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This study sought to demonstrate the role of advertising in the sales of Nigerian-made goods marketed by Uyi Technical Company. Advertising has been used to meet some of the company's basic marketing goals, such as raising awareness and stimulating demand through the arousal of the right appeal to ensure the products' believability, acceptance, and reliability.

The study was conducted in the Oredo Local Government Area of Edo State using a questionnaire and personal interviews. The study demonstrated that advertising is an important promotional technique for any firm seeking to be recognised and acquire a fair share of the .

Finally, valuable ideas were made regarding how Uyi Technical Company should broaden its advertising scope to reach a larger target population. Finally, marketing a product through advertising will be easier if the product's quality is assured.

Chapter one


1.1 Background for the Study

Every producer or marketer wants his product to be purchased, if for no other reason than to suit a certain need or desire of a particular consumer.

As a result, a producer or marketer can only be said to have started selling other items when the right people are educated about the right product at the right time and location.

To ensure that consumers are informed and influenced to consider “ of Nigeria Goods” as capable of meeting the needs of former foreign goods consumers, this topic's choice, the function of advertising in the selling of Nigerian-made goods, is persuasive.

Consumers require more than just product knowledge; they also require desire and passion to motivate them to take action. As a result, good advertising campaign strategy and execution become vital.

This is only done to expedite the introduction of a product, which is generally intense. It should be a continual and sustained effort to remind customers of its presence in the market (Engel, 1983).

It is the only approach to maintain a fair share of market patronage among competing brands over a certain time period.

Today, advertising has permeated so many aspects of people's life that they cannot avoid coming into contact with some type of advertisement.

Advertising has been approached in a variety of ways, all leading to the same conclusion: it has boosted man's overall performance by requiring him to meet one or more needs at any one time.

Ogunsanya has something to say about advertising. Advertising is an impersonal sale massage directed at a specific target group by a clearly identified sponsor in a pair of medium to active planned objectives intended to elicit selling action, which is frequently aggressive, emphasises urgency, and appeals to the emotions of customers.

According to Nylen (), advertising is a paid message that appears in the mass media with the goal of informing and persuading people about a specific product, service, belied, or behaviours.

According to Kotler (1986), modern marketing entails more than just developing a good product, pricing it attractively, and making it accessible to target consumers, and what is communicated is subject to change; rather, a great deal of research goes into determining who is most likely to buy and use the product.

Advertising, while compelling in nature, nonetheless allows man to pick from a multitude of options. Any product, service, idea, purpose, or aim that is not advertised or published may be considered innovative since it has not been published.

Howard Morgan (1993), a former president of Procter and Gamble, a renowned American manufacturing corporation, had this to say.

We feel that advertising is the most effective and efficient way to sell to consumers; if we find a better way to market certain sorts of products, we will leave and turn to other techniques of advertising.

A Brief History of Uyi Technical Company

Mr. Bas Iyelomhe, the manager, revealed in an interview with him that Uyi Technical Company was founded 25 years ago with just one employee at No. 86 Mission Road, Benin City.

This company did not begin to advertise until 1991. Today, the company has grown to include more employees, a warehouse, and delivery vehicles. This is undoubtedly due to her continual habit of advertising on radio and television.

As if that wasn't enough, the company relocated to a more strategic site on the same block, No. 81 Mission Road. They also have a branch in Auchi, located at 91 Auchi/Okene Road. Uyi Technical Company is a key marketer for Baltic Engineering Group Limited, which manufactures parts for various small-scale businesses like as saw mills and beverage companies (Guinness, Coca-Cola, etc.).

Generators and pumping devices of various types are also available. Because the corporation recognises the critical role that advertising plays, it provides significant financial concessions to this segment.

Currently, their advertisements are in a variety of languages, including English, Bini, , , and every Igbo, to ensure an effective and adequate representation of their target market.

1.2 Statement of the Problem

Despite customers' early preference for foreign items over goods created in Nigeria, it is now clear that the high rate, lack of availability of parts, and other issues are forcing consumers to look inward for alternatives.

However, advertising becomes the second light, allowing them to peer inward. They cannot be informed until the manufacturer or marketer advertises, and they will only advertise if they know there are consumers out there eager to listen and respond positively to the message.

According to Richard Aspinal, just as the news offered social and political information, advertising provided business information. It provides us with information on new items and describes them in detail to help us identify them.

Is advertising increasing the sale of Nigerian-made items, regardless of the amount spent on it? As previously stated, local created goods are gradually gaining acceptance as it becomes more expensive to impact, and Nigerian-made goods are similarly good and cheaper. This is in great part owing to the information offered to customers via advertising.

However, Larry Barker, president of DXAD in London, has seen a problem in the advertising industry today and has the following to say.

A big issue in the advertising industry nowadays is that people gravitate towards advertisements with more pictures and less body copy. It is a serious problem, and I deal with it every day at work. This means that the industry is losing a significant source of advocacy.

