafes, lunches, visits, and corporate events, occasions when you can identify and cultivate friendships and alliances with people who have interests similar to yours and affinities with you.

8. Participate and collaborate!

In the virtual groups focused on employment, business and entrepreneurship you will find professionals with similar interests to yours. Adopting a respectful attitude and showing genuine interest in people, you will identify an opportunity to be inspired, obtain advice, guidance, information, suggestions, and even approaches that will help you to improve your work and innovate in the solutions you can deliver with your services.

By participating in discussion forums, you identify opportunities, stay up to date on movement in the corporate world and even find or help to organize events targeted to your target audience. Pay attention to the rules of the groups, as some of them open space to share articles from third parties and authors that are related to the community’s proposal.

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