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Tips on How to Maintain Your Mental Health in Medical School

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How to Maintain Your Mental Health in Medical School

The medical school routine is recognized for requiring intense dedication, being a course that promotes emotional and psychological stress and carries expectations that reach its students.

Numerous findings show a large number of medical students have some psychological disorder and only a minority among those affected seeks professional help.

In this scenario, it is easy to see that there is a greater vulnerability of the mental health of students enrolled in medicine. The big question is “How to keep your mental health preserved in this arduous academic environment?”

Below we have listed seven tips to keep your mental health in balance in medical school:

1. Stay close to those who love you

The family is an essential factor for those who want to maintain a good quality of life and mental balance. Being close to those we love and who also love us is priceless, isn’t it? In your schedule, try to set out time for you and your family to be together. What do you think about finally having a Sunday lunch with the whole family together? Perhaps, you are thinking “I study in another city, it would be difficult to get home”, in this case, we suggest that you schedule a return home on a special date such as Mother’s Day and birthdays, after all, nothing compares to the warmth of our home. Remember that family is not restricted to genetic factors, you can have time with your friends, who we often end up making part of our family.

2. Connect through spirituality and meditation

With the arrival of Sunday, you are already exhausted from studying so much, and all this fatigue is mixed with the anxiety that tomorrow begins another long week of studies, sometimes tests and examinations. You know you have to do your best, but you are no longer in the same mood. Therefore, we recommend that you connect with what you believe, your purpose in this life and why you chose medicine.

If you still don’t know, it is recommended that you look for these answers. Many people connect to the faith by going to services, masses, that is, religious events, why not experience it in your life? There are even studies that show that people with a habit of praying tend to have milder blood pressure, amazing!

What’s so special about that? The truth is that when we have a “God”, we have an inspiration, which helps us in the process of self-knowledge, but if you don’t like this “vibe,” have you ever thought about joining a meditation group, or even practising alone on the internet? We guarantee that your strength will be renewed.

3. Take control of life through organization

Have you noticed that when we don’t organize our week, everything starts to go wrong? You go crazy and do not know if there will be time to carry out all the tasks that are coming up, and all of this leads to a hectic week that includes accumulated material, longing for the family, week of tests, and much more.

From the moment you create a goal, whether it be studying or going to the gym during this period, these activities must be outlined in your schedule, after all, life is a balance, and it is your life, take control of what you want and what your priorities are at each moment.

It is terrific to be aware of our dedication to a single area of our life. Still, you will be impressed by the experience of the organization and planning and how it boosts your effectiveness in any field.

4. Don’t stand still, move around

Many of us need to develop a healthier life, and sport is an excellent way for us to start on this fitness journey. You know that there are countless sports available at your college, why not sign up to be part of one of them?

Don’t let these opportunities pass! In addition to exercising, you can create bonds and meet different people. Many colleges have in their sports calendar: football teams, volleyball, swimming and recently even cheerleaders!

Physical exercise, whatever it is, is an excellent alternative to relax right after an entire day of classes; an hour of movement will not steal your precious time; this is an investment.

If you still don’t have that kind of activity in your college, what do you think about going for walks or running, or even getting into that new dance routine at the gym?

5. Have a variety of knowledge

During the holidays, you do not need to worry about your understanding of the next class; hence, you can seek new knowledge. What do we mean by that? Have you thought about remembering what you learned in your English course?

Read books not related to medicine, like literature, for example. Life is not just about medicine, nor is a doctor made up of only that knowledge.

It is necessary to diversify, visit that museum in your city, read Martin Luther King’s autobiography; we recommend learning about what piques your interest.

6. Take time off to be kind to others

Sometimes, in this college madness, we forget to be grateful for what we already have, and we only think about always achieving more and more. How do we stop being so selfish?

Changing our personality is not something we can achieve overnight. However, we must strive to be better. Here we have made some suggestions on how kind to others one can be and how you can apply it in your life.

Often, in our college, we have moments that we let go unnoticed, you can visit nursing homes and have a conversation with a gentleman who already feels abandoned by the family. For that day you can be his grandson.

Not only that, but you can also visit an orphanage and play with a little girl who doesn’t feel loved and, at that moment, represent a family for her.

You can send anonymous letters that are read to patients, and in that way, you positively impact the lives of those needy people. Do you realize how you can live for higher causes?

7. Create an escape route

Creating an escape route is not only inventing something unrelated to your current schedule, but it is necessary to promote inner satisfaction and well-being, which can be an individual activity or with friends.

You can walk your dog; buy plants that are easy to grow, go to a restaurant with your friends; take ice cream with your love; in short, there are thousands of options, put your creativity into action.

After all these tips, we believe you are already adept at creating an escape route, something that will renew your strength in a tiring day and leave you motivated to continue with your goals.


Following our conversation, it is easy to understand that one thing leads to another and to take care of your mental health, it is necessary to take the first step. Like a cycle, practice spirituality or mediation, and it will motivate you to stay close to your family, when that happens, beaming with love from your environment, you will realize that your life is perfect and that there are people who need you.

In a healthy environment, your level of anxiety and stress will decrease, so you will be able to organize yourself, making your study more efficient, all leading to higher productivity and the creation of a space for other activities, such as sports and leisure.

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