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Chapter One: Design and Implementation of a Computerised Tourism Information System (Case Study of OWERRI in IMO State)

Tourism is currently one of the world’s fastest-growing sectors. It plays a crucial role in the national economy by creating job opportunities, contributing to the balance of payments, and promoting economic progress. Tourism is a diverse activity that affects many people’s lives and businesses.

It is impossible to overstate the importance of using computers in practically every aspect of human endeavour. The world of office automation has evolved since the arrival of the microcomputer, and it will continue to change as existing systems are modernised. We’re trying to determine how the computer will affect tourism in Imo State.

Tourism is the manifestation of mobility from one location to another. Transportation ensures the existence of tourism; transportation allows for the majority of these movements; in other words, transportation is an essential component of tourism and serves as a means of transporting tourists to various tourist attractions and activities.

Logically, the more accessible tourism resources are, the more likely it is to attract visitors. There are several key modes of transportation related with international tourist mobility, including air transport, train (railways), and automobile.

Tourism is simply described as travel for pleasure, recreation, or relaxation. Because of the current importance of tourism on the global economy.

The contemporary definition of tourism places a greater emphasis on the transfer of financial resources from the tourist’s home to his destination than on the purpose of the trip.

As a result, a tourist can participate in a variety of activities, including sports, cultural appreciation, relaxation, religious renewal, business, and conference attendance.

When a tourist leaves his home town for another area inside the same country, he is considered a domestic tourist. If someone passes his country’s borders, he becomes an international tourist.

The significance of this definition of tourism is that thousands of Imo State citizens living in various areas of Nigeria who travel home with their annual savings over Christmas and return to their station with nearly empty wallets in less than a week are domestic tourists.

To be considered a successful tourist destination, a country must maintain a seasonal balance between local and foreign visitors. Countries as large as Nigeria typically have more local than foreign tourists.

According to Kraal (1999:1B), travel and tourism is currently the largest single industry, employing over 12 million people and generating about $100 million in taxes each year.

It accounts for between 25 and 30 percent of the world’s trade in services, travel opportunities can enhance the quality of the human experience in spiritual and national terms. Kriffendorf (1987: 20)

Travel is recovery and regulation.

Travel provides compensation and social integration.

Travel is escape.

Travel promotes communication and broadens the intellect.

Travel represents freedom and self-determination.

Travel equals happiness.

Nigeria has inverse natural resources in comparison to other African countries, as well as globally. Nigeria’s abundant tourism resources, which include unique geomorphologic features, historical movement rachis, wildlife, and game reserves, have rightly classified the country as a nation of contrasts.

Imo state has been regarded as a state rich in natural resources with significant tourist potential, which, if properly utilised and well managed, have the potential to become the state’s primary alternative source of revenue.

Imo state tourist resources include natural lakes, such as Oguta Lake, a series of hills around Okigwe, and environments that can stimulate the mind-building activity of mountaineering, particularly among youngsters.

The network of rivers and streams with sand beaches that are frequent in the Obowo district, interesting sights in Owerri, the botanical garden and 300 at Nekede near Owerri, and other significant tourist attractions.

Imo state’s tourism industry also includes hotels and holiday resorts of varying sizes and quality levels. Recreational facilities for sports and recreation, amusements, monuments, historic relics, artefacts, and natural scenery can be found in cities and villages throughout the state.

Imo state has several traditional festivities each year. Some of them have an international dimension, such as the canoe regatta in Reverine districts and traditional wrestling matches

which are quickly regaining prominence. The Ozuruimo cultural celebration, the Mmanwu festival in Igboland, the Iri ji festival, and a variety of other events.

These vast tourism resources may be packaged as an object of international trade using good marketing tactics, and Imo state can thrust itself into the spotlight as both a tourist destination and a state that generates foreign exchange.

The primary goal of this study is to analyse the Oguta Lake Holiday Resort as a tourist destination, outlining the issues it faces and investigating some of the potential benefits to the state if properly managed.


