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Career plays a very important and fundamental role in an individual's life, not only because it determines the pattern of income, but also because it affects the individual's personality and life concepts. Thus, a career is a chosen pursuit, life work, or success in one's profession; it is the sequence of major positions held by a person throughout his lifetime. In a nutshell, a career is the sum total of the work that a person does during his or her lifetime. It is thus beneficial to think as far as possible in terms of endurance. A career is a difficult decision to make, especially when one's life depends on it.

According to Her (1973), a career is the totality of experiences through which one learns about and prepares to engage in work as part of his way of life. PietropesaandSplete(1975) Stress career is an enjoyable process that occurs throughout life and includes homes, schools, and the community. Every human being must perform one or more tasks in order to contribute to the country's development.

However, he considers career convention to be a tool for career information. This happens for a variety of reasons, including:

1. To stimulate career thinking and broaden occupational horizons.

2. To focus attention on specific jobs in order to assist an individual in crystallizing his preference.

3. To create an environment in which parents can meet employers and discuss the opportunities they offer, as well as meet career teachers and career officers with whom they can exchange ideas.

Aspects that may influence career choice include.

– Socioeconomic considerations

– Personal or family circumstances

– Cultural factors, such as schools, peer groups, and age groups.


A lot of influencing actions or decisions occur during the selection of courses to read in senior secondary schools and universities. These broad factors influence their decisions at this critical juncture. Parents' influences, peer group, intellectual ability, financial background, life goals, and so on all have varying degrees of weight. There are numerous issues that have an impact on the senior secondary school, either ly or inly.

Whereas previously they had studied all of the school subjects together with no distinction between care subjects and optional subjects or between science and arts subjects, they now have to choose areas of specialization whether science or arts. This is the start of their career-choice issues.

It is obvious that arts students will never again consider pursuing science, engineering, or medicine courses in universities, and science students will never consider pursuing arts courses leading to a bachelor of arts degree in universities. Everything begins to fall apart from there.


The primary goal of this research is to identify the factors influencing students' career choices in the Oredo Local Government Area of Edo State. It will also investigate to what extent the factors influencing career choice will benefit students positively or negatively.


– What are the possible causes of factors influencing secondary school students' career choices in Edo State's Oredo Local Government Area?

– How much influence does the private sector have on secondary school students' career choices?

– What is the actual impact of both private and public secondary schools on secondary school students' career choices?


The significance of this researcher's work is to determine to what extent parental influences influence student career choice and attendance performance on the subject that would hear them successfully toward this occupation or job as a life span endeavor.

1. It will allow the research to make recommendations to parents about their children's reactions to the advice given to them.

2. It will allow the researcher to make concrete recommendations to the government about career choices among students, which is especially important given the high unemployment rate.

3. It will allow the researcher to make recommendations to school officials.

4. The findings will also allow the researcher to make recommendations for future research on the topic of career prospects.


This research study is limited to students in Edo State's Oredo Local Government Area. This study focuses on four randomly selected secondary schools in Edo State's Oredo local government area. Four of them are public, while one is private.

1. Army Day Secondary School at Ikpoba Hill Barracks

2. Immaculate Conception University

3. Idogbo Grammar School in Idogbo

4. Queen Ede Secondary School in Ikpoba Hill

5. Henson demonstration Group of School, Iwogban Quarters


CAREER – A chosen course of business activity or enterprise, particularly one's professional life or employment that provides advancement and honor.

AFFECT – To cause someone or something to change.

INFLUENCE- The power that someone or something has to influence someone or something in a specific way, such as influencing a parent's choice of career for their children.

PROSPECT: The likelihood of success in a good job/employment/career prospect.

SCHOOL: A school is a place where children can receive an education. The process of learning in a school; the period of your life during which you attend school.

– A formal written, spoken, or practical test, usually given in schools or colleges, to determine how much you know about a subject or what you can do to sit for an exam and pass it.



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