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Visual basic (VB) is the third generation event-driven programming language and integrated development environment (IDE) from Microsoft for its programming model. Visual basic is also considered as a relative easy to learn and use programming language, because of its graphic development features and basic heritage. Visual basic was derived from BASIC and enables the rapid application development (RAD) of graphical user interface (GUI) applications access to database using Data Access objects, Data objects, or active data objects and creation of active X controls and objects.

With every little effort, the programmer can design a screen that holds standard windows elements such as command buttons, check boxes, option buttons, text boxes and list boxes. Each of these windows objects operators as expected, producing a “standard” windows user interface.

Visual basic is easy to learn, which makes it an excellent tool for understanding elementary programming concepts. In addition, it has evolved into such a powerful and popular product that skilled visual basic programmers are in demand in the job market.

The purpose of this project topic on design and implementation of a web enabled visual basic tutorial is to present to student with a big picture on visual basic online teaching or tutorial so that students of Federal Polytechnic Nekede can be able to go the website and learn the application of VB and its importance to human existence. It enables the students to learn at their own pace.

In this chapter, we begin with a discussion of how the design of website on visual basic tutorial has traditionally been driven by the role they play and the services they provide. The problem of designing this website in order to provide services like learning and teaching are also considered. The general discussion of the designation of website on visual basic tutorial and the essential function they provide must be presented in this project.

Visual basic enables an individual to program easily. It is an object oriented programming language. It has tool bars, properties and other main menu that helps to create a beautiful project outlook.

Here is an example of the language: code snippet that displays a message box “hello world” as the window forms load.

Private sub form load ()

‘Execute a simple message box that will say “Hello world”

Msgbox “hello world”

End sub.


The Imo state of Nigeria Edict No 16b of 1978 established the Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Owerri twenty nine years ago. It took off at its temporary site at the premises if the government Technical College (GTC) Owerri in the same year following the take over of the institution by Federal Government with effect from First January 1993, the name of the institution was again changed to the Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Owerri. As regulated by the federal Polytechnic Act (Cap 139) of 1979. the functions are to provide full time or part time courses of institution and training to arrange conferences, seminar and study groups relative to the various fields of learning and to perform such functions as in the opinion of the governing council, that they may serve to promote the objectives for which it was established, it adopted the motto “knowledge and skill for service” right from its inception in 1978.

The polytechnic has recorded such achievement as in academic programmes; it started with nine programmes houses in three schools with all commenced at the National Diploma level. Today there are 25 programmes distributed in the five schools. All the programmes with the exception of one being mass communication have been accredited up to the Higher National Diploma.

In addition, they also offer evening programmes courses and weekend programmes courses.

In other words, this project case study will be centered on school of engineering, computer science precisely.


In an institution like this, Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Owerri, the method of admission is very alarming for instance, in a department like electrical Electronics Engineering, the number of intake of ND student are 500, the HND are almost 500 too, then their evening counterpart both ND and HND respectively are close to 1000, same applicable to weekend programme.

In a situation like this, you find out that learning generally poses a big problem. This I turn forms constraints that will slow down the peace of growing versatile in area of academic.

Even in my course of research, I found out that there are other departments who ought to do the course, for instance Electrical Electronics Engineering, Statistics department, Physics department etc. but owing to the constraints involved, I therefore drew out some problems that could be the course


Since the learning of visual basic requires practical, the students are limited from knowing how the program works because of some faulty computers in the lab. Sometimes, the students are made to stay 10 people each on one system, you know what that means, and concentration will be lost.


Like as I said earlier, over population can hinder a student from learning. This is because, the atmosphere will be stuffy owing to the heat exerted from the bodies or skin of students. The environment will be unconductive and sometimes seats are occupied and others.


The purpose or aim of the study is to provide a website on visual basic online teaching where the students of federal polytechnic Nekede, will go and learn, make research, and gather facts on any information they want on VB. This will help to improve student’s attitude and make them to become good programmers despite their area of discipline in the institution.

Another point is also to enable student become versatile in all area of academic work. Since we are in the computer age, information and communication technology has cropped in every nook and cranny of this world. Even the illiterate ones have realized the applications of computers.

Learning visual basic in a big institution like this makes the students to understand all about object-oriented language. You can imagine students from the department of mass communication, political science, public administration etc writing a program on VB. This generally means that this website will enable the student to learn at ease, in a more conducive atmosphere without any obstruction or disturbance. As a matter of fact, the project is going to be hosted on the internet to allow students to browse through and thus enhance their intellectual capabilities and learn beyond the traditional classroom lecture.


The scope of this study will be strictly on school of engineering. COMPUTER SCIENCE precisely. Though schools ca still have access to the teaching but in order to reduce the compellability of the science. This will be done to enable the students to be fully baked and grinded on this wonderful area of learning. So that when they enter the labour market, they will be expert on the field.

All computer students from ND to HND are free to go to the internet and browse, make research, practice what they have learnt inside the classroom teaching and still expanciate their knowledge on programming concept. This in turn will generally increase their skills, knowledge, vision and intelligence on the aspect of VB language.


Since the purpose of this project is to design a website on visual basic tutorial, students will therefore benefit from this study as it serves so many goals or importance.

This site will provide to the students, the preliminary concept of programming and its importance.

It will enable students to design a project on their own like employee payroll of a company and writing codes.

It will make the students to be an expert in visual basic program and become a demand in the job market.

The learning of VB via the online lecture can enable one become a tutor, a consultant in firms like banks, schools because with the employment of a VB programmer, complex work is now lessen in the organization.

With the knowledge of visual basic, the student can program visual basic, Net, C+, and Pascal. C++ and other promising programming languages.

The knowledge of VB can make an individual to be a software developer.


In a big project like this, so many limitations was encountered. Financial problem was a very big hitch to this project in the sense that some foreign textbooks needed to properly build this project was not bought.

Another limitation was the limited time embarked to carry out the research work as the research was combined with welfare and other academic work which was tedious.

The researcher was limited to some vital information in the library due to some security reasons from the librarian. The time spent in understanding the vast function of visual basic and the complexity of the program constituted a lot of worries during program development. Visual basic is too vast and very complex in designing but very interesting in analyzing the applications and functions.

Moreso, the HTML program gave me a big problem and concern as it is very difficult to code, making it look much complex.


       VISUAL BASIC: A window-based object oriented programming language from Microsoft that lets users develop windows and office applications by creating command buttons, textboxes, windows and toolbars which may be linked to small basic programs that performs certain functions.

       OBJECT ORIENTED PROGRAMMING (OOP) – An approach to programming that uses objects and their properties. Each type of object behaves in certain way. Applications are built by combining objects and coding the actions to be taken when events occurs.

       ACTIVE X: A custom control, program, or DDL that can be ended to a project.

    USER INTERFACE: The display and commands seen by a user, how the user interacts with an application containing controls

   TOOL BAR: The group of buttons beneath the menu bar used as shortcuts for menu command.

   WEBBROWSER: A control that has methods to navigate the internet 

 GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE: A program application containing icons, buttons and menu bars.

    COMMAND BUTTON:  A control used to activate a procedure.

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