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The importance of nongovernmental organizations in Nigeria in promoting and defending human rights

The importance of nongovernmental organizations in Nigeria in promoting and defending human rights



This dissertation examined the Nigerian legislative framework for the promotion and protection of human rights in relation to the current international instruments constitutive of human rights. In this respect, the sources of information used include pertinent text materials, journal articles, judicial authorities, conference papers, newspapers, magazines, and internet-based resources. However, the basis for this study is that “human rights” in Nigeria has become not just a current subject, but also the vocabulary of both the oppressors and the oppressed, despite the fact that nothing is known about its meaning and implications. The right to a fair trial, for example, is not unique to either the accused or the prosecution. Fair hearing entails either the chance to be heard or the inherent right to be heard. Moreover, the denial of economic rights of human beings, as is now occurring in Nigeria, is equivalent to the denial of the right to life, since it is these means of subsistence that keep a man alive. This sad occurrence is highly troubling and serves as the issue statement for this study, as it has led to moral degradation, corruption, lack of patriotism, and insecurity in Nigeria. This investigation revealed, among other things, that Nigeria has a deficient institutional framework for the promotion and protection of human rights. Specifically, there is no legislation that regulates the operations of non-governmental human rights groups. Although it should be noted that a law to that effect is now pending in the National Assembly. In conclusion, it was suggested that several governmental entities in Nigeria, particularly the National Human Rights Commission, be bolstered and made more effective by specialized regulatory legislation.





1.1       Background to the Study

This study investigates the influence of Non-Governmental Organizations in promoting and

Human Rights protection in Nigeria. The significance of the notion of human rights

Since the end of the Second World War, when it became apparent that the U.S.

Universal respect for human rights is a prerequisite for international peace and progress. At the

Locally, the cruel rule of military juntas heightened Nigerians’ awareness of their human rights.

rights and the need to protect them This period of military rule also saw an increase in

The proliferation of non-governmental human rights organizations around the nation, especially in

the Southern region.

The word “human rights” encompasses civic, political, and economic rights.

Considered economic, social, cultural, collective, solidarity, and developmental rights

need for a fulfilling life. “Correct” is used here in its composite meaning and not

in the legal meaning of the term. Legal human rights are those rights granted by the law.

positive law (lexlata). Consequently, Osita Eze defines human rights as requests or claims.

which people or organizations impose on society, some of which are legally protected and have

Others remain as hopes to be realized in the future1.

Human rights are inalienable entitlements shared by all inhabitants of the global community.

not gifts that may be withdrawn, withheld, or provided at the whim or will of another. To this extent, they

Human Rights in Africa: Some Selected Problems (Nigerian Institute of International Affairs, Lagos, in Cooperation with Macmillan Nigeria Publishers Ltd., 1984), p. 38.


are said to be inalienable, imprescriptible. If they are taken from a person, he will die.

decrease in humanity They are inherent to the human condition and are shared by everybody.

human beings exist in all cultures, but only to the extent that his arms and lawful,

Other rules do not establish human rights but instead proclaim and protect existing rights; possibly this is the case here.

When law provisions for the first generation of human rights are phrased negatively, as

For instance, stating that no one should be deprived of his personal liberty assumes that

Personal liberty is a legally protected right.

However, the rationale for this study is that “human rights” has become not simply a buzzword but also a global phenomenon.

The language of both oppressors and downtrodden is a significant subject in Nigeria. Yet little is

Because human rights are not completely respected in practice, their significance and repercussions must be well-known.

Nigeria. This is shown by the fact that Nigeria has recently experienced grave Human Rights violations.

Rights such as enslavement, kidnapping, unlawful killing, and terrorism. In this regard, the

The purpose of this study is to determine the causes for the occurrence of these occurrences in connection to

whether or not the provisions of Nigeria’s present laws are enough.

1.2       Statement of the Problem

This study’s primary issue statement is that in Nigeria there are widespread and pervasive poverty.

Her complete lack of faith in the administration is due to the gross violation of human rights.

citizenry. For instance, feelings of uneasiness have led to the development of private security measures.

protection.2 The result is complete disregard for the government.

A related issue is that the denial of economic rights to humans is equivalent to

Denial of the right to life because a man’s means of subsistence kept him alive stripped the guy of his right to life.

Numerous instances of insecurity exist in Nigeria, and this is the case


The importance of nongovernmental organizations in Nigeria in promoting and defending human rights



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