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The study focuses on an appraisal of promotional strategies for barbershops in the Enugu Metropolis, with a special emphasis on Top Class Barbershops in Enugu.

The study's aims are:

· Evaluate Top Class Barbing Salon's promotional efforts to determine their profitability.

· Determine the influence of Top Class Barber Salon's public relations on consumer patronage.

· Determine if Top Class Barbing Salon's advertising techniques in Enugu metropolitan increase client awareness of their services. Based on these four hypotheses, each focused on the impact of a certain promotion.

Data were gathered from two main sources: primary and secondary data. An extensive literature review of textbooks, journals, and other relevant was conducted. The population includes the management, relevant personnel, and clients of Top Class Barber Salon in Enugu.

The acquired data was presented, analysed, and interpreted using tables, frequencies, and percentages, with hypotheses evaluated using chi-square.

Based on the . The following findings were obtained. That barbershop, as well as the case organisation, have yet to fully understand the need of creating an appropriate promotional mix to improve its performance.

That public relations has a good impact on client patronage, yet the billboards were badly planned and not properly placed.

In light of the aforesaid findings, the following recommendations were made.

– In addition to billboards, radio and print advertisements should be used. The advertising message should be focused on the quality of service provided, availability, and reasonable pricing.

– Other promotional activities, such as sales promotion, public relations, publicity, and personal selling, should be carefully balanced for optimal results. The researcher believes that if the recommendations are carefully adopted, the example organisation will be able to better service its customers while making a profit.Chapter one

1.1 Background of the Study

According to Ebue (1990: 1), if you produce the best product, package it brilliantly, price it correctly, distribute it well, and position it to best meet the needs of the customer, you must have desired all marketing skills if no one knows you have done so, and your customers and prospects can only learn about it through promotional activities.

According to Adirika E, Ebue B., and Nnolim P. (2996: 35), promotion is the component utilised by the organisation to inform, educate, and persuade the about the 's offers. The primary variables of promotion are advertising, personal selling, sale promotion, publicity, and public relations.

Promotion is an essential component of survival and development; without it, things may not sell, and when they do, their long-term viability is uncertain.

The art and science of marketing promotion, which includes advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, public relations, and marketing, is sometimes linked with glamour and flamboyance.

In fact, in order to compete in today's competitive marketing environment, several organisations spend the majority of their budget on promotions.

According to Onyeke K. J. (2003: 88), promotional methods are the most effective vehicles for competitiveness and the only way a market richer may expect to infiltrate an established market. He went on to say that in order for a company to stand out in a competitive market, it must value the importance of promotion.

It could have been an unfelt want, or no want at all, until company actions produced it through advertising, sales promotion, or investing in something new.

Modern marketing firms are increasingly recognising the importance of a successful communication and promotion strategy for their whole audience. This contains Barber Salon service providers.

According to Olakunori (2000: 214), a company's performance in a society with imperfect competition is largely determined by the effectiveness and efficiency of marketing promotional operations.

The Emerson is often seen as being misleading in today's world of noise and competitiveness. He emphasised that a corporation must blast its horn.

Ebue pointed out that current marketing goes beyond simply manufacturing a solid product, pricing it attractively, and having it truly available to target customers.

The company must communicate with its audience by telling good stories and disseminating information about the items' existence, features, terms, and benefits to the target market.

Top Class Barbershop is a prominent barbershop in Enugu Metropolis. The salon began operations in 1989 with Okeigwe in Abia State.

The corporation is not heavily involved in promotional operations; the only obvious advertising is the installation of a signboard, which serves solely to identify the location of the business premises.

However, with the development of barbershops in the Enugu metropolitan, it is necessary to evaluate the company's promotional activities in the face of increasing industry competition.

Many advertisers and manufacturers of goods and services are increasingly aware that marketing can not only inform and persuade, but also generate profit through increased sales.

Given the importance of promotion, the researcher wants to conduct an appraisal of promotional tactics for barbershops in the Enugu metropolis, utilising Top Class Barbershop as a case study.

1.2 Statement of Problem

Entrepreneurs frequently cite inadequate sales as a significant factor of failure. A thorough examination of their circumstances frequently reveals complete misunderstanding of the requirement for promotional expertise or purposeful disregard of the importance of coordinated promotional methods.

Many barbershops are overconfident in their sales (patronage) because they believe that their products will sell themselves, forgetting that even the best products and services must be pushed in order to move out of the store. In reality, developing efficient promotional methods is an important step towards generating a market.

The above scenario applies equally to Top Class Barbing Salon, despite the numerous advantages inherent in effective promotion, and the fact that the adage that says, if you don't say I am,

nobody will say you are still very true or you are here, the availability of promotional facilities, the need to use promotion, to higher competition in this industry, the use of co-ordinated/effective promo tools by Top Class Barbing Salon in its operation is barely evident and is ne

In light of the foregoing, the researcher attempted to evaluate the promotional tactics of hairdressing salons in Enugu city, with a particular focus on Top Class Barbing Salon Enugu.

1.3 Objectives of the Study

To investigate the extent to which barbershop owners in the Enugu metropolitan are aware of promotional materials.

To determine the effect of direct marketing on consumer patronage at Top Class Barbershop in Enugu city.

To evaluate the promotional techniques used by Top Class Barbing Salon in Enugu Metropolis to boost profitability.

1.4 Formulation of the Hypothesis

The following hypotheses were proposed and tested.

Ho: The advertising techniques used by Top Class Barber Salon in Enugu metropolitan do not raise consumer knowledge of barbershop services.

Hi: Top Class Barbing Salon in Enugu metropolis uses advertising tactics to raise consumer awareness of its barbershop services.

Ho2: Top Class Barbing Salon's public relations initiatives in Enugu have not increased consumer patronage.

Ho2: Public relations methods used by Top Class Barbershop in Enugu metropolitan have helped to enhance consumer patronage

Ho3 Personal selling methods used by Top Class Barbershop in Enugu metropolitan have no beneficial impact on your business.

Ho3 Personal selling methods used by Top Class Barbershop in Enugu metropolitan have no beneficial impact on your business.

Ho4 Top Class Barber Salon's promotional methods in Enugu metropolitan have not increased profitability.

Ho4 Top Class Barbershop's promotional techniques in Enugu metropolitan have increased revenue.

1.5 Significance of the Study

The study will greatly help the operations of any barbershop. The study will demonstrate some of the most cost-effective and efficient promotional game plans that might be implemented to improve the performance of their service operation.

The study would also assist Top Class Barber Salon in improving its operations in the Enugu city. Consumers who visit Top Class Barbering Salon will be more informed and educated not only about the products sold, but also about the services offered.

The study will serve as a source of documentation for readers who may find the study helpful. Above all, the study will help the researcher by providing in-depth knowledge and understanding of the subject, which may lead to additional research.


The study, which involved an evaluation of promotional techniques of barbershops and hair care facilities, looked in depth at the promotional strategies used by barbers. Again, the study is limited to Top Class Barber Salon and its consumers in the Enugu metropolitan.

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