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Background of The Study

Conflict is unavoidable in any society or organisation. It occurs among individuals, organisations, governments, and even family members. Group or organisational conflict. Team dynamism may be improved (Mary Ann 2000). Conflict management abilities are required for conflict management in any organisation.

For any organisation to be effective and efficient in its operations. Members of the organisation must coexist and understand one another in this situation. Conflict within an organisation, on the other hand, might arise as a result of personality differences, ambitions, or villainy between sub-groups or factions (Dennis, 2006).

Conflict is caused by emotions and irritation, and it has a negative impact on group or organisational outcomes, such as information processing abilities. Cognitive function of group members,

attribution of group members behaviour group loyalty. Work group commitment, intention to remain with the current organisation, and job happiness (Jameson 2007).

Organisational conflict is a condition of discord created by actual or perceived differences in needs, values, and interests among individuals who work together. In organisations, there is an unavoidable struggle between formal authority and power and those individuals and groups.

Most organisational conflicts are the consequence of worker union agitation for better working conditions and other welfare packages. In recent years, organised labour, the government, and business owners have been constrained by the problem of industrial conflict;

thus, conflict resolution as an activity of industrial relations has become extremely important following a disagreement between workers and management repetition (employer and employee) on a matter pertaining to either policy formulation on the welfare of workers in an organisation or workers participation in decision making process on matters t

According to Jornab (2007), worker union agitation for better working conditions and other welfare packages is virtually always at odds with the interests and expectations of employers, laying the groundwork for industrial confrontations.

As a result, it is critical to investigate conflict resolution as a tool for effective management in SSABML.

Statement of the Problem

Productivity in most organisations has sunk in response to frequent industrial dispute, frequent worker agitation for better working conditions, and other worker interests and rights. As a result of the frequent industrial conflict,

many organisations have returned to different methods of resolving such conflict due to the intended negative consequences such as down toll, which will affect sales, production decline, patronage, and profit margin.

The Purpose of the Research

The following are the study’s objectives:

SSABML conflict causes must be identified.

To investigate the significance of effective conflict management in SSABML.

In SSABML, investigate the conditions for effective dispute resolution.

In order to find the best feasible solution to a conflict in SSABML,

The Significance of the Research

The study will benefit corporate organisations, particularly SSABML, because the findings will be used in policy formation about conflict management in their organisation.

The research will contribute to existing information on conflict resolution and will be excellent reference resources for individuals, students, and researchers who wish to conduct similar research.

Most importantly, the study will go a long way towards reducing unnecessary corporate turmoil and increasing productivity, harmonious coexistence between management and employees, all of which will have a beneficial impact on sales, profit, management, and maximum labour augmentation.

The research will also be used as a starting point for future research.

Research Questions

The following research questions will guide the study:

What are the sources of contention in SSABML?

What role does effective conflict management play in SSABML?

What are the SSABML requirements for effective conflict resolution?

What are the positive solutions to the conflict problem in SSABML?

Scope of The Study

The research looks on conflict resolution as a technique for good management in SSABML. To that purpose, the research will determine the criteria for effective conflict resolution as well as the importance of an effective management system in SSABML. The study will also identify the sources of conflict in SSABML and propose solutions to such issues.

Limitations of the Research

Because this study is limited to Sona System Association Business Management Limited (SSABML), it is unclear whether the same results would be obtained if the survey was conducted in a different area, given that the questionnaire and survey design are used as the instrument and research design, respectively. It is unknown whether alternative types of devices or research designs may provide the same results.

Other restrictions stem from respondents’ uncooperative attitude as well as their nonchallant attitude. This impacted the credibility of their response. As a result, incoming students and others who intend to do additional research should be aware of this.

In 1977, Sona System Association Business Management (SSABML) was founded in Nigeria. It began with its first plant in Kaduna, which was located in Kuddenda Industrial Layout.

The company began with a franchise from Hamburg Breweries in Germany’s Kronerburg and Serzenbre markets to make Kronerburg and Serzenbre, as well as a franchise from Malinnger Breweries in the United States to produce Legent Extra Smooth and Amstel Malt.

Sona System Association Business Management Limited Kaduna (SSABML) operates distribution outlets in all Nigerian states where it sells beer and malt drinks to clients.

Conflict: This is a process in which one party believes that another party’s interests are being resisted or negatively impacted.
Management is the act of getting things done through other people.

disagreement Management: A communication procedure in an organisation that provides a resolution when a disagreement arises.
Organisation: This is a structure for completing tasks.

Strike: This is temporary withdrawal or withholding of labour power with the goal of raising its price by improving the payment of wages and other condition of work.

Employees are locked out when management refuses to allow them to work.
Trade Union: This is a combination of workers or employers association form for the main goal of regulating the terms and conditions of employment of workers.

Production is the process of converting raw materials, labour, and capital goods into completed goods and services.
Sona System Association Business Management Limited is abbreviated as SSABML.

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