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The aim of this research to study the problems of broadcasting media in the advertising process.
To carry out this study in a three research question were formulated.
In carrying out the study, I designed questions from each of the three research questions.
Each research question attract four question in the questionnaire was designed types and distributed to the area of
study, this is to gather vital information on t he topic question.

The stratified random sampling was used in the selection of
the selection of the respondents from the broadcasting house. The reason was because I could act a comprehensive list o
population of study. A total of fifty – two (52) questionnaire was administered, not of this, forth eight (48) were returned .
Percentage method was used in analysis the research question were accepted while nor neither accepted nor rejected.

The not come shows therefore that well abducted and trained staff are vital in any advertising department.
Findings were made from the results based on the findings recommendation were made as well.
Finally conclusion were made based on the findings and recommendation. The conclusion encompasses all that was
written in the project work and also other areas were being suggested by me for further research.




Advertising is all around us. Whether we like it or not acknowledge it or not, were or nowhere, conscious or not conscious of
it, we do engage and practice advertising.
Advertising is involved in our everyday human activities. The need for advertising arises and grows as the society move
from agriculture and self sufficiency (subsistence) economy to industrialization.
In the olden days, man at subsistence level. They grow food for their own consumption, make their own cloths and
build their houses and tools. There was no advertising because these was no exchange. As society adverse, man realized that
he could not provide his need and wants single handedly. He has to exchange what he has for what he has not.
Exchange become prominent when man produce more than he requires and less than he needs. The fact that people
have need and wants does not fully defined advertising. Advertising emerges when products there are needed to satisfy
needs and wants are presented to the target and once .
In the past in the history of the nation, the more of advertising products was very around but these days it has changed
drastically. Whether in the olden or modern society the aim of advertising is to reach the target which is being referred the as
the target market.

According to Kotter, he defined advertising as a paid form non- personal presentation and promotion of ideas , goods
and services by identified sponsor. The key phrase in advertising which is universally accepted is that it is a paid form of non
personnel presentation and promotion of ideas goods and services by identified sponsor.

According to Nicholl, without advertising we would not know the range of product and services available in any filed
to buy or choose from.
Meanwhile the outstanding case in this study is the problems of broadcasting media in advertising process. In recent
times there are numerous problems which face the respective media house in the country concerning advertising. This has
to be extended to the activities and problems of Enugu State Broadcasting media advertising in Nigeria as well as the world.

Therefore, the research of the Enugu State Broadcasting service will be conducted to reach a reasonable conclusion.
The information which will be used for the study is the primary sources data via and interview and questionnaire.
Both methods will be directed mostly to the staff of Enugu State Broadcasting services for final hand information.

In expansion of the study, are coruts say that advertising started long ago in the graven of the first human the first or
trees they exists in the garden. This is because God to want to create concreteness to the first parents on the existence of the
trees of vegetation in the garden.

The creation of awareness of awareness is the brain behind advertising, but the why
difference between that crude form of advertising and now is that advertising are done though the prints media and
electronic media.

Under the prints , media, we have newspapers magazines and under the electronic media, we have the radio and
television. In prints media, we have visual messages in advertising. These visnal message contain powerful suggestions of
message there is beyond what is actually said about the product.
Apart from the aforementioned, advertising came to line light during the era of industrial revolution in Europe. Among
this period there was crises in production is the manufacturers and industrialist produces at a high proportion without
corresponding incenses in the rate of consumption.

As a result, the whites explores now came to blank content in research of
market two their products.

During that period, exchange became eminent when man produces more than he requires and
less than he sued. Though, the fact that people have needs does not defined advertising. Advertising emerged when goods
and services are needed to satisfy used and wants are presented to the target audience.

Because of the above reasons advertising was presented as a socializing forces in the marketing culture that aids in
the serving of products images, values, goals, concepts of who we and who we should be. In addition, advertising shape our
attitude and our attitudes shape our behavior in making purchases.


Modern media advertising has come a long way in the world of advertising but if is relatively a new method of arousing the
interest of people to a product.
Advertising is a means of presenting goods and services to boost awareness to the target audience . The ideas of target
audience is very imperative as the clientele can only be build in the eyes of interest edginess in the product. The product here is
both tangible and intangible products. The maxim “ tell me that you are there, else I would not know” hold true in driving
home the ideal of advertising.

