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The Developmental Roles of Financial Institution in Economic Development in Abia State


The of Financial Institution in in State

(A Study of Ministry of Umuahia)


The paper examines interaction between financial development and economic growth in State. The study highlighted to analyze practically the developmental roles of financial institution in economic development of with Ministry of economic development, Umuahia as the case study. It was organized into five chapters to ensure systematic approach to the issue. Chapter one presents background of the study, statement of the problems, objectives of the study, research hypothesis, significance of the study, limitation and scope of the study and definition of terms used. Chapter two presents literature review based on the contributions of other authors in issues related to the subject matter. Chapter three presents the study design and procedures which include: sources and tools for data collection and analysis, population and sample size, questionnaire design and interpretation of data while chapter four presents analysis and interpretation. Chapter five present summary, conclusion and recommendations. Finally, the study present the financial institutions have been regarded to be the core area of economic development.


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