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1.1           INTRODUCTION

Cream can be regarded as an article intended to be rubbed, sprinkled, sprayed on or otherwise applied to the human body or any part thereof, for beautifying or altering the physical appearance of the skin, leaving it soft and smooth, thereby making the body look younger. Cream constituents who are found to be the foundation of most creams include:

a.     Fats and oil, which forms the base

b.     Water or alcohol, which acts as the liquid

c.             Emulsion, which holds the mixture together

The improvement in modern technology has led to the production of creams for special purpose. For example cream emulsion containing hydroquinone lightens the skin and it is also known as bleaching cream while cream that contains benzoic acid is used against microbial attacks on the skin, (berg and caster 1978). It is well known in interfacial science that paraffin oil have its importance as conditioning and lubricating agent while borax serves as a cleansing agent. For oil in water emulsion, stearic acid is specially used which is the basic substance in cream preparation and serves as emulsifying agent, with new formulation, improvement, can still be made on the already existing creams as well.


This study aims at preparing cleansing cream of better quality than the available ones in the market. It therefore has the following objectives:

i.              To determine the materials used in preparation of cleansing cram of high quality.

ii.             To examine the method involved in preparing the cleansing cream that does not have huge financial involvement.           


Over the years, there has been increasingly rapid growth in manufacturing of fake and adulterated creams; the producers produce such cream(s) with little or no effort to use the actual material and method involved in its preparation. When such cream(s) is used, it will cause irritation to the skin because of the inability to use the adequate materials and to test the pH density and viscosity of the cream.

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