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The of Public relations in Achieving Millennium Development Goals


Format: MS word
s: 1-5
Pages: 80
Sections: questionnaire, Data Analysis, Abstract, etc

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1.0         INTRODUCTION


This project comes up as a result of the made about ways that public relations can help to achieve the millennium development goals.

Over the s, people are not aware of the millennium development goals, whereas government believes that they can do it all alone, which pose to bed impossible. This is what give birth to the interest of carrying people along with the strategies laid down by the government to achieve millennium development goals.

The millennium development goals are designed for the people in order to help eradicate immediate problems in our various environment yet people are not informed about the programme. This project will adopt public relations as one of the tools to use to convey the millennium development goals to the people.

This project work will be beneficial to the genera public because all the goals are meant for them.

In a b id to improve the economic government all over the world came together to discuses over the economic situation of each country, where they discovered that the rich are becoming richer and the poor are becoming poorer. In view of this, they looked out for what really brings about the inequality and they finally reached eight problems which they tagged as goals.

This study over the s have not been looked into and that is why this project is aimed at enlighten people and give them insight on disturbing issues.

1.2         STATEMENT OF

The focus of this research work is to dig into the s of public

relations in achieving the millennium development goals.

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Get The Complete ect Now!

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