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This study examined the electronic media as an effective instrument for cultural propagation. A case study of Osina Town in Ideato Local Government Area in Imo State.
Osina was selected for the study because of its strategic geographical location between Anambra and Abia State and its rich
historical and cultural background. Osina, has qualified as a classical example of a development oriented community.
20 copies of questionnaires were administered among the populations sample chosen randomly from Imo State. In selection,
two different areas where taken into cognizance which includes NTA Imo, IBC, Owerri.

Analysis of the data revealed the relevance of
culture and that electronic media is an effective instrument for cultural propagation, but the problem is on its abuses and maladministrative. Moreover, the study also programmes and other broadcasting stations in the country have silenced our nations
cultural heritage.


The role, which the mass media play in the day-to-day running and shaping of the society, cannot be under estimated. The
mass media, especially the electronic media, which include radio, television and film, integrate the communal functions of the
society. Relating both the internal and external environments. This they do by creating, monitoring and reinforcing people.

This means that in their
daily operations, the electronic media operate as essential tools for the direct project of ideas, thoughts and

According to Becker L. (1983,20) “The choice of behavior, policies and services which help people to select and construct
picture of the world around them tend largely to depend on communication and its pattern of handling information”.
SCHRMN W. (1963,2) in his own view liaised indirectly with the above writer that “All sorts of technological innovations have
accompanied the explosion of the electronic media, which opened sources for information and entertainment, to support cultural
and social changes”.
Despite the worldwide increased in the studies of the televised cultural programme, little is known of how people perceive
such programmes.

The major reason for this study is to find out if electronic media reach millions of individuals daily and reflect
societal targets for heavy scrutiny by researches interpreted in determining the effect of cultural programmes on people.

There is
also strong evidence that at least some dysfunctional activities have been brought interactions with television and radio. That is
why chukukere G. (1988,148) in her own view stated “the electronic media have become a major force in Nigeria socio-cultural,
political, political and economic development”.

Melton G. Etal (1987,20) on his own side rightly put it that “All media have the potential to affect cultural and socialization”.
With all this we can see that the influence of the electronic media goes a long way in our national heritage, most especially the
cultural propagation of Osina’s town.


prior to the institutionalization of mass communication in its present from
the one generation to another.
In the olden days, communities or village groups undertook various forms of projects such as village halls, Village Square with
juju shrines and various other traditional projects peculiar to different communities. Such development where usually initiated by
age grades in conforming with established traditions of the local areas.

The scale of such projects depended on the size of the
community’s quality of leadership and available resources.

External influences limited these of projects to modern sophisticated projects such as school, hospital, post officers, pipe borne water, telecommunication network and electrification of towns.
Communities in place of narrow winding tracks and logs of wood undertake modern tarred roads and bridges today across
streams, which used to serve as bridges.

Some communities have gone further by establishing such infrastructural amenities as industries, mechanized farms, secondary
schools etc.
This shi in scale and tempo of community development as outlined above will obviously provide an interesting aspect of this


There are essential factors that motivated researchers to carry out on the use of electronic media for cultural promotion in Nigeria.
According to Arinze, A. (1973,5) “Nigerian’s are becoming increasingly aware of the culture and greater desire is being
expressed for better understanding”.

On the vein, there is an urgent need to improve our cultural heritage; and secondly to know
why the western culture has displaced, dominated, destabilized and mis- balanced ours. Every society that is future conscious and
hopes to make a head-way development-wise must endeavor to exercise control over the background of their nation hence culture
is not of their neighbors of the communities.

Generally each community was contended with its own achievement and was
unaware of its activities and development in distant communities. Inter-village wars and lack of means of transportation imposed
restrictions or interaction between village and between towns.

In those days western education as we know it today was virtuality absent and developing projects were centered on the
tradition or culture of the community. Hence, in the area, of such major development like roads, hospitals, maternities or school,
the need was not felt and communities were generally ignorant.

In the area of transportation, which was felt even in those early days, developed, centered around narrow winding pathways
for inter village communication and trade.

In contrast to the above situation, today’s various influences both within and outside the confines of the communities.
These influences have resulted in quest for development strategies on a comprehension scale.
Exposure of government activities stretching into nooks and corners of the stage brought about greater interaction between communities of
differentiating backgrounds.

Coupled with this, social, economic, and political changes have been brought to the
doorsteps of various communities.
The deliberate or planned institutionalization of mass media, has been felt by various communities and this seems to have had
direct bearing on both the extend the pattern of development projects.

Emphasis has now shied from isolated local thoughts rather in hereditary. Therefore the extent Western cultural has
misbalanced our is causing an eye-sour to many enlightened citizenry of this our blessed country and as such for us to remain
adamant to such challenging trend to give credit to evil. Revitalization and restoration of our cultural integrity should be universal
welcome opinion to every dick and Henry to this nation.
In the third world country like Nigeria, there is a perceived cultural imbalance. Lukewarm attitude of this generation towards
our culture especially our youths is not something to write-home about.

The Western culture which include their way of dancing, greetings, dressing, eating, language etc, has eaten deep into the
fabric of this society that we see our own style on these to be inferior and the consequences of that, is telling serious on us.
This study will go a long way in resolving the conflicts and other societal problems which where method as a result of this
cultural negligence.

These problems posed on the society because of people’s poor attitude towards our cultural promotion in the hallmark for the
motivation of the researcher to carryout this investigation.


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