The East Central State Government established the Oguta Lake Holiday Resort in 1973 after determining that the lakes and surrounding scenery are ideal for tourism development. The Oguta Lake Holiday Resort is located in Imo State.

On September 2, 1977, Imo Hotels Owerri took over administration of the motel. It comprises of various bungalows, each with fifteen chalets that must be adequately kept. There are gift shops in close proximity to the hotel.

There were eighty employees on the job, including fifteen senior employees, twenty intermediate employees, and forty-five junior employees. The motel also includes thirty-one (31) double suites with nice furnishings and amenities.

It may easily be turned into individual suits. It also provides outdoor cooking and laundry services, which must be carefully maintained by the administration, as well as recreational facilities such as lawn tennis and a gift course. A variety of drinks and beverages are also offered.

Other facilities at Oguta Lake Holiday Resort include:

Children play ground.

Speedboats for water skiing or leisure trips around the lake.

Picnic facilities.

Conference room, capable of hosting about 250 persons.

Tennis Hand Courts

Gift Clubs House

In addition, one of the famed Ojukwu Bunkers is located on the grounds of the Oguta Lake Golf Course.

Statement of the Problem
The main issue is the delayed response time in addressing inquiries and making bookings; both clients and travel agencies complain about the difficulties of the telephone being constantly engaged.

Customers frequently plan their tours as a result of various inefficiencies in the current system. Airline seats and hotel rooms are frequently overbooked or underbooked.

A system is required to overcome these issues, but aiming to develop a system that eliminates such flaws. It is required to examine the system utilising structural methods.

The operations carried out by the tourism board are various. As a result, I am limiting my involvement in his project to tourism-related issues, specifically designing a computer system to facilitate information and rendering services for the Imo State Tourism Board. This approach will be more useful for both projection services and documentation.

Due to the delay caused by the manual system in discharging the tourism board in Imo State.

We are attempting to determine how the use of a computer can aid in these articles and reduce the delays previously seen in the old manual system.


Limitations of the Study
During the process of completing these duties, numerous obstacles and difficulties were met. It makes it difficult to obtain background knowledge, resulting in a limited source of information acquired.

Obtaining materials for the work was a significant problem: most books were not available at the library, and when they were, they were either out of date or had been torn apart and carried away by others.

Again, discovering faced its own limits during the course of this investigation. Some regions that need total coverage and would be useful in data collecting were not reached due to a lack of finances.

Above all, the researcher is still working within the constraints of his ability to ensure that the project is presented. Despite these limitations, sufficient data was obtained to ensure objective and meaningful deductions and organisations.

Significance of the Study
The purpose of conducting any research is to answer an educational problem; with this in mind, the study is directed towards the following.

This research is designed to produce useful result for better operations of tourism hotspots in Imo state as a whole.
This study provides managers of tourist centres with essential information for strategic and profitable tourism centre management.

To the government, the study evaluates numerous government rules and makes recommendations for more effective and efficient resort centre operations.

To the general public, the research raises awareness of the problem and opportunities for tourist attractions in Imo State, hence broadening public knowledge and comprehension.

The study will contribute to the existing literature on the subject and raise some concerns that may lead to further research on the subject.


A computer is an electronic device that, upon receipt of proper input, is capable of processing the inputs in accordance with a set of previously supplied instructions and making the result (output) available if designed.

A programme is a series of instructions sent to the computer.

Address: bills to address, where we mail customers’ documents.

File is a collection of connected records.

Booking references: previous bookings and new bookings with references

A tourist is a person or group of people who travel to or visit another location for pleasure or business.

Tourism sectors are those that provide a wide range of amusement and entertainment options for people to enjoy.

A resort is a place where people often or routinely go to rest.

Resort centre: a place built to attract tourists with the intention of exploiting them.

Transportation is a means of moving people or things from one location to another. It also ensures the existence of tourism.

Domestic tourist: a person or an individual who leaves his home for another location within the same country.

An international tourist is a person who travels from one country to another.

Business phone number: a phone number used in business.

Customer: A tourism business system customer.

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