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10 Pitfalls to Avoid as a University Student

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Pitfalls to Avoid as a University Student

University and campus life is obviously different from the normal school or secular life. The university environment is a world on its own, having a good grasp of what it entails is quite important. The period of schooling in a college or university is critical in many ways and can go on to affect a lot of things in life, therefore, knowing what decisions to make in different situations, making those decisions, and avoiding wrong approaches or decisions is the hall mark of making the most of your university experience. Rather than learn painfully from your own experience, it’s better to take precautions and apply good advice. Listed and explained below are some of the pitfalls which you should avoid as a college or university student.

1. Hard Work Without Smart Work

Many students believe that it is by serious hard work that success can be achieved in school. This is very true and correct, just that while being diligent, there is need to be smart about how you exert your effort in working. This will have to do with your methods, strategies, awareness, approach and manner of doing things. You need to be aware of better and easier way of doing things. For example, studying can be so much of a burden or it could be interesting depending on how you approach it, depending on your method. While you work hard, work smart as well, be up to date regularly with developments, advancements, news and tools around you. Be aware, check the net for better and easier ways of doing whatever you are doing, don’t get yourself stuck on one particular pattern when there might be something easier for you. The key here is to search for easier and better methods around you and on the internet.

2. Carried-Over Mentality

Secondary school/high school is different from university or college in so many ways. So a student will be doing himself or herself a great disservice by working with the same approach or mind set he/she is bringing from lower levels. The earlier you realised you are now in control of most of your time, choices, actions, inactions, commissions and omissions, the better. No bell is rung for classes in college, no general time table, no monitoring here and there, so if you do not quickly switch to the appropriate mode to manage and control yourself, it will affect your performance and productivity.

3. Distractions

If there is any pitfall to avoid on campus, it’s the pitfall of distractions. Sports, parties, unions, politics, friends, drugs, cult, fashion, pleasure, money, relationships and more are distractions that you have to be very careful about on campus. Allowing everything that catches your attention to carry you away is deleterious. There are people who have ruined important things in their lives by attending to unnecessary distractions. If you’re not deep into anything distracting yet, it’s high time you decided not to get into any, and if you’ve been caught in some web of serious distraction, probably affecting your performance and lifestyle already, you need to pull out. Win yourself back to your focus and goals, do it fast because the earlier, the better.

4. Lack of Self-Care

Neglecting to care for yourself due to school demands- classes, study, assignments, test and exams is not a good way to go. Some don’t know the importance of taking appropriate care until there’s a serious sickness or challenge. Don’t allow your health to deteriorate to the point you are bedridden, hospitalised or unable to carry out normal day to day activities. Ensure you eat well, eat healthy foods, do away with junks. Also sleep well and try to exercise yourself, all of these will go on to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and you’ll be well available to attend to daily tasks. Understand that it’s a healthy man that can be active and productive, so don’t joke with your health.

5. ‘Stabbing’ Classes

As much as the temptation to skip classes will be there, especially when there’s one excuse or the other, you have to avoid skipping class as much as possible. Don’t even plan to skip just a class, lest it becomes a habit that you’ll later find hard to change. Skipping classes can be so detrimental to your academic performance in many ways, whether it’s due to overconfidence or sheer laziness, it goes down with consequences like failure, just being an average student, missing important things and the rest.

6. Being a Lone Ranger

Don’t be a lone ranger. Forming and maintaining the habit of keeping to yourself always is not very helpful. When you have certain problems, either with a course, a lecturer, a situation, be it personal or otherwise, speak with the right people about it, seek for help when you need it. Don’t just always try to solve all your problems all by yourself. Apart from the fact that people can help you out of challenging situations, friends play other roles, they can motivate, encourage, warn, work and play with you. Having the right kind of persons around you can make your school experience unforgettable.

7. Not Having a Budget

It can be so easy to spend without having a good record of your expenditure when there is no budget. It does not matter the amount of money you have on you, not being prudent in planning or budgeting how it will be spent will just make you to keep spending. Budgeting helps you to know what portion of what you’ve got should go into food, transport, textbooks or materials, wears and the likes. You can always monitor your spending with a good budget.

8. Involving in Too Many Things

There are so many activities on campus, the normal day to day school activities plus the many other engagements, social, political, religious and the likes. When you involve in too many activities, it might become difficult to focus on important things. It’s best to focus on your primary purpose, and understand your passion. Be selective in about things you say yes to, know exactly when to say no. Inasmuch as it’s good to be proficient at different things, having too many things to attend to can affect your productivity and availability. Be where you are, if you’re part of something, let the people there feel and appreciate your presence and impact, instead of being into many things without maximum impact.

9. Not Using Available School Resources/Facilities

There are facilities, structures and resources made available by schools to help students and staff. The library, clinic and the likes are there for every eligible person. Don’t delay your registration at the library or clinic. Also try to find out and be aware of other available benefits that you can use for your own advantage.

10. Lack of Timetable

Though it may not be your usual practice, having a timetable or daily schedule is very important in achieving success in college or university. Not having a daily schedule either in terms of time table or a daily to-do list is not the best. It’s important to have your time well scheduled and not just left to whatever comes, especially during your free periods when you’re not attending class.

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