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The impact of covid19 on private secondary schools in Obia Akpor LGA, Rivers state, was investigated in this y. The y’s total population is 200 staff members from a private secondary school in Abuja. The researcher collected data using questionnaires as the instrument.

This y used a descriptive survey research design. The y included 133 respondents who were principals, teachers, senior staff, and junior staff. The collected data was organized into tables and analyzed using simple percentages and frequencies.



1.1The Study’s Background

As the world becomes more interconnected, so do the threats we face. The -19 pandemic has crossed national boundaries. It has affected people of all nationalities, levels of education, income, and gender. However, the same cannot be said for its consequences, which have disproportionately impacted the most vulnerable. Education is no different. Students from privileged backgrounds who are supported by their parents and eager to learn may be able to find their way past closed school doors to alternative learning opportunities.

The -19 pandemic has had an impact on educational systems around the world, resulting in the near-complete closure of schools, universities, and colleges.

To combat the spread of -19, most s around the world have temporarily closed educational institutions. Private education institutions, like many other sectors, are feeling the effects of quarantine measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Operating a private education institution is not a cheap venture in any country, as the majority of these institutions are self-funded.

However, school closures have brought to light some difficulties and challenges, particularly for teachers in private schools. This includes everything from unpaid monthly salaries to other arrears.

We are all aware that the majority of private schools rely entirely on school fees and other sources to pay their teaching staff. As a result, the has temporarily closed all schools in order to combat the pandemic. Not only are teachers in a difficult situation, but so are parents and others involved in the country’s educational system.

We applaud the ’s initiative to work with private school administrators and owners to figure out how to best settle the payment of their teachers’ salary arrears.

Problem identification

Despite the fact that some schools owe their teaching staff monthly salaries, a large number of these employees are eager to assist their schools during this trying time of the covid-19 pandemic. The economic impact of -19, on the other hand, is likely to be felt over the next few s, particularly in terms of job losses and income reductions across the board.

Experts believe that due to the ongoing threat of a COVID-19 pandemic and the loss of livelihoods, enrollment in both public and private schools will suffer significantly in the upcoming school 2020-2021. The y intends to investigate the impact of covid19 on private secondary school teachers in Rivers state’s Obia Akpor LGA.


The y’s objective

The y’s objectives are as follows:

To ascertain the impact of covid19 on the welfare of private secondary school teachers in Obia Akpor.
To investigate the difficulties faced by private secondary school teachers during covid19
To determine the economic impact of -19 on Obia Akpor’s private secondary schools.
Hypotheses for research

The researcher developed the following research hypotheses in order to successfully complete the y:

H0: Covid19 has no effect on the welfare of private secondary school teachers in Obia Akpor.

H1: Covid19 has an effect on the welfare of private secondary school teachers in Obia Akpor.

During covid19, there are no challenges for private secondary school teachers.

H2: Private secondary school teachers face challenges during covid19.


The y’s importance

The y will be extremely useful to ents, private secondary schools, and policymakers. The research will shed light on the impact of covid19 on private secondary school teachers. The y will provide information on the challenges that private secondary school teachers face during covid19. The y will also be used as a resource for other researchers who will be working on a similar topic.

The y’s scope and limitations

The y’s scope includes the impact of covid19 on private secondary school teachers in Rivers state’s Obia Akpor LGA. The researcher comes across a constraint that limits the scope of the y;

a) RESEARCH MATERIAL AVAILABILITY: The researcher’s research material is insufficient, limiting the scope of the y.
b) TIME: The y’s time frame does not allow for broader coverage because the researcher must balance other academic activities and examinations with the y.
Definitions of terms

Coronavirus disease (-19) is a viral infection caused by a newly discovered coronavirus.

Private secondary school: a secondary school run by an individual.


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