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This study is primarily conducted to critically and objectively assess the substantial and insignificant effect performed by “Marketing Communications on consumer loyalty to consumer products”.

This study also demonstrates an identical association between Marketing Communications and the terms employed therein, such as – Marketing. Mix (The mix of the four (4Ps) inputs that form the heart of a company’s marketing strategy,

namely product, price, location, and promotion); Consumer Products, Social Marketing, and Consumerism, with a focus on the consumer products manufacturing behemoth, CADBURY NIGERIA PLC.

Furthermore, this research is conducted using traditional primary and secondary data sources, and it reveals how the company (Cadbury in this case), in comparison to other competitors,

has been able to explore and implement the concept of Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) in achieving its marketing goals of increasing product patronage, brand loyalty, customer acquisition, and retention in a highly competitive consumer market.

However, the study limited the activity to the following:

(i) A random sample of consumers in Lagos and other accessible locations


(ii) Cadbury’s four primary product mixes (Bounrvita, TomTom, Knorr, and Chocolate) are under consideration.

(iii) The study’s goal is to assess the effectiveness of Cadbury’s marketing communications in relation to the company’s overall objectives.

(iii) The impact of various communication strategies on consumer demand for Cadbury products.

(v) Investigating the rationale behind consumers’ choices and preferences.Chapter one


1.1 Background of the Study

This chapter will look at the study’s basic background and objectives, which will include analysing the historical and analytical perspectives of Marketing Communications on consumer loyalty to consumer products in the consumer segment of the market, with a particular focus on Cadbury Nigeria Plc.

The chapter will also have a statement of problem, which will raise fundamental problems that will be addressed in the course of the study.

The purpose of this study will be to bridge the communication gap between the reader and the project’s writer (researcher).

The scope and limitations of the investigation will be discussed. The purpose of this is to inform the audience about the areas that this researcher considered when collecting data.

This is because it is evident that the study cannot cover all of the geographical areas that are fundamentally relevant to the subject. Of course, limitations will be considered, particularly in light of their impact on this research.

The fact that the combination of marketing communications and the associated consumer behavioural process results in a complex study also highlights a number of issues that may impede our research efforts into its in-depth development and uses.

The term “world communication” is derived from the Latin word “COMMUNIS”, which means “common”. Thus, when you communicate, you are attempting to establish a common ground with someone. You, as the source, transmit a message over a channel to the receiver in order to share an idea, attitude, or other type of information.

Communication, as widely understood, is a multifaceted science that pervades all aspects of life and serves as the lifeblood of all organisational activities. It is an essential component of marketing management, hence marketing is often referred to as “communication.”

As a result, marketing communication is used as a promotional tool in the consumer market, as well as in other types of enterprises, to achieve the goals and objectives of corporations, individuals, and even the government at all levels.

Modern marketing requires organisations to communicate with their current and potential consumers, retailers, suppliers, other stakeholders, and the general public in addition to generating a good product, pricing it attractively, and making it available to the target consumer.

Every corporation is eventually cast as a communicator and promoter, all at once. Most organisations, including Cadbury Nigerian plc, have long been concerned with what to say to whom and how often.

Essentially, the term “marketing” encompasses core functions such as identifying, predicting, and satisfying the consumer’s needs, rather than simply selling or inviting them to buy.

It was formerly described as a complex system that was well planned for and accommodated before manufacturing began. It is a byproduct of a wider marketing system that chooses what to make,

when to produce it, how to produce it, and for whom to produce it, which leads to the study of customer behaviour in order to find his motivations, willingness, and ability to purchase a product.

Foxall defines the term as “the marketing communication mix, otherwise known as promotional mix, is that complex of techniques under the control of management which may be used to communicate directly with buyer and potential buyer” .

However, it is worth noting that manufacturing is not complete until it passes through all stages and eventually reaches the final user, who uses or consumes the product to quench his desire and satisfy his demands, whether in the industrial or consumer market.

In a nutshell, the marketing itinerary entails producing things, distributing them, selling them, meeting demand, and gathering feedback (information) on the product’s and company’s strengths and weaknesses in the market. Then marketing would be finished.

Thus, in his book (Pay-off from Product Management), Ames B. C. described product “as the essential vehicle for the provision of consumer satisfaction offered by a company in the marketplace.” The Nigerian economic climate has undergone significant structural changes. In recent years, there have been sporadic shifts and instability in the market.

The apparent consequence of such developments is a distortion of Nigerians’ economic lives. It perpetuates poverty and disease, lowering people’s standards of existence. It results in limited or no purchasing power due to the weak naira.

It leads to low capacity utilisation in the manufacturing sector, resulting in low per capita income for households and enterprises. It also raised the inflation rate to a high level, allowing for smuggling, corruption, and other anti-economic vices while insuring a constant rise in unemployment.

Amidst all of these changes, there are apparent negative repercussions on the marketing environment that are detrimental to manufacturers. and especially the marketers.

This is because marketers face these challenges on a daily basis, and it becomes necessary to devise strategies to overcome them in order to meet their set targets and break even, by making goods and services available to consumers while also aiming to increase their respective companies’ sales turnover and profit.

As a result, elements of the marketing mix that had previously been relegated to the background were brought to the forefront to form the mix of corporate marketing operations in planning, implementation, and control, all in an effort to analyse market trends and strategize to break even by winning a fair share of total market competitions.

A marketer is tasked with generating a favourable disposition for a product; hence, in the course of his attempt at persuasion, the marketer is required to seek confirmation of the existing attitude of consumers; create the new attitude to offer him an advantage.

This, of course, is the primary persuasive method that a seasoned marketer would use to succeed in a competitive marketing environment. Essentially, the issues of change are best addressed through the proper use of marketing communication methods.

As every consumer is aware, especially those in urban areas, there are confusing arrays of integrated marketing communication initiatives, with each seeking to outdo the other in order to win consumers’ business.

To build devotion to their competitors’ brands, they used promotional tactics such as advertising, personal selling, direct marketing, public relations, sales promotion, and so on.

Furthermore, the establishment of consumer sovereignty and the concept of consumerism puts manufacturers at the mercy of consumers. This lends validity to these manufacturers’ scrambling to introduce their varied brands to consumers through the aggressive use of marketing communication techniques.

1.2 Statement of Problems

The structural changes that changed Nigeria’s economic landscape, as previously noted, heralded the intensive use of marketing communication tactics by consumer product manufacturers.

Since the primary goal of marketing is to mobilise the organization’s resources in order to improve the well-being of society by raising the standard of living in the economy.

When manufacturing any type of goods or services, the producer must keep the consuming public in mind. Marketing has at its core the consumer, who is the purpose for the business.

The various negative effects of economic developments require manufacturers to find solutions to poor demand for their products, consumer purchasing power constraints induced by inflation and weak currencies, and the entry of foreign competitive and replacement goods into the market.

A suave marketer will aim to research and comprehend consumers’ emotions and instinct-induced behavioural processes in order to determine their requirements and preferences and meet them.

Integrated marketing communications is a business concept that focuses on the client and applies all of the organization’s resources and talents to the task of understanding and addressing their requirements.

And because the marketing environment is ever-changing, the tastes and preferences of these so-called consumers shift over time. Then,

Manufacturers confront challenges in raising consumer awareness and providing knowledge-based information about their products.

To stay in touch with consumers’ shifting demands and assuring the company’s capacity to satisfy those needs through new product lines.

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