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The purpose of the study was to determine the impact of sexual liberty on educational progress in Yenagoa Local Government Area, Bayelsa State. The research was carried out using four (4) research questions, which were then put to percentage analysis. The study is a survey, with the population consisting of all adult and adolescent men and women in Yenagoa Local Government Area.

The data for this study were derived from replies to questionnaires created for the various communities within the specified local government area. The study’s findings revealed that facets of life such as the traditional marital system, marriage life-span, teenage pregnancy, and single parenthood, among others, were greatly impacted after administering and collecting data from respondents. Based on these findings, recommendations have been given to parents, traditional rulers, religious organisations, and social/development unions in order for their members to be appropriately guided.



1.1 Background Of The Study

Development is defined as both a process and a product. Man’s evolution as a rational entity has made him aware of the necessity for growth. However, as a product, achieving total development has been an elusive goal since its inception. This is demonstrated by man’s never-ending endeavour to accomplish the goal.

Roles are given proper acknowledgment in modern complex civilizations, with the understanding that every role is significant. Human beings have sought personal and communal development throughout history. As a result, man has continued to take on responsibilities based on his or her interests, talents, expertise, gender, or age. Thus, man is regarded as a vital agent of growth; nonetheless, education continues to be the yardstick of advancement.

Though education prepares a man to take on his roles, a people’s lifestyle determines the overall tone of growth. For example, a particular lifestyle may help a guy to overcome both his personal and educational developmental difficulties or may cause him to generate both personal and communal problems.

Only the qualitative functions of a human being are known to be addressed by true development. It is a complex process of combining many structures and functions of a person or a developmental stage that has been shaped and structured by man and his environment.

As a result, common sense dictates that one take on a role that is socially acceptable, economically worthwhile, and culturally uplifting in order to ensure the overall development of one’s education, a venture that would bring absolute stability and orderliness to one’s educational development due to its deep roots in mutual recognition of world views and aspirations.

Several research and publications have been written on how to enhance human resources and educational development, but the anticipated good impact on the public has been negligible. Here in Nigeria, the government has never shown much interest in holistic development of man and his surroundings, both during military rule and now that we are in democracy. Oil firms and non-governmental organisations have not thrown in the towel in this regard, although the story is different.

The effects of sexual liberty on educational development are well structured in Yenagoa Local Government Area. It has taught citizens to get along with individuals from all walks of life over the decades. Furthermore, they have long built a unique cultural system based on their experiences with the physical environment, and like any other group of people, both of their valued value systems are known to have been degraded. As a result, their level of living is deteriorating to such an extent that it is cause for concern.

As a result, the study “Impact of Sexual Liberty on Education Development in Yenagoa Local Government Area of Bayelsa State” is required.

Yenagoa Local Government Area is one of the population groups that comprise Bayelsa State. It is the state capital of Bayelsa. Expetiama, Gbarain, Epie, Afissa, Okordia, Biseni, and Zarama are some of her important clans.

numerous years ago, having more than one wife raised a man’s social status, and having numerous children increased one’s economic well-being in Yenagoa. As a result, a proclivity to father as many children as possible was established. As a result, the value of a War-Canoe House in Yenagoa was determined by quantity rather than quality of human beings.

As a result, it became natural to modify the formerly rigorous norms of pre and extra marital sex behaviour of the communities’ indigenes. Without a doubt, this was the beginning of the misuse of the sexual autonomy afforded by adult members of society.

1.2 Statement Of The Problem

Sexual relations are a normal human activity that is widely practised.

The conduct is as old as the people of Yenagoa Local Government Area. From the beginning, people’s sexual behaviours were limited by the natural laws and cultural constraints of the area. As a result of this,

i. There existed a traditional marriage system in Yenagoa.

ii. The approved marriage system was passed by almost all matrimonial houses.

