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The purpose of this study was to evaluate the influence of staff management system on the administrative efficiency of elementary schools in Oyo State. The intended goals were to determine the influence of the staff management system on the administrative efficacy of instructional work, school records, school atmosphere, student development, and staff management.

These objectives were successfully attained by descriptive research methods. Utilizing a questionnaire, data were obtained. Using t-test statistics, the data from 234 supervisors and principals who replied to the questionnaire were examined and interpreted. testing was performed, and any t-value less than 0.05 was disregarded if p>0.05.

The research revealed that there is a need for improved academic and administrative facilities, as well as increased availability of facilities for teacher management. Instructional work must be under regular supervision. This aids in the accomplishment of primary school goals and objectives. It is recommended, among other things, that periodic seminars and conferences be held for teachers.




1.1 Context of the Study

Every organization must be committed to fostering a fair and stimulating workplace in order to empower its members. According to Support Council Education Service (2004), one of the primary pillars of accomplishing this goal is staff management. Therefore, a staff management system is a procedure aimed to increase job comprehension, encourage more effective job performance, and define future career goals.

It aids employees in comprehending their obligations. It refers to the chances provided to both novice and veteran teachers and teaching assistants (paraprofessionals). These exercises are intended to enhance the quality of classroom education and promote professional development.

Every society requires sufficient human and material resources in order to better its social organization, sustain its ethos, promote economic growth, and reform its political institutions. Education is commonly viewed as a necessity for the growth of skilled labor and the creation of riches, as well as a path to success in life and contribution to humanity.

Thus, instructors have a vital responsibility to play in preparing young people for their positions in society so as to attain the stated national goals. Teachers' impact is pervasive in all aspects of society. All other professions and employees in society have at some point received instruction from a teacher; hence, what they have become is a direct result of what instructors have taught them (Okemakinde, Adewuyi &Alabi 2013).


Nighat, Syeda, and Syeda (2012), Education is essential not only to the prosperity of an individual, but also of a nation. Education is defined as the development of children' knowledge, abilities, and character. Its primary purpose is to teach an individual how to interact with society by fostering intellectual development, preparing one to face the realities of life, and facilitating the realization of self-potential and latent abilities.

Education entails the instruction and development of certain abilities, sound judgment, highly developed wisdom, and profundity (Syeda, Nighat & Syeda 2012). A competent educator must possess attributes such as subject matter expertise, professional training, sound physical and mental health, and devotion and dedication to his vocation (Syeda, Nighat & Syeda 2012). The modern educator is not only concerned with the acquired knowledge and skills of their students, but also with their overall growth.

Supervision is a means of energizing, leading, reviving, and motivating teachers in the hope of accomplishing educational objectives. Supervision is an age-old method for enhancing teachers' abilities (Ogunsaju, 1993). Supervision is one of the many administrative duties undertaken by school administrators, teachers, and students.

Due to the importance of education in our country, oversight must be a top concern. This is due to the fact that supervision addresses the fundamental needs of schools and aids in the provision, maintenance, assistance, and right placement of both human and nonhuman materials in schools.

The resources (money), environment, school and community growth, records, staff management, and instructional materials are evaluated by school supervisors. All of these categories are essential, and without them, schools cannot exist. If sufficient attention is not paid to these areas, the educational goals will never be attained or cannot be realized. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to determine if there is an effect on the administrative efficacy of these locations.


1.2 Description of the Problem

Considering the context of the study, it is worthwhile to investigate the effect of the staff management system on teacher performance. The caliber of many primary school teachers in Nigeria's public elementary schools is unimpressive. Typically, they are ineffective in performing their jobs.

Administrators of education in the states rarely organize in-service training, conferences, workshops, seminars, and mentoring for primary school teachers to improve themselves, despite their crucial in determining teachers' effectiveness; consequently, the quality and quantity of teachers have been drastically impacted. Therefore, Nigeria's social and economic progress may endure a setback if the staff management system fails.

Local Education Authority is responsible for primary education oversight and inspection in Nigeria. Most worrying is the staffing situation. The greatest bottleneck in the educational system is trained supervisors and inspectors. This trained personnel is not just insufficient, but sometimes nonexistent.

The handful that exist have never received supervision and inspection training. This could be the beginning of a lack of control over available resources (both human and material). There are numerous instances of inspectors attempting to utilize personal interest. This demonstrates a lack of understanding and technical expertise on the purpose of the school inspection.


