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Banking service when introduced in our areas will bring development or specifically economic development to the doorstep of every citizen in this country since between 70 – 80 percent of Nigerians lives in the area.

Every Nigeria want to go to the urban area because of availability of infrastructural amenities like electricity, good roads, pipe borne water, civilized operation, job opportunities and so on.  If these social amenities continue to exist in urban areas, life in areas will still remain underdeveloped.  Money they say is the blood that nourishes or gives life to any prosperous of a nation.  For money to accomplish its aims in an , it needs to be properly managed and controlled in the sector.

Agriculture is the second major sources that generate revenue to the Nigeria after oil industry.  The sector of the right from time has been neglected.  The areas have not felt any positive impact on the development plan but only recorded a decline in agricultural productivity, which shows that the areas have been neglected at the expense of the urban areas.

The industries one of every nations sectors that has a controlling impact on the particularly in terms of monetary policy, this is why federal has continuously encouraged banks to expend their services and facilities not only to the urban cities but also areas.


This research work is aimed at investigating the impact the services, commercial banks have on the productivity of small and medium agricultural farmers and the entire economic activities of the areas.  This project work also aimed at acquainting ourselves with the benefit of services in terms of mobilizing and organizing present farmers into efficient and active co-operative groups, small and medium scale farmers and integrated communities.

The objective of this research is to evaluate how effective credit allocation among productive activities the areas have been realized.

Finally, the aim of the project work is to suggest policy measures to in improving so as to have the desired development impact on the areas in Nigeria.

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