While many advertising jobs may be done with a brief headline and a brilliant image, others, such as financial services, require lengthy material.

Despite this, advertising continues to serve both manufacturers and consumers by disseminating vital information.

1.3 Research Questions.

i. Does advertising influence consumer choice of goods and products?

ii. Do consumers and manufacturers regard advertising as an effective instrument in the marketing process?

iii. Can Nigerian-made products thrive or complete without advertising?

iv. Do buyers have a variety of choices for the same brand of goods?

v. Does advertising have an impact on the sales volume of a product?

1.4 Research Hypotheses

Hypothesis One.

Ho: Advertising has no impact on Nigerian-made items.

Hello: Advertising has an impact on Nigerian-made items.

Hypothesis Two

Ho: Advertising is not employed to generate service awareness.

Hello. Advertising is used to promote service awareness.

Hypothesis III.

Ho: Advertising has little influence on the globalisation of Nigerian-made goods.

Hello: Advertising influences the globalisation of Nigerian-made goods.

1.5The study's purpose

Many local industries have emerged in the state, as well as around the country. These industries include food processing and steel goods. As a result, there has been intense competition among closely related product brands.

This necessitates the creation of a favourable market for each industry's own brand of products, raising the question of whether advertising has any influence in the sales of Nigerian-made items.

Competitiveness is high. Consumers confront the challenge of determining which products have the best quality and can meet their demands.

However, this study is aimed to find out.

i. How effective advertising has been in helping Uyi Technical Company achieve some of its marketing objectives.

ii. Which medium works best for Uyi Technical Company?

iii. If advertising is the primary motivator for consumers or users of Uyi Technical Company products.

iv. The sorts and styles of advertising utilised by Uyi Technical Company

v. Whether the amount spent on advertising is justifiable

1.6 Scope of the Study

The role of advertising in the sale of Nigerian-made items is the focus of this study, which was conducted by Uyi Technical Company, Nigeria Limited. The study's population includes both corporate employees and Benin City residents who use Uyi Technical corporate products.

1.7 Significance of the Study

This study will benefit society as a whole because advertising has permeated every element of human life. We can't avoid it.

However, for clarity of purpose and concentration, it has been narrowed to the areas listed below.

a.Consumers or Users: This study goes a long way towards demonstrating that knowledge distribution is required for any product to sell, other factors being equal.

Advertising has developed a close link over distance between a product's maker, marketer, and user. This information must include where to get it, its intended use(s), quality, brand, price, and the name of the manufacturer.

b.Organization: This research will be relevant not just to the management of Uyi Technical Company, but also to other manufacturers and marketers who have previously failed to see a correlation between advertising and sales volume, or who have been promoting for a long time with no results. Two issues should be addressed: either the medium and its cover age, or the quality of the product.

c.Market: This research will be valuable to marketers because it clearly demonstrates that simply providing customers with information is insufficient. They need to be encouraged and inspired to purchase the product.

In a fast-paced world, consumers' attention must be piqued at all times. As a result, every piece of information should convey a strong sales message.

d.Academics: This research will also benefit students of mass communication in general, as well as those interested in pursuing a career in advertising. Even scholars in other fields may find the research valuable for their needs. It could be a useful reference in the library during this period when advertising textbooks are tough to find.

e.Advertising Agency: This research is also applicable to advertising agencies. In its content, it identifies a major issue that is affecting the advertisement sector.

It is succinctly summarised as follows: picture is everything in adhered words. Armed with this understanding, the advertising industry can begin to focus on innovation (visual imagery) rather than polished prose costs.

1.8 Limitations of the Study

In carrying out a process as painstaking as this, certain constraints are unavoidable; the study's limitations are as follows.

1. The death of freshly published and relevant books; what we have in our library today are outdated books that are progressively becoming visible in their absence of ideas about modern advertising strategies.

2. Respondents, particularly management of Uyi Technical Company, initially refused to disclose some information for fear of being exposed to danger, necessitating multiple trips to the company.

3. Advertising projects have been overloaded. As a result, future study in this area may be less appealing.

1.9 Definition of Terms

Advertising is the process of making people aware of the features of a product so that they will accept and purchase it. (Gambo Ibrahim 2001).

Sale: Bringing a finished product to market for sale or purchase at a defined price, also known as marketing a finished product.

Goods are finished products that are ready to be used for the purpose for which they were manufactured or produced.

Advertising Agency: People who are concerned with providing advertising services and work for advertisers. Advertising services include advice on all marketing matters, newspaper and magazine selection and space buying, radio and television time booking, copy writing, and so on. The agency is in charge of analysing the market and creating advertisements.

Advertising Copy: The message that the target is intended to see (in newspapers, magazines, billboards, and television) or hear (on radio and television).

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