The administration of the school will ensure the provision of a suitable school environment with nice surroundings, enough health facilities, playground equipment, and a garden with beautiful, colorful flowers, as well as the proper arrangement of water devices. All of these factors and more contribute to and promote teaching and learning in schools.

The supervisors were tasked with investigating the provision, upkeep, and operation of school facilities given by the school administration. Included in school facilities are library equipment, tables, seats, lab equipment, playground equipment, restrooms, and urinary products. The supervisors contribute to the provision and maintenance of school facilities.

Last but certainly not least is the examination of school records. This is a crucial method for obtaining historical information, references, documentation, and evaluations of the school's teachers, principals, and students. School records comprise the operation, accessibility, and upkeep of school records.

If there is competent and consistent monitoring in these areas, namely in our primary schools, education in Nigeria will be enhanced, goals and objectives will be met, and effective administration of primary education would be possible.


1.3 Aims of the Research

The study was designed to accomplish the following goals:

Determine the influence of staff management on the administrative efficiency of Oyo State's primary schools.
Determine the effect of staff management on the academic achievement of Oyo State's elementary school students.
Determine the effect of staff management on the effectiveness of school and community relationships in primary schools in Oyo State; Determine the effect of staff management on the management of school environment in primary schools in Oyo State; Determine the effect of staff management on the usability of school facilities in primary schools in Oyo State.

Research Concerns
What influence does staff management have on the administrative efficacy of Oyo State's primary schools?
What effect does staff management have on the academic achievement of Oyo State's elementary school students?
What effect does staff management have on the success of school and community relations in Oyo State's primary schools?
What effect does staff management have on school environment management in elementary schools in Oyo State?
What effect does staff management have on the usage of school facilities in Oyo State's primary schools?

1.5 Scientific Hypotheses

The investigation generated the following hypotheses:

The perspectives of principals and supervisors in Oyo State primary schools regarding the effects of staff management on administrative effectiveness are not significantly different.

The perspectives of Oyo State principals and supervisors regarding the impact of staff management on the academic performance of students are not significantly different.


1.6 Importance of the Research

This study is significant for the following reasons: the will contribute to the present body of information and debates among scholars regarding the notions of staff development systems and primary school administration. Findings will contribute to government policies that will encourage in-service training programs, conferences, workshops, seminars, and mentoring in our primary schools for school administration reform. Also, the study's findings will be of great use to education ministry officials in understanding the significance of staff development systems.

In addition, it is important for school principals to focus on developing the skills necessary to fulfill their responsibilities, such as instructional skills, management skills, human connection skills, and leadership skills. The findings will also consider the effect of teachers' professional development programs on the academic achievement of Oyo state's elementary school students. The study is also important for strengthening students' fundamental skills and transferring knowledge and comprehension.


1.7 Study's scope

Only the influence of staff management system on the administrative efficiency of elementary schools in Egbeda Egbeda Local Government Area, Oyo State was the focus of this study. This local government was chosen for research purposes alone, and there was no ulterior motive in selecting the elementary schools in this local government.

Additionally, the survey is limited to all public elementary schools and includes all the principals and supervisors from the Oyo State education ministry.


1.8 Restrictions of the Research

This research was hindered by a number of factors, such as the cost of transportation to the area of study, the time constraints imposed by other academic obligations at the time of the research, the difficulty of gaining access to the principals and supervisors, and the inability to obtain adequate data from the schools.


1.9 Terminology Definitions

Personnel management is the administration of subordinates within a company. Many of these responsibilities are typically undertaken by a specialized department, such as personnel or human resources, in large businesses; nonetheless, all line managers are still obliged to monitor and administrate the operations and assure the well-being of the staff that reports to them.

Administration effectiveness is the favorable response to administrative efforts and actions undertaken with the intention of achieving stated objectives. These include administrative performance in decision-making, delegation of responsibilities, and example setting.


; a someone, typically a young person, who is learning under the tight supervision of a teacher at school; a private tutor.


Primary Schools are institutions where students receive their first academic education, also known as elementary or primary schooling.


Principal is the highest-ranking administrator in elementary, middle, and high schools.


Academic performance is the degree to which a student, instructor, or institution has met their short- or long-term educational objectives.



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