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The study of hand would be based on the relationship between communication and its effect on performance. Employees will clearly improve their performance through improved communication efficiency and effectiveness. These would be discussed via a questionnaire to be given to them and secondary data to visit.

Because of communication, the globe has become a global village, which has resulted in increased productivity or efficient and effective performance.

Workers and employers have not had a good relationship for a long time. Because of policies, there have been misunderstandings, disagreements, uncertainty, irritation, and arguments between employees in some organisations.

Communication should be improved between superiors and subordinates. The performance appraisal can aid in the improvement of workplace communication.

The necessity to build interaction between superiors and subordinates; most organisations complain about poor performance or production, while employees complain about unfair treatment.

The data supplied and processed provides insights into communication and is seen as a tool for organisational success; yet, there are issues affecting effective communication for organisational performance.

Some initiatives were being taken in most organisations to achieve industrial peace and economic well-being. However, there is still industrial discontent.

The sooner organisations discover what some of their employees are dissatisfied with, the better their industrial harmony and productivity.

Communication should be viewed as a company lifeline, and this performance review can help improve workplace communication.

There is a requirement for communication amongst the subordinates.

The sample size is 300 people, and they have different points of view that have been humanised with the following findings and objectives.

(1) Communication stimulates workers to perform in accordance with the theory and practise of diverse management in job integration and coordination.

(2) An authority hierarchy from which to control the administration via the defined chain of command.

(3) The use of networks in operations is critical in specific jobs and cannot be overlooked, such as Y networks, circle networks, star networks, chain networks, and so on.

(4) Communication stimulates employees to be energetic in the performance of their jobs as a team and as individuals, as well as to exercise.

(5) The hypothesis test results reveal that communication is viewed as a tool for improving organisational effectiveness.

(6) As evidenced by the hypothesis test, problems continue to impede effective and efficient communication.

Based on these findings, a general assumption can be formed so that any success may be handled and problems impacting communication effectiveness and efficiency for organisational performance can be resolved, and communication is a tool to organisational performance.



Our society is a dynamic environment in terms of technological progress, and swift decisions that must be made and implemented are required.

These procedures necessitate communication. In fact, without communication, each person would be an island isolated from all other islands.

An organisation is formed with the intention of succeeding, progressing, and maintaining production. It is, of course, made up of people working together to fulfil the organization's aims.

Aside from organisational aims, these individuals have personal ambitions that may or may not align with those of the organisation. As a result, if individuals require communication to flourish, organisations require it more than ever.

There is a widespread view that NITEL is inefficient as a service corporation when compared to its peers in South Africa and other nations. This is undoubtedly part of Nigeria's low development.

The following statement, combined with the belief that NITEL's services are unremarkable, sparked the controversy. Staff / workers raised the point that “communication is the managerial tool for efficient and effective organisational performance rather than activeness or still performance.”

As I have stated, an organisation need more than just communication. This is due to the fact that it must actualize its goals, which is accomplished through the interaction of men as members of the organization's staff with public standing as consumers of the organization's goods and services,

or through man's ability to operate the various machineries at his disposal to achieve a productive stage when management refuses or fails to communicate with staff organisation policies,

before expecting obedience, they lose experts in the field, as these staff may be It is not always possible to find professionals to fill vacancies left by resignations in a timely manner. The organisation suffers in the long run.

An organisation must organise and offer logistics to enable personnel to communicate effectively. “Communication involves a two-way process of information transformation from a source to a receiver who decades the information and sends feedback or response to the sender based on having understood the message,” according to the NITEL assessment.

Productivity, on the other hand, is all about organisational efficiency. It is measured by what is produced, when it is produced, and how much the resources cost.

Given the preceding premise, it is reasonable to believe that communication is especially important in companies such as NITEL, which specialises in engineering. In the service distribution .

Worse, when there is no communication for the disruption, additional damage is done. According to Enudu (:15), in today's modern business, a manager without proper knowledge is absolutely lost.


According to Onyeka (1999:11), there is no contact if there is no feedback. It is feedback that informs the sender of the message that the audience received and acted on it.

Withholding feedback is another type of communication impact breakdown. Except when clearly stated as an indicator of either, silence cannot be taken as an agreement or rejection of support or lack thereof.

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