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The research is an analysis of the socio-cultural impact of childless married couples, and it was carried out in Fagge local government area of Kano state. The study explored ways of reducing pressure both from the family and the society as a whole with particular reference to examining the existing causes and effects of infertility in the society. The instrument for data collection used for this research was questionnaire. The sampling techniques used for this study was cross- sectional survey research design. One hundred and thirteen (113) respondents were randomly selected. The data collected were analyzed using tables and percentages. From the analysis of the data, the major findings among others include; women are not fully blamed for the  cause of infertility like it use to be, majority of the population are aware of the medical treatment for infertility but choose not to sought for it. It is also found out that there is negative attitude of childless couples towards child adoption and seeking medical treatment as a solution to their problem. In view of these findings, the study recommend among others that: 1) mass enlightenment of the public could help increase the knowledge of the causes of infertility among married couples and also reduce feeling of inferiority complex among childless couples; 2) childless couples should seek for medical treatment jointly instead of allowing one partner to carry the burden alone among others.

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