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1.0       Background of the Study

Shorthand has indeed came a long way from the days when dictation was taken by chipping symbols on making marks on day tables so many hundreds of years elapsed between each major changed in dictation and transcription methods and equipment that generation of communicators and transcribers have been secured in the knowledge that the tools of their trade once learned over the issue of shorthand skill in secretarial practice recent changes and researches conducted has revealed shorthand as a time consuming subject and any student in the department of office technology and management has to sit tight if he or she want to be successful on the course. Because of the belief that shorthand is a difficult subject fewer students are registering for this important subject, they had forgotten that shorthand is the rock on which secretarial practice is being built. Just like any other social science course shorthand is unique because it is the art of writing symbols tat respect sounds.

Making use the shorthand skill office practice as makes you to possess a number of marketable skills consequently, shorthand gives you a foundation on which to build still higher-level skills secretarial is been  derived from the word SECRETARIAL. Which in the literary means SECRET KEEPERS. Secretarial are persons who are being said by another persons and this can only he readable by a few secretary or one who has the of shorthand.

Shorthand utilization in schools is a practical of what us going to be used in business organization i e for making of shorthand dictation confidential matter notice of meeting and all other correspondence work. Thus the importance of shorthand to any office technology and management student cannot be over flogged the purpose of this research aims at exposed the students to one of the basic requirements that differentiates them from an ordinary typist, shorthand typist, or stenographer despite the automation era or age.

Lastly, under the introduction, the researcher will in one way or the other discuss on so many aspect of secretarial practice in connection with colleges and business organization.

1.1       Brief Historical Background of Case Study

Operation and the existence cannot be completed without mentioning Osun state college of Education Ila. The Oyo (now Osun state college of Education Ila was established as a campus of Oyo now Osun state college of Education Ilesa in 1979 by then military administrator of Oyo state Brigadier (Now Major General Paul Tarfa). The college started on the campus of the defunct Ila-orangun Progressive commercial college with Dr. S.O Omotoso as the Head of campus. The campus opened with is students and staff members three academic and that administrative the official opening ceremony was performed on the 25th September, 1979 by chief Ayantayo Ayandele then honourable commissioner for education.

1.2           Isaac Pitman, Historical Background, (London).The Pitman Press, Bath, 1837, p.v11.

After the discovery of pitman shorthand, in Britain, then came a new form of shorthand known as Gregg shorthand”. This was discovery in America and commonly, used by secretaries there. It was introduced in Nigeria at the late 18th century’s. many people have not been published on this as research is still on to invent a short-forms of the ABC shorthand” also discovered in America, this was not universally accepted but it was believed to be the simplest form of representing an outline which can be readable by a mediocre who does not have a knowledge of shorthand.

1.      The Development of Secretarial Profession

                The development of secretarial studies has been rampant in these 20th centuries schools have established locally and internationally.

Sir, Isaac pitman the originator of pitman shorthand has his own school in London and owns an examining body also. In London most especially, many secretarial studies oxford street, Rapid result London college, Garret college Southampton Training college Brighton, etc in existence. While in Nigeria the historical development of secretarial studies was first introduced by Roadside institute, but with limitation to shorthand and typewriting only.

It was then believed that this course is meant for people whose parents are financially  handicapped to send their children to secondary schools. So one notion is nursed, once you ounce on a typewriter, you are primary six holder and copy typist. With modern changes that western civilization has brought us. We have this course now being offered up to in Nigeria, universities while the PhD in secretarial science can be obtained in American Universities. The school is, which offer the course in Nigeria rangers from commercial secondary schools.

1.      Statement of Problem

                It has been observed by the researcher that shorthand usage in office practice cannot be over-emphasized, in spite of the modern office equipment problem

1.      Whether secretaries nowadays frequently make use of shorthand in the routine office task.

2.      Whether shorthand is till relevant in the modern office.

3.      Whether shorthand can still aid confidentiality of document as ICT facilities.

1.      Research Questions

(1)            Do secretaries in organizations rarely make use of shorthand due to    

                 Advancement in technology?

(2)            To what extent do secretaries make use of shorthand in their

           routine office tasks ?

(3)            To what extent do shorthand aid the confidentiality of document in

                 an organization ?

1.6           Purpose of the Study

To determine the extent at which shorthand skill has been utilized by modern secretaries. And also to determine the best method of utilizing shorthand skills by modern secretaries.

1.7           Scope of Study

This study is focused on the utilization of shorthand skill in modern secretarial practical. The scope is limited to College of Education Ila.

1.8    Significance of the Study 

The importance of this project is to enable secretaries to understand the usefulness of shorthand in their profession. This is expected to create favourable attitude in them, towards shorthand skill. And that they may, therefore give the best most especially “Time” top shorthand. Also to provide other necessary supports for the use of shorthand in our Polytechnics and Colleges of education both home and abroad. It is further hoped to enable the roadside typist, identify the type of requirement needed by him or her to become a secretary both public or confidential secretary, and that she will be better placed than an ordinary road typist.

1.9           Limitations of the Study

Due to inadequate time, the researcher was no able to go to more than the stated organizations.

1.10         Definition of the Terms

The following the term are used in this project.

Utilization: Ability to make good use of something especially in terms of shorthand writing

Secretary:  A secretary is someone who apart from the possession of good typewriting and shorthand skill also posses; good knowledge of secretarial duties, takes a lot of responsibility in an organization.

Practicing: The process of exercising a profession habitually in order to acquire more proficiency.

Modern: Something that is still in existence in present period of time.      

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