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Chapter One


Hand antiseptics, often known as hand sanitizers, are an alternative to washing hands with soap and water. It can be manufactured in several forms, including gel, foam, and liquid solution (sprays). Alcohol is the foundation of all hand sanitizers. It is possible to utilize isopropyl alcohol (Isopropanol), ethanol-propanol, or povidone-iodine as the alcohol. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers destroy bacteria more effectively. (Hand hygiene., 2006)


Hand sanitizers are demonstrably beneficial against gastrointestinal infections and, to a lesser extent, respiratory diseases. Additionally, alcohol rubs are effective against numerous types of bacteria and TB bacteria. As medicinal plants are utilized in the treatment of a wide variety of illnesses, their applications are numerous. Examples include turmeric, which includes the bioactive component curcumin and has potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. (Bhowmik et al., 2009). This research aims to develop hand sanitizers made from locally growing medicinal plants.


In the current era of engagement marketing, social media is crucial to the success of businesses. Promotion of companies, products, and services via the Internet and mobile applications is rapidly becoming standard practice. Therefore, as a marketer, you must join in. (Asif, 2016) social media is sometimes referred to be an online market that promotes products, services, and brand names via online media platforms. Due to technological progress, the rise of the internet, and the growth of the web, connectedness between persons has increased dramatically (Hajili, 2014).


According on their experience, background, and understanding, many academics describe the concept of social media in different ways. However, Kotler and American’s definitions are the most frequently cited. According to Kotler and Armstrong, social media is a sort of direct marketing that electronically connects customers and sellers using interactive technologies such as emails, websites, online forums and newsgroups, interactive television, mobile communications, and others (Kotler and Armstrong, 2009).


“Only recently has the term’social media’ emerged in the realm of professional marketing and communication. It refers to the promotion of products and brands among customers via all digital channels and touchpoints. Although social media has many parallels with Internet marketing, it surpasses it since it bypasses the Internet’s single point of contact and uses all so-called “digital media” as the communication route, such as mobile telephony (SMS or applications) and interactive television. Therefore, the term “social media” tries to encompass all interactive digital tools at the disposal of marketers for the purpose of promoting products and services and establishing more direct and customized relationships with consumers. (Flores, 2014)


The integration of social media into corporate strategies has become an increasingly common practice. According to Gaikwad and Kate (2016), marketing has always existed. According to Zimmer (2017), marketing is concerned with a relationship known as an exchange relationship (p.1). Social media is a method that allows a person or organization to reach clients by integrating innovative practices with classic marketing strategies. (Charles, 2018).


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is regarded as the most general type of social media tools used to increase a website’s exposure in search engines. In social media, techniques such as on-site technical research, link development, content production, and blogging are utilized. According to Search Engine Land, search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of acquiring visitors through search engine-based search results. One can improve a website’s ranking for relevant searches. (Safko, et,.al 2009).


According to various American business publications, online advertising is faster than traditional advertising. (2011) (Howard, October) With the significant development in internet advertising, brands have begun to rely more on e-marketing than traditional marketing. (Bakshi & Dr. Surender Kumar Gupta, January 2015).


This study’s objective is to determine how social media conversations and marketing of hand sanitizer influence the product’s purchase. Even though numerous studies have described the social media success of hand sanitizers in other countries, no research has been conducted on Nigerian hand sanitizer clients.


This study focuses solely on their flagship product, which is the typical Hand sanitizer beverage, and analyzes how Hand sanitizer manufacturers use social media to impact customer purchasing behavior.

2. Statement of the problem

This study examines the impact of social media on hand sanitizer sales.


Presently, the Internet is one of the most prominent platforms on which Hand Sanitizer commercials are placed. Specifically, the brand’s online advertising is conducted through the extensive use of banners, pop-up adverts, on-site sponsorships, and other kinds of online advertising on thousands of websites throughout the world. In addition, there are specialized forums and other websites dedicated to Hand sanitizer enthusiasts and where people share their Hand sanitizer-related anecdotes (Jhon,2015).


According to Cook (2008), social software has four primary functions: communication, cooperation, collaboration, and connection. Hand sanitizer’s social media approach exemplifies all four of these purposes. For instance, they use Twitter as a new way to provide real-time customer care, communicating directly with the public and frequently responding to customer mentions and pertinent inquiries. The company utilizes Pinterest in a more collaborative approach, managing boards and focusing on user-generated content on their profile page, as opposed to relying solely on content supplied by Hand Sanitizer.


Due to the current Covid 19 pandemic, hand sanitizer has become a necessity for households and individuals. However, no research has been conducted on Nigerian consumers of hand sanitizer, as we all agree that any form of social media activity should be tailored to the needs, culture, and social status of the target audience.


This study will investigate the effect of social media on hand sanitizer sales in Nigeria.




3. Research Problem


In what way do social media influence the purchasing of hand sanitizer by consumers?

How does social media display advertising affect the purchasing decisions of hand sanitizer consumers?

Does a website affect a customer’s decision to purchase hand sanitizer?



4. Objective of the study


General Purpose


To determine the impact of social media on hand sanitizer sales in Lagos, Nigeria.


Specific Purpose


To investigate how social media marketing affects consumers’ decision to purchase Hand Sanitizer.

To examine the impact of social media display ads on the hand sanitizer purchasing behavior of consumers.

Examine the effect of website on hand sanitizer consumer purchasing behavior.



Significance of the research

The study will aid Hand sanitizer brand sellers in their decision-making. Realizing that the industry is becoming one of the most competitive businesses necessitates that each marketing department adopt properly formulated marketing strategies for identifying consumers’ purchase intentions and increasing the number of brand loyalists in order to ensure the brands’ success.


In addition, the study’s findings may be of great significance because, with marketing expertise, brands will be in a better position to evaluate their performance and make adjustments to improve their market performance and overall ranking in the industry, as well as knowing how to develop their social media presence in order to keep up with this expanding market.




Scope of the Study

This study will investigate the influence of social media on the purchasing of hand sanitizer in Lagos state. This study will focus on the social media conversation and marketing of hand sanitizer in the state of Lagos. Which will allow the researcher to generalize and confirm the effectiveness of social media in influencing consumer purchasing behavior.





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