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The African Union’s (A.U.) role in promoting security and peace in Africa

The African Union’s (A.U.) role in promoting security and peace in Africa



Since the Organization of African Unity (OAU) was renamed the African Union, this change has taken effect.

(A.U.) the newly created organization developed a variety of policies and procedures in order to promote

Notwithstanding the efforts of the United Nations, peace and security have not yet been achieved on the African continent.

Organization of United Nations (UN) whose major mission is to advance international peace and security

world. The recently established African Union will now be responsible for a wider range of responsibilities.

promotion of human rights, management of existing conflicts, and enhancement of existing good

governance, as well as the problem of changing the government in a way that violates the constitution. This is the first one.

The present moment marks the first time in the annals of the Organization of African Unity (OAU), the subject of

The phrase “exclusive domain” has been taken out of the Charter of the OAU, and by incorporating it, the OAU now

The right of the Union to interfere in the new African Union Constitutive Act was included in the new document.

domestic affairs of a member nation that is engaged in armed combat. Numerous subfields of expertise

The new African Union Act established a number of bodies, one of which being the African Charter on Human and

Peoples’ Rights and the African Human Right Commission, often known as the African Human Right Commission

Court, all in an effort to establish a sense of tranquility and safety throughout the continent. The explanation for why

The goal of the African Union’s efforts to promote peace and security throughout the continent is straightforward: peace and security.

As a desired alternative to war and other forms of conflict, as well as a marker of progress, security is a desirable social goal.

a divergence from the conventional notion held by the International Community, which is that

The essence of the nations in Africa is to be more conflicted. The Cold War has finally come to an end.

changed the worldwide strategic environment, which necessitated a comprehensive rethinking of the

global power structure upsetting the people’s natural harmony and replacing it with artificial harmony

them with antagonistic points of view. Colonialism was responsible for the formation of African states. Their

economies operate under a framework of international trade that seems to be skewed against

them. After independence, former colonial overlords continued to have directionally significant influence.

by offering financial assistance, technical assistance, and development models that, in the end, do not


advantageous. Because of a lack of unification, poor administration, and a solid economic foundation, the country has become.

The failure of this endeavor is largely attributable to the actions of Africans. By the mid-1990s, a

continent that during the independence movement of the early 20th century was hailed as a “continent of promise.”

The 1980s were quickly heading toward the label of “global basket case.” Throughout the whole of the 1960s and the first

During the first part of the decade that followed, Africa was seen to have a greater number of opportunities.

than Asia or Latin America, yet they lack even the most fundamental social framework. It ended up being the other way around.

be the case due to the fact that the history of African progress was characterized primarily by human and

a combination of natural disasters and an extraordinary failure on the part of socioeconomic and political

management, a vastly increasing population, falling rates of food production, and mounting indebtedness

poverty, joblessness, poor governance, a lack of adequate health services, and

all led to the worsening of poverty.


The African Union’s (A.U.) role in promoting security and peace in Africa



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