Adultery was frowned upon.

iv. Parental responsibilities were met.

v. Boy-father was virtually non-existent.

vi. There were no schoolgirl mothers.

vii. There was a high level of cooperation among members of the same community.

Thus, adherence of the land ensured laws and traditions of the land ensured a full expression of the adults sexual adventure in an appropriate upbringing and psychologically gratifying way, as it recognition also helped to a general pleasure of the community’s members.

Marriage, per Yenagoa’s people’s standards, does not currently occupy the centre stage in the people’s sexual relations. Casual and limitless sex activities are frequent, making adultery and other forms of sexual misconduct possible. Such have coexisted with other undesirable characteristics such as smoking, drinking, cursing, procrastinating, and the use of fowl language, among others.

Many people in Yenagoa still believe in the enigmatic value of pre and extramarital sexual pleasures, despite the negative consequences of a sexually permissive period. A closer examination of the adventure’s origins reveals an ancient socio-cultural inclination as the primary cause. A propensity that every adult in Yenagoa should have children in order to maintain one’s lineage and inheritance, that barrenness was a misfortune, especially for a woman.

Though every human being has natural rights that cannot be prescribed for him by another human being, it is necessary to submit to the constraints of both natural laws and one’s cultural system. Because such regulations limit one’s acts that are harmful to others, the liberty of every human being remains relative.

Furthermore, the government’s measures towards the development of the numerous villages in Yenagoa’s, and the oil corporations’ efforts, are unabated. However, the educational progress does not appear to be improving.

Their standard of living looks to be worsening, but their quality of life appears to remain unchanged. In the circumstances, it became critical to discover the root reasons of the ongoing downward trend in the affairs of man and his communities in Yenagoa. The study “Effect of Sexual Liberty on Education Development in Yenagoa Local Government Area” came to mind immediately.

1.3 Purpose/Objective Of The Study

The study’s goal is to look into the consequences of sexual liberty on educational progress in the Yenagoa Local Government Area. Specifically, the research would look into:

a) Determine the role of Yenagoa custom in marriage.

b) Determine the average lifespan of a matrimonial home in Yenagoa before to 2010.

c) Determine the location of traditional wake-keeping rites in Yenagoa.

d) To investigate the origins of some strained relationships among members of the same organisation.

1.4 Research Qustions

Based on the objective, this study attempted to address the following questions.

i. What is the Yenagoa customary view on marriage?

ii. What is the typical life-span of a marital home in Yenagoa before to 2010?

iii. What role do traditional wake-keeping ceremonies play in Yenagoa?

iv. What factors contribute to strained relationships among members of the same organisation?

1.5 Importance of the Study

There is no doubt that this study is important since it looks into a unique social constraint in community growth.

(a) The study would provide information useful to community developers undertaking long-term and sustainable development efforts.

(b) Community development perceptions would be clearly grasped.

(c) The frequency with which relationships between host communities and oil firms break down would be minimised.


1.6 Scope Of The Study

This study covers the entire Yenagoa Local Government Area. Despite the fact that Yenagoa is made up of many cities and villages, just six (6) clans were chosen for this study. They are as follows:

Ekpetiama a.

Gbarain, b.

c. Epie

Atissa d.

Okordia, e.

Zarama, f.

1.7 Definition Of Terms

To improve comprehension and discussion of the study, five concepts need working definitions. They are as follows:

Effects or powerful impressions that one object has on another, possibly to the point of affecting the receptor’s direction, state, or taste.

Sexual: The use of one’s genital organ with the opposing sex for procreation, sensuous pleasures, or both.

Liberty is defined as unrestricted freedom and free will. Natural, unassailable right that cannot be prescribed by another.

Educational: The process of teaching, training, and learning, particularly in schools or colleges, to enhance knowledge and skills.

A series of logical and gradual changes in the size or proportion of a human community on a settled area is referred to as development.

A series of progressive and consistent physiological and psychological changes in a human being is an example of the evolution of a new state of the human mind.

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