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1.1 Background Of The Study

The church of Christ in this century has been founded mostly on prosperity gospel teachings, which has resulted in her apostate status. Unfortunately, today’s Christians have failed to recognise that the current apostasy in the church amounts to a house that has literally forsaken her fidelity to the Lord.

Jehovah, the God of Covenant, faithfully keeps His promises to the point where humans can actually live off every word that comes from His mouth. In her haste to maintain her worldly subsistence, the church of Christ made the biggest folly of all time:

she forgot that the most crucial basis upon which her provision was well pledged is righteousness. Then, as though in response to her prayer, the deceit arrived in the form of the prosperity gospel from heaven, which she quickly accepted without hesitation.

As a result, the church has virtually engaged in sermons of a false brand of christianity that fronts the spiritually irresponsible living in compromise with sin for the majority of her life. All the excesses of earthly money and pleasures are strewn throughout the church’s distorted view of prosperity, to the point where holiness has been marginalised.

This has ultimately rendered the church spiritually too fragile and feeble to even go on the blood-splattered path that Jesus mapped out for her on the Cross at Calvary.

Though the church has long recognised the bloodstained highway of holiness, her actions suggest that she has not been forced into a terrible conflict with the wider roads of this wicked world.

The Lord Jesus Christ aggravated the church into a permanent confrontation with this evil dark world following His passionate suffering on the Cross.

It is His unflinching stance on the Cross and the agony of such a state of affairs that has hoisted a red flag in the church’s dealing with sin, so that she does not give the enemy an advantage over her life.

Nothing beneficial has resulted from the church’s worship by yielding to the disguised demands of this evil world, nor has God been honoured by her praise.

In the absence of holiness, the evidence of a Christian walk is now worthless in breaking the stronghold of rebellion in the church and summoning God’s might, because human capacity, strength, and power have predictably weakened in the face of such a humongous mountain of earthly darkness to overcome.

Unfortunately for today’s apostate pastors, while this scenario plays out precisely, faith, the bedrock of the Christian walk in the church, now rests in God. This kind of faith deterioration is what has allowed deception and rampart lying into today’s sanctuary of the LORD.

Only a righteously obedient walk along the route of holiness may reveal to the church the true defining intent of holiness when the LORD said, “Above all things, I desire that you prosper” (Isaiah 35:8-9).

1.2 Statement Of The Problem

Since losing his heavenly estate, the adversary has resolved to exact vengeance by causing the church to share in his humiliating fall.

The enemy, well aware that it is impossible for us to deny the uproar of our fallen nature in our own power, has continually taken advantage of this weakness and so fully engaged his false insinuations to ensnare anyone whose trust in God is not.

He has designed new plans and routes of attack, particularly against the church. At our LORD Jesus’ nativity in a humble Bethlehem manger, the enemy already understood that One had arrived with a divine commission to challenge his control over people and, finally, set the church free.

The opponent trembled greatly as a result of the angel’s word confirming the authority of the newly born King. Despite the difficulty of comprehending the mystery of this tremendous love sacrifice, the glory, peace, majesty, and joy of heavenly fellowship were abundantly plain.

To say the least, the fact that the Son of God would descend to earth as a man struck the adversary with frightening awe and tremendous terror.

1.3 Objectives Of The Study

The anticipated end-of-the-world resurgence has arrived. An undeniable Holy Spirit revival is presently beginning to restore righteousness and holiness to the ends of the earth.

It is the young modesty and grace of this endtime Holy Ghost revival that will eventually disarm the preconceptions of the prosperity priesthood in its entirety, allowing the Holy Spirit to speak to their hearts unconsciously.

While that glorious revival has yet to completely consume the planet, today’s spiritual deterioration does deviate significantly from the expected norm. This is because every congregation that follows the highway of holiness should have clearly trusted the LORD’s guidance on topics of repentance.

Furthermore, even in the most extreme environment of money-preaching and prosperity promotion, concerns about the unexpected return of the Messiah are beginning to surface.

The church, in her greatest spiritual performance and sensibility, knows all too well that the original aim for which Jesus was sent to the Cross to pay such a dreadful heart-wrenching price of redemption was never an earthly restricted living.

Because of its evident spiritual flaws, the prosperity gospel has entirely failed to denounce the evil that has already infiltrated the church, preferring instead to reconcile worldliness and spiritual rot inside the Christian fraternity.

As joyful as they appear today, this type of apostate church cannot afford the luxury of forgetting the anguish and distress that their unreadiness will cause when the Messiah returns.

1.6 Significance Of The Research

The faulting of God’s word in this era has greatly multiplied apostasy today, as well as the open practise of open wickedness and shameless heedlessness in the church of Christ.

Despite God’s obvious declaration of his purpose to prosper humans here on earth, it was God’s intention that such wealth focus the heart of the church totally into the perishable deterioration realm.

However, God’s ultimate blueprint for man’s creation meant that any blessing of wealth could allow him to be caught up with the Messiah in the magnificent gathering at rapture. However, it is becoming increasingly clear and to a greater extent that the conception of God’s new design remains, for the most part, misinterpreted to the current church.

As a result, the grave spiritual error that today offers the false gospel of affluence has largely wiped out the church’s authority and honour, reducing it to near-irrelevance.

Worship observance has now been substantially reduced to mere formality with the majority of today’s believers in this decrepit state.

1.7 Scope and Limitations Of Study

This research focuses on apostasy and church expansion.

Limitations Of Study

Financial constraint- A lack of funds tends to restrict the researcher’s efficiency in locating relevant materials, literature, or information, as well as in the data collection procedure (internet, questionnaire, and interview).

Time constraint- The researcher will conduct this investigation alongside other academic activities. As a result, the amount of time spent on research will be reduced.
1.8 Definition of Terms

Apostasy: The rejection or abandoning of a religious or political belief or principle.

Church Growth is a movement within evangelical Christianity that seeks to establish methods for church growth based on business marketing strategies.

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