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The impact of bullying on students’ academic performance in particular secondary schools

The impact of bullying on students’ academic performance in particular secondary schools

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The impact of bullying on students’ academic performance in particular secondary schools


The project is divided into five (5) chapters, the most essential of which are the introduction, backdrop to the study, explanation of problems, limitations of the study, definition of terms, and aims of study. These are only a few of the significant topics covered in the chapter.

The second chapter was devoted to a literature study, in which many theories were properly explained. Theories such as developmental theory and others. This chapter also provided facts and data about bullying. The third chapter focuses on data collection methodology. The fourth chapter dealt with data analysis and interpretation, while the fifth chapter dealt with the conclusion, summary, and suggestions.




Bullying occurs in all sectors of schooling. It can happen almost everywhere in or around the school, but it usually happens during playtime, hallways, bathrooms, on school buses and while waiting for buses, classes that involve group effort or after school events.

Bullying at school might involve a group of students taking advantage of or isolating one student in particular and winning the devotion of bystanders, who may desire to avoid becoming the next victim. School bullying is a pervasive problem that impacts secondary school students on three levels: mentally, educationally, and professionally.

Bullying is an aggressive conduct against others that can be verbal, physical, or social. It might be verbal by calling unpleasant names, physical by kicking, pushing, or tripping up, or social by everyone not talking to you.
The first factor that influences bullying in school is academic achievement.

As a result, bullied children live in dread, self-blame, and weakness, which affects their personality qualities and self-confidence. As a result, they are unable to study well and may dislike attending to school. Furthermore, kids will miss out on opportunities to interact with others and participate in school activities.

As a result, individuals will achieve worse academic achievement and educational accomplishment. Bullying has a substantial correlation with school quality factors such as class size, a lack of a library, and sports facilities. Bullying makes both bullies and victims dislike school more, and it can lead to stress and depression.

Bullying can cause stress, low self-esteem, hopelessness, and social isolation. Children miss classes or are afraid to go to school. When they do attend, they lose concentration. Some of the consequences of bullying endure long after they have grown up.

Bullying has the unintended consequence of leading to suicide. While suicide is uncommon in harassed youngsters, the negative repercussions of bullying are terrible and persist long after the child is bullied. Many schools have a zero tolerance policy for bullying, but it can be difficult to identify the victims and offenders because children are frightened to speak up.

Bullying leads to long-term issues like sadness and anxiety. In his essay “The Long Term Effects of Bullying,” psychologist Mark Dombeck recounts his own bullying experiences as a child, as well as the experiences of his patients, and asserts that the anger, anxiety, and depression of that moment frequently lingers into adulthood, causing problems with keeping a job, forming relationships, and even continued victimisation in abusive relationships or work environments.

Students that are bullied find it difficult to concentrate in school, therefore their grades may be a warning sign that they are being bullied. If a youngster misses a lot of school due to bullying, his or her GPA may suffer as well. Bullied children will complain of headaches, stomachaches, and general exhaustion.

These problems are typically induced by emotional suffering, which manifests as physical diseases. Bullied students frequently utilise physical problems to get out of school. Furthermore, they may keep infectious from committing crime throughout the day. One particularly sad side effect of bullying is that some tormented youngsters go on to victimise and harass other children.

Children who are bullied at school will seek out children who are more susceptible than they are to bully, just as some students begin to bully at school because they are bullied at home. It’s an attempt to use whatever influence they have over someone more susceptible. A mistreated child may become a bully to another child at the request of his own aggressor.

at light of this issue, the study is intended to help students, teachers, parents, and concerned entities avoid bullying at some selected secondary schools in Edo State’s Oredo Local Government Area.


This study seeks to identify the reasons of bullying in the school setting and to propose solutions. The issue will be investigated into bullying by some pupils and the victims. If there are better supervisions during playtime, launch time and break time, if there are class rules against bullying and if there are class meetings. Whether classroom teachers come up with creative ideas to support pupils, and whether there are discussions with targets, bullies, and their parents.


After examining the problem to be researched in the study, it is necessary to declare the aim of this investigation, which includes;

To investigate the detrimental effects of bullying on pupils in Edo State schools.
To determine whether or not kids in Edo State are bullied in school.
To discover why the students are being bullied.
To give recommendations on how to prevent bullying.
To ascertain the extent to which it has influenced academic performance in Edo State.


This study will help everyone involved understand how to cope with the problem of bullying and its evident implications for schoolchildren. These are some examples:

It will teach victims why they are bullied and how to prevent being bullied in the future.
classrooms in Edo State will now implement the specified methods to prevent bullying in their classrooms.
Bullying’s effects on pupils in Edo State will be effectively addressed, resulting in improved overall academic achievement.


This study is limited to a few secondary schools in Edo State’s Oredo Local Government Area. Because a large number cannot be taken owing to time constraints, the study is confined to ten secondary schools that will be chosen at random.


This study initiative aims to answer the following questions:

Is there a distinction between violence and bullying in school?
Can academic performance occur in the absence of bullying?
Does bullying have an impact on students’ academic performance?
Is it possible to decrease the impacts of bullying through supervision?


Ten (10) pupils from ten (10) mixed secondary schools participated in this study. The f actions acquired will allow the researcher to determine whether some kids are bullied more than others and the repercussions on the pupils.

Senior Secondary School in Osemwende.
Joseph Senior High School
Secondary School Mattphilo
Christ Mission Academy
Rezheights Senior High School
Mental Health Senior High School
High School of Charity
Excellent Love High School
High School in Gold
Sunlight Senior High School.


Bullying is defined as the use of aggressive behaviour demonstrated by the use of force or compulsion to affect others, especially when the activity is habitual and involves an imbalance of power.

Academic performance is the outcome of education- the degree to which a student, instructor, or institution has met their educational objectives.

Victim: A person who has been harmed.

Depression is a mental state in which you are sad and believe you are unable to appreciate anything because your circumstance is so difficult and unpleasant.

Concentration entails giving it your undivided attention.

Vulnerable: A vulnerable person is weak and without protection, making them easily damaged physically or emotionally.

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