One can advertise one’s services such as hosteling, culture, education, warehousing, shipping, cleaning and founding,
foodstuff using broadcasting media via television and radio or prints media via newspapers, magazines and posters.
The wage and incessant advertising of goods and services in the society sect on the broadcasting media.

The essence
of any innovation is to eliminate the problems of man, and this cannot be done except by process of enlightenment that such
product is in existence

The lack of specific skill by workers credit problems for the broadcasting media. Broadcasting media houses require fund for the up keeping of the house and maintenance of the equipment .Lack of sound equipment and skill full workers could also be a hindrance to broadcasting media.

Lack of patronage by the produces could contribute hindrance to the broadcasting media. Advertising of goods and services grows as day goes by. As a result of his there are competition among producers of
new products increases in number. Therefore, producers now required broadcasting houses, sound equipment as well as well
skillful workers that could handle the spreading of the product to the target audience.

Therefore, competition among broadcasting media themselves also hampers the effectiveness of broadcasting services.
This project work however attempt to examine the inherent sect of advertising performance and level of
opportunities in the commercial department of Enugu State Broadcasting service, Enugu.

Radio being audio have the capability of arousing the interest of an average level man and intensive advertising of goods and
services through broadcasting media which can reach the removed ignorant fellow for better living. These has been any of
intruding advertising that price charge by media house is for high that many average producers cannot cord to pay
especially is this ugly situation of our country.

The reason therefore for embarking on this work is to examine whether broadcasting house is lacing the necessary
equipment that enhance advertising function.

To determine the sort made the broadcasting house, individual and government as well as to reduce the high cost of

To determine also the capabilities of the workers under the department.

To evaluate ways of improving the lots of our people by bringing enough advertising services at their door steps

The extents of patronage by producers to the broadcasting house.


The interest of economic development of any nation is the idea of distributing wealth to all hands. A nation without efficient
methods of wealth distribution is sound to fall so no matter how blessed it may be. Any country with good distribution frame
work will think that the citizens are strong enough to stand the hazards of economy that are likely to come up anytime there
is a turn down in the economy of such country.

Looking at the present position of situation of our country are can conclude that the nation lack behind in economic
development. That cannot be linked to the neglect in agriculture and much concentration of Oil sector in our foreign
exchange earning as acclaimed in informed section of the diverse society but one chiefly to the none distribution of the
national resources for even development.

Every problem I believe has a cause. There is no better ways of spreading
information to every books and crannies of a society performing to the distribution of wealth if not through broadcasting

Television being audio – vision and addition.


Furthermore, advertising being a means of creating awareness of goods and services to the consumers of products i.e to say
for the consumers to be properly informed the consumers needs advertising. In this one can say informed chince is based on
adequate information.

But moreover, these cannot be advertised in most our media as a result of some of the reasons that have posed
themselves as a transfer in advertising process. These are as follows :

(a) Unskillful workers:- Because of the lack of skill by some of the advertising personnel some of the self of the self
acclaimed processionals Damsels into copy right. To be free from the copy right issue the advertising agent should have his
own others people’s work.

An adverse workers should at should at all times provide a substance amount of original text or
picture. The advertising worker should that slogans and other shot phrases and expressions cannot be copy righted.

(b) Lack of found:- Necessarily, according to a biblical allusion that says that money answers all things, one can see clearly
money cannot detached from the process advertising in advertising industry. Especially in to day rearming of the

In the area of e equipment maintenance and purchasing, it cost the advertising house large amount of money to import,
shipping and handling of broadcasting houses lacks financial missile to cope, they still remain with absolute equipment in
their dissemination of information.

© Absence of patronage :- Advertising don’t just inform its job is up new brands to the consumers. For instance a soap
manufactures will not spread millions in advertising juts to buy any soap, you convince them to bring your brand i.e your
brand is more desirable than any other.

Apart from the a free mentioned necessary early among competition also weakens advertising.
This work however tends to show advertising performance in the marketing department of Enugu state broadcasting

The scope of this work is centred on the problems of broadcasting media face in the process of advertising and Enugu State
Broadcasting services as the case study for the study of Nigeria as well as the